Bob Lazar

A classic UFO Watchdog article by Royce Myers, III

Claimed to have worked on recovered extraterrestrial space craft for the United States government. Has been caught in numerous lies about his education - claimed to have degrees in Electronic Engineering and Physics - no records found. Lazar has also lied about his time line and can't remember what years he graduated from what school. Like you would not remember when you graduated from M.I.T.?? Much of his background has been shown to be false. Was convicted of pandering in Nevada. A model made by Testors (Model S-4) of the craft Lazar claimed to work on was made and sold. SEE: Bob Lazar's web site and a very comprehensive expose' of Lazar. Also see Bob Lazar: True or False?, an article by Glen Campbell of UFO Updates.

However, George Knapp, a vey well-respected researcher from Las Vegas, has doubts about the doubts on Lazar. He says that Lazar has been remarkably consistent in his story and not deviated a bit from what he says happened at Area 51. He also has not tied to capitalize on his fame. The pandering charge? A convenience for the government to discredit him, something that has been done to others as well, including Wendelle Stevens.

Don Ecker corroborates this story and also says the Dr. Teller, father of the atomic bomb, knew Lazar and was responsible for getting him his job. During an interview with Teller there was a break when he was asked, "If we asked you about Lazar, what would you say?" He said he would not answer the question. the camera was still running and this was caught on tape, which Ecker has seen. If Teller had not known Lazar, he would have said, "Who is Bob Lazar."

Lazar says he has been 'disappeared' by the government, which removed all his school records, yet Lazar can't resolve the contradictions in his own story. How could he have been going to MIT at the same time he attended a Junior College? But about his employment at Area 51? Stories vary that he worked for a contractor or that he worked for the government itself.

But look at this:

Is it real or is it Memorex?

We don't know. The street address is real (and ironic: James Lovell commanded the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission.) It is a real address in Las Vegas, though the zip code is now different--not unusual for an expanding city. We found the house on Google earth. The amount of wages is very small. Even at 1989 wages this could not possibly be for more than a couple of weeks. A Japanese researcher says that the social security number, here redacted, belonged to a New York woman, but at this stage we can't verify that one way or another. Of course, the entire document could be 100% fake. There's nothing on the document that 'proves" Lazar worked at Area 51. Further, there is no such thing as the 'United States Department of Naval Intelligence.' Navy departments are usually called 'commands.' Anyone could have typed up one of these on an easily available form. Note: Nevada does not have a state income tax.

One theory is that Lazar was, indeed, hired as a technician--not a scientist--at the Area 51 facility, worked for a couple of weeks, and was fired because he could not obtain a security clearance. That begs the question of ANY association of flying saucers. In the Top Secret security world, it seems unlikely he would have been allowed exposure to something so secret without a Top Secret Clearance in place, which typically takes many months to obtain. It seems more likely this experience provided the skeleton on which he could knit his bizarre story.

Yet George Knapp, once again, repudiates claims that Lazar lied about his experiences. He says Lazar PASSED two polygraph exams, that he is the one that paid for them, and that reports that Lazar failed three or six exams are simply false.

The best thing Lazar could do is come clean on why he clearly lied about his education. It's not unheard of for people to do this, but it casts a killer light on his story. Nobody cares about a pandering charge, but MIT? C'mon, Bob. Come clean. Nevertheless, the issues are intriguing, and for that Lazar earns a single Gray box from Schuyler.

The original article is by Royce Myers, III
Updates and expansion by Schuyler

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