Above are some of our favorite cases

Know of someone who ought to be included in the Halls of Shame or Fame? Send us your names!



Paola Harris New!
Mike Hawkins
Richard C. Hoagland, the Mars Face guy says the Nazis run NASA
Michael Horn, Billy Meier's chief bulldog
Linda Moulton Howe
Dan Iaria, slurpy maker for Jonathan Reed
David Icke New!
The International UFO Congress & Conference
Dr. Lynne Kitei, mistress of the Phoenix Lights New!
Philip J. Klass, Mr. Plasma and an arch debunker
Bill Knell Coming Soon!
Kal K. Korff dB asked to do this. There's already one by RMIII, but feel free
Bob Lazar: Lied about his education. What else?
John Lear Coming Soon!
Nancy LeiderShirley MacLaine never met a UFO she didn't like
Jamie Maussan, stars are actually motherships
Rob McConnell Coming Soon!
Stacey Allen McGee
Billy Meier, time traveler, reincarnation of Jesus, and a whole lot more!
Melissa Ann Morton, long suffering spouse of Sean
Sean David Morton, best psychic in the world!
Kate Mucci
Daniel Munoz
Joe Nickell, can't find any saucers. Duh. Look up!
George Noory
Ron Nussbeck Coming Soon!
Urandir Oliveira

This our little Grey Box. Or maybe it's a Grey Basket. In any case, sometimes things get a little weird. We can't really tell whether someone is lying or not. Or maybe they are lying, but they do so consistently. Or maybe they have a foot in both camps, The Hall of Shame AND The Hall of Fame. It's not impossible, and for those folks where things are a bit dicey, we award a 'Grey Box' and solicit some second opinions. Have one? Let us know!

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