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Above: Dames demonstrating remote viewing in a learn at home video.


After leaving the military behind, Dames and his company Psi-Tech moved to New Mexico. During his time there, he began appearing on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell as a regular guest. It was also during this time that Dames made some astounding, if not eyebrow raising claims. Remember, it was Dames who stated, "The most that we, including myself, the best that we as individuals can do, even the experts, is about 90%...However, when a team of remote viewers, in a team of 5 or 6 people, when they work alone, independently, the mutually corroborating data is 100% correct." Well, that isn't the case with a lot of Dames' so-called remote viewing data and certainly wasn't the case in the New Mexico desert in August 1993...

Dames, featured as a speaker at a conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico during March 1993, wowed the crowd with an astonishing revelation. Dames claimed his team of remote viewers had been viewing an orbital platform belonging to the United States when his team saw something "coming in over our shoulders." Dames continued and said his team was amazed to see UFOs land in the New Mexico desert and that there were one or two alien colonies in the desert. Dames went on to tell a rather strange story of alien colonies in the desert and of hibernating aliens, saying the aliens were "refugees" from a dying planet that was engulfed by hunger and violence.

This bizarre tale went on with Dames saying that the aliens had taken females and hybrid alien children, stored them in a "goop" in a location "not that far from Earth." Dames said the aliens had been conditioning humans for the revelation when they land and was reported to tell one conference participant, "If you want to understand something about what's going on here in New Mexico, go watch 'Alien Nation'."

Dames went on saying that the alien race was "150 million years ahead of us" and that they were coming here because "our medical technology, genetics, have advanced to a point where we can actually treat these refugee, autopsies could be performed, we could study their body systems." Dames went on, "And understand and help these aliens who are so desperately ill." Dames also was reported to have stated that the aliens and humans were similar but could not interbreed due to some sort of gravity deviation. Though Dames didn't care to explain how hybrids were being produced or why the aliens, who were so far ahead of us, needed our technology to help them.

Dames said, "It's absolutely incredible! I can hardly believe it myself! This is going to be the biggest thing imaginable!" Dames also stated, "...we've alerted the media, the teams of doctors, technicians and documentary film makers are on call and in place to respond at a moment's notice." Dames even went so far as to say, "President Clinton will announce it and everyone in the world will know." The alien landing was supposed to have taken place between May and August. Needless to say, the time came and went, the aliens apparently missed their UFO to earth and Dames was left holding the bag with no excuses. Dames said that the event did indeed happen but that it wouldn't be reported for 5 or 6 weeks by the government for one reason or another...and now it is reported that Dames is denying ever had said any of the above.


Many will remember the Hale-Bopp comet soap opera played out on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell. A former RV student of Dames', Courtney Brown, had claimed to have remote viewed the comet and said that an alien spacecraft was behind the comet and heading straight for earth. Brown claims that the skies would rip open with "hundred's of thousand of UFOs." To support his claims, Brown produced photos from an alleged "astronomer from a top ten university" that were supposed to have shown an unknown object trailing along the comet. The photos were proven to be a hoax, Linda Howe made a report showing the whole ordeal to be a hoax and Bell was finally forced to admit this to the public after playing this drama out for every bit of ratings it was worth in what would become Bell's slack version of War of the Worlds. The case was put to rest, but Dames seemed to move in on it touting that his remote viewing team had foreseen a cylinder coming from Hale Bopp that would bring a killer plant pathogen to Earth wiping out everything.

Dames stated, "We ran more remote viewing sessions, did more more work, and that particular cylinder is still enroute to Earth intercept. We do have its expected Earth entry point and that is over northwest continental Africa, Mauritania, and it will begin to disintegrate there, moving to the southeast. The impact, from the studies we have done, the impact is expected along an imaginary line from Eritrea in the north of Swaziland in the south, but the center of the mass in Burundi, Lake Victoria region, where there will actually be a remnant of the cylinder that we expect to impact and crater."

Dames' predicted time line came and went - no cylinder, no impact, no crater and no killer plant pathogen were ever seen. Of course this didn't stop Dames from saying that the cylinder did arrive and distribute its pathogen, which Dames was now calling "super blight." Dames went on saying that the trade winds "will quickly carry this, in a matter of weeks, to the Caribbean and Latin America." To this day, that prediction has yet to come true...


Dames alleges that staffers in the White House gave him the nickname "Dr.Doom." Dames has done nothing but predict doom and gloom since his time on Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell. During a November 1997 broadcast, Dames stated he and his team were doing RV sessions when they discovered that North Korea was going to launch a nuclear warhead at South Korea. In the words of Dames, "We used the search cue of 'next nuclear attack' and we qualified that with 'intent to kill' and 'massive casualties'. And what we got was a very clear picture at the end of a week of the North Koreans using a nuclear weapon against the South Koreans...this event may occur before the end of winter."

Bell asked, "Before the end of this winter?" To which Dames replied factually, "Before the end of this winter." Dames stated that the entire scenario would start with a ground war and that "we're days away from it." Once again, no ground war, no nukes, nothing. Dames also claimed that a group would utilize a nuclear reactor as a weapon right after the Korea nuke was to have detonated...we're still waiting.

It appears that Dames' claim of a team of remote viewers being 100% accurate isn't accurate at all. Many of Dames' predictions have failed to come true:

MASSIVE DISEASE: Claimed that microbes and other diseases would "ravage" us and that the Center for Disease Control would be helpless as millions died. He also predicted that there would be massive deaths of babies from disease.

VOLCANO: Said that the next North American volcanic eruption would be Mammoth Mountain.

 ECONOMY: spring or summer of 1998 would bring a global economic collapse.

NATURAL DISASTER: Dames spouted that Midwest tornadoes would be so so massive and powerful that they would rip people apart.

FOOD SHORTAGE: Dames said that U.S. food prices would skyrocket due to massive crop damage. To top it off, he also claimed that cannibalism would emerge in Europe due to massive food shortages.

PLO/ISRAEL: Failed peace talks in will lead to war and that there will be a war.

KILLER SOLAR FLARE: Dames said a large coronal mass ejection is going to hit Earth. He said this event was a precursor to a 1999 super or killer flare would hit the planet. During this so-called precursor, Dames says that people looking directly at sky will be blinded.

JON BENET MURDER: Dames went so far as claiming that Psi-Tech had identified the killer in the Jon Benet murder case. As you'll see later, this was not the first time Dames decided to throw himself into a case involving a child. Dr.Doom failed to deliver again and again. However, one claim that Dames made may have arrived early - he claimed that his remote viewing skills would no longer work by the year 2011.

- Ed, not only did you hit the mark here, you were early...way early.


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