Alien Autopsy

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

With recent news buzzing of a possible consumer fraud lawsuit against Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli, has posted this page to keep readers up-to-date with the latest happenings. While Santilli may claim to possess real bits of alleged military film purporting to show an actual alien autopsy, is of the opinion that this is little more than Santilli spinning the AA mythos for all he can get out of it. Until Santilli puts this alleged film to the test and releases other information showing otherwise, the AA Film is the most infamous UFO Hoaax ever to be perpetuated.

30-JULY-07 Kiviat Talks Alien Autopsy with

10-NOV-06 Press Release Claims Alien Autopsy Legal Action Is Reality

09-NOV-06 Ray Santilli Responds To Alleged Consumer Fraud

08-NOV-06 Is Alien Autopsy Lawsuit Coming?

18-OCT-06 Alien Autopsy Film Producer Ray Santilli to be Sued for Consumer Fraud?

AA Comedy Film Clip Mystery Solved

Santilli Confesses To Faking AA Film

Ray Santilli and AA Film Listed in Hall of Shame

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