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"...when a team of remote viewers, in a team of 5 or 6 people, when they work alone, independently, the mutually corroborating data is 100% correct." -- Ed Dames on remote viewing team data.



Just as his former company Psi-Tech is getting ready to release its new remote viewing training videos, Dames has now formed yet another remote viewing company and is now going to be offering remote viewing kits. Now you too can learn how to remote view from the comfort of your own home. Dames' latest remote viewing enterprise is MINDAZZLE!, and for a mere $79.95 you can use "the same methods used by professional remote viewers. The kit includes everything that you will need to start remote viewing immediately! Essentially, MINDAZZLE! is a 'remote viewing workshop in a box.' With our Quick Start instructions as your guide, you can be 'on target' in as little as 5 minutes after opening the box." Just to think, remote viewing prowess in all of 5 minutes for under a hundred bucks...amazing.

And a word to the skeptical from the MINDAZZLE! website, "Regardless of whether you realize it or not, accept it or not, you are psychic. MINDAZZLE! will help uncover the psychic inside of you, hone this natural ability to a razor's edge, and help you to develop it into an amazing skill."

Dames continues to promote himself on the MINDAZZLE website (Not: Site no longer exists. -Ed.) stating, "The world's foremost remote viewing teacher, Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Army (Ret.), is the creator of Technical Remote Viewing (TRV). He was selected as an original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program, and served as the training and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency psychic intelligence collection unit." World's foremost remote viewing teacher? Is this something like being the "world's foremost UFO researcher"?


Is remote viewing real, are there people with this incredible ability to look at people, places and things half a world away and without any prior knowledge of what they're looking at? The CIA seemed to believe so, having invested more than some $20 million of tax payer money in the program. The Army seemed to think so with its programs in remote viewing.

While there may be people out there with some very amazing abilities, it would appear that Ed Dames is not one of those people. Having made claims of 100% accuracy, claims of aiding police in locating child murderers and locating missing teens, claims of alien pathogens that will wipe out the planet, nukes being launched, and the rest - Ed Dames has missed the mark time and time again and has utilized his Dr.Doom nickname and his appearances on Coast To Coast AM to promote his non-sense.

And why would any radio broadcaster continue to promote someone with such a dismal hit/miss record and someone with a background that appears to be full of contradictions and inaccuracies? For that matter, why would someone want to promote Dames when it appears he may be promoting himself at the expense of a murdered teenage girl? One source formerly employed by Dames stated, "Ed is just using this for free publicity so he can generate an income. It also has to do with feeding his ego and being in the center of controversy. That's what he really likes, his ego and the attention he can generate."


One person who worked on the original Psi-Tech remote viewing videos stated, "Regarding the Dames/Bell connection, I believe the answer is simpler. Art Bell made quite a bit of money selling the audio tapes each time Dames appeared on his show, he made more from him than any other guest, and Dames did not receive anything from these tapes. I got this info from a PSI TECH insider in a position to know. The majority of money Dames/PSI TECH made on the videotapes was generated by his appearances on Bell's show, each time he went on there was a huge surge in sales." Click here for more.

This same person also stated that while working on the remote viewing video production that Dames couldn't "RV himself out of a paper bag..." As for Bell, he's well aware of some of his guests' dubious pasts, but that doesn't seem to stop him from having them on his program time and time again. One source suggested that Bell is a partner in Dames' new MINDAZZLE! product. Hearing the Coast To Coast AM broadcast on April 6th, and the heavy promotion Bell gave the MINDAZZLE! kit, it doesn't sound all that far fetched.

If Dames was so accurate, why not work on using his alleged abilities to produce something of use, such as a cure for cancer? How about an AIDS cure? How about remote viewing disasters in order to save lives? Dames has stated he was going to focus on looking at cures for disease. One person involved in making the original remote viewing video tapes asked Dames why he didn't use his alleged abilities to focus on something productive and positive. Dames was reported to have closed the discussion all together and to have spouted on about killer winds, killer disease, millions of babies dying and more doom and gloom.

Where does the real phenomenon of remote viewing begin and the endless parade of failed predictions and Ed Dames and the rest of it end? If you make 1,000 remote viewing predictions that are wrong and happen to make a single correct prediction, does this mean you have remote viewing capabilities? Hardly. What if you make a prediction and some of it happens, or at least you make it seem that way? That's easy to do, twisting words into what appears to be reality isn't something new in the field of prophecy and psychics. What if you predict a specific event and something similar happens? Coincidence or something more? Dames said on his latest Coast To Coast appearance that his old prediction of babies dying now had something to do with the rash of cattle diseases now making the round - foot and mouth, mad cow disease. Dames is also now saying that the next solar flare will be the one - but wasn't the last one suppose to be the one? What happens when the next one comes to pass as well? How many guesses does it take until Ed Dames is right?

What kind of effect does a person like Ed Dames have on any serious or credible remote viewing or other psychic phenomenon? What about the subject of UFOs that Dames seems to like jumping into? How do the claims about finding missing children effect the lives of the families, who actually are the victims in these cases, when Ed Dames starts making claims on national radio programs and in other media outlets that simply aren't true?

It would appear that Ed Dames doesn't care. And why should he? After all, he doesn't have to face the music, he doesn't have to talk to the parents of the missing and murdered teens, no one is around to hold him accountable for his actions, for his failed predictions and his claims that never come true. Ed Dames is free to live in Hawaii, enjoy the sun, take his long bike rides that he enjoys so much, sell his remote viewing kits, appear on national radio distributing his dribble. While law enforcement officers struggle day to day and relentlessly try to solve the case of a missing teen and then a murdered teen, fending off inquiries of Dames' alleged involvement in each case and making a tough job full of criticisms even harder than it was to begin with. The families of Stephanie Condon and Leah Freeman are left with nothing but the memories of their children and the thoughts of wondering how their lives would have been different if their daughters were with them today. Instead, they're left with empty promises and predictions of world disasters from the man who said he could help them...

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