Santilli Subject of Consumer Fraud Lawsuit?

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Message Indicates Ray Santilli To Be Sued Over Bogus Alien Autopsy Film, Similar Rumors Of Santilli Lawsuit Appearing On Internet

Last April the world heard from the mouth of the man behind one of the most infamous hoaxes ever that it was all a fake...well, sort of. Ray Santilli appeared on the UK-based television program Eammon Investigates and revealed that he and a few of his cohorts had faked the infmaous Alien Autopsy film. But, according to Santilli the film wasn't a, he referred to it as a "restoration" of film Santill still claims to be authentic.

For the history behind this embarrassing UFO-fiasco that so many true-believers supported as real (you know who you are and so does everyone else), I suggest looking here at the Beyond Roswell website. This website has some of the best and most up-to-date information available on the Internet regarding the Alien Autopsy film.

While several unconfirmed rumors have been floating around the Internet, and has received information from anonymous sources regarding the possibility that Santilli might be involved as a defendant in a consumer fraud lawsuit, nothing has been confirmed.

Today, well known UK UFO researcher Philip Mantle announced the following via e-mail:

From: "Philip Mantle" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2006 08:58:28 +0100

Dear colleagues,

Just thought some of you might like to know that I have first [hand] knowledge that allegedly Ray Santilli will soon be charged with consumer fraud and this will be appearing on TV. If anyone would like further information please get back to me.


Philip Mantle

Please feel free to forward this on to other possible interested parties.

Further rumors have been circulating regarding an announcement next week about the lawsuit at a UFO conference and on national television.

Santilli claimed that by the time he had purchased the film from an alleged military cameraman, the film had degraded where only a few frames of the film had survived. Santilli claimed that he and some associates reconstructed the film and inserted some bits of the original footage into the final film. Santilli's admission of having faked the film came on the heels of the release of a comedy film he produced based on the original Alien Autopsy film.

Many felt the timing of Santilli's admission was to bolster publicity for his comedy film, which was met with less than flattering reviews and has not done well at the UK box office. The comedy film was made for around five-million pounds and was reported to have grossed roughly half of that as of April 23rd. Variety Magazine said the following about the film's opening in the UK, "Film landed softly in Blighty April 7, and should fade fast in its one key territory." The Guardian said the film "is witless, unconvincing and uninteresting..." Santilli's comedy film is opening in the United States next month in Los Angeles.

Santilli has been prompted many times to prove his story of having purchased the film from someone Santilli claimed was a military cameraman during the Roswell UFO crash event. Santilli has been provided many opportunites to have his film tested and to reveal the identity of the supposed cameraman. While Santilli has stated he will have the film tested, to date no such testing has taken place and Santilli certainly isn't in a hurry to prove anything to anyone. After all, the public has been waiting for over ten years now.

At the time of this story, neither Santilli nor Mantle responded for comment. will keep you updated as more information is received.

19-OCT-06 UPDATE: Ray Santilli responded to's request for comment and provided the following e-mail Santilli says he sent to Mantle.

Really Philip "consumer fraud" ? Well as I never transacted with the "Consumer" in any respect. that is going to be difficult. Maybe They could try going for theft of the crown jewels or stealing a 747.. As always nonsense.



Mantle has not responded for comment as of this update, though has received several e-mails regarding the alleged pending lawsuit against Santilli. Stay tuned...

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