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ABOVE: Dames doing what he does best, talking it up.


A few years ago, Dames met with Harry DeLigter, owner of Light Productions - a company specializing in video productions and distribution of many UFO and paranormal topics. During this meeting, Dames, on behalf of his then company Psi-Tech, entered into an agreement for DeLigter to produce a series of remote viewing instructional tapes to be offered to the public.

It was reported that after initial production was completed for the tapes, that Dames entered the studio where the film was being edited, took the materials and then hired another person to distribute the materials. It was also reported that Dames thought the tapes were going to be much more financially lucrative than he previously thought and that he attempted to circumvent DeLigter. DeLigter apparently made several good faith attempts to resolve the matter but Dames was reported to be completely belligerent and uncooperative. Being unsuccessful in resolving the matter, DeLigter proceeded with litigation against Dames and his company.

dourifAfter a breach of contract judgment was awarded against him and Psi-Tech in the amount of $435,000, Dames resigned as President of Psi-Tech and the position was taken over by his ex-wife and then Psi-Tech Vice President Joni Dourif (pictured left). Current Psi-Tech Chairman and CEO Dane Spotts entered into an agreement with Dames to buy out his remaining shares in Psi-Tech. Spotts contends that the agreement to buy out Dames' interest in Psi-Tech included the "transfer of all the company's assets including its intellectual property" which is reported to include "work product, customer TRV files, and special remote viewing projects." Dames, Dourif and Spotts appeared to have parted ways, Psi-Tech relocated its corporate offices to Seattle, Washington and Dames remained in Hawaii forming a new company called the TRV Institute. (Site is gone. -Ed.)

But it appears that legal problems for Dames didn't end there. Psi-Tech CEO Dane Spotts alleges that a former Psi-Tech employee named F.M. Bonsall, the same person Dames hired to supplant DeLigter in distributing the RV tapes, illegally gained entry into the Beverly Hills, California home of Dourif sometime in July. It is alleged that Bonsall removed several boxes of files belonging to Psi-Tech and personal items from the residence. Bonsall is then alleged to have turned all of the files over to Dames. Spotts stated he attempted to regain the company's property to no avail. Spotts also states that Bonsall claimed to have resided with Dourif in order to avoid criminal charges for burglary. According to Spotts, Bonsall "was hired to water the plants while [Dourif] was out of town" and that the only type of relationship Bonsall ever had with Dourif was professional in nature.

Spotts stated that he grew tired of having tried for "months" to regain the property from Dames and has now filed a lawsuit against Dames, Dames' current wife and Bonsall. A copy of Spotts' statement and the lawsuit has been posted to the Psi-Tech website. Spotts also issued a separate statement regarding remarks made by Dames during his 13-February-2001 appearance on the Coast To Coast AM radio program with Art Bell. Dames stated that he left Psi-Tech for "ethical reasons" in answer to a caller's question. Spotts stated the following regarding Dames' remarks on Coast To Coast AM:

"In an effort to make PSI TECH look bad and create ill will among our customer base, Ed Dames, has for the last year been making derogatory comments about PSI TECH's management. The latest was a remark made on Art Bell's nationally syndicated radio show where in an answer to a caller's question he stated he left PSI TECH for "ethical reasons" due to company management."

Spotts further alleges, regarding Dames' Psi-Tech management decisions, that Dames "made seriously flawed management decisions, didn't honor his contracts, and bled the company of its cash instead of paying employees. Then instead of sticking it out, he ran away from the problems when the going got tough."

Dames was contacted for comment in this matter, but failed to return request for comment from UFOWATCHDOG.COM.

Dames was leaving strange messages on his Psi-Tech BBS before all the legal problems hit. In a message posted on November 11, 1997, Dames stated, "I will continue to make myself personally available for near-real-time BBS TRV tutoring until Easter, 1998, after which time I shall disappear from sight to engage exclusively in Project STARMAN. I do not plan upon resurfacing." As we all know, Dames did indeed resurface...


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