Ed Dames

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III


Makes countless predictions that never come true. Camped in New Mexico desert awaiting ETs to land, landing never happened and Dames was left with no excuses. Claimed Hale-Bopp UFO would bring fungus spores that would destroy planet in 1998 - Ed, we're STILL waiting. Claims to have been enlisted by police to remote view missing Coquille, Oregon teen, said victim was murdered (Gee, nice guess Ed, considering she was missing for two weeks and the police found her shoes along a roadside - anyone can make logical assumptions). Coquille Police Chief says Dames was never enlisted by his department. Anyone willing to exploit a murdered teenage girl to promote themselves is just sick. Dames can remote view Satan but can't give any specific details on a murder suspect? Dames is now promoting that he remote viewed the killer on Jon Benet Ramsey and that he has found countless missing children. One thing is missing: Proof. Is now selling remote viewing kits - the so-called experts had to train in intense sessions, but Ed says you can do it in just 3 minutes for a mere $79.95. Ed, the difference between intelligence and stupidity is that intelligence has a limit...you prove that time and time again. Sean David Morton is selling Dames' remote viewing kits - that says it all right there. SEE: Hocus Pocus.

Ed. Note. This is a UFO Watchdog Classic article by Royce Myers, III. We have preserved its original form where the pieces follow one another in sequence. An alternative menu is provided below.
Hocus Pocus - Part I - Is Ed Dames Exploiting missing and murdered children?
Hocus Pocus - Part II - A Look into the claims of Ed Dames
Hocus Pocus - Part III - You can learn to Remote View from home
Hocus Pocus - Part IV - Nothing Sacred
Hocus Pocus - Part V - Razzle Dazzle

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