About Us

UFO Watchdog was started by R. Myers in approximately 1998 when the Web was a new invention. Myers applied his investigative talents to unmasking many UFO and paranormal frauds such as Jonathan Rutter (Reed) and Sean David Morton. Morton even sued Myers for a million dollars in a libel suit and lost completely. The judge ordered Morton to pay Myers $16,000 in legal fees. Myers also did seminal work on Ed Dames, Kal Korff, Billy Meier, Steven Greer, and many others.

After nearly ten years of investigative work Myers decided to take a hiatus from the world of UFOs. He stated, "Yes, the rumor is true that I am taking an extended (if not permanent) break from the nutty world of UFOs. While there is an endless supply of UFO crackpots and con artists, I simply don't have the time or the inclination to keep up on all of it. I'd rather spend my time out in the sun with my family and friends over a cold one and a bbq. Why waste any time on a field ripe with sheep that continually empowers charlatans and lunatics by embracing with arms open wide any UFO tale for sale or used to indulge someone's deepest, most paranoid fantasy?"

NOTE: ufowatchdog.com has now been archived and is inactive at this time. Please do not contact ufowatchdog.com. Currently, a blog is in place tracking news and developments on alleged investment fraudster Sean David Morton.



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