Ray Santilli

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

aafilmcellProducer/promoter of Alien Autopsy Film, the biggest UFO hoax for profit since Billy Meier. Constantly tripped over his own story. Claimed to have no prior interest in UFOs but tried to purchase rights to UFO documentary a few years before the AA film. To further trash Santilli's credibility, the so-called "Tent Footage' was shown to clearly be a hoax, though Santilli claims it was a joke some former friends pulled on him. The winners in the AA Film arena - Santilli who made millions and all the TV stations that made even more off this bogus piece of film. The losers in the AA Film arena - the Roswell case and serious UFOlogy. Santilli finally confessed (below) to the film being a hoax...er, well, he calls it a "restoration." Santilli says the footage he claims to have seen originally was real. Some idiots still think there's something to this story. SEE: Beyond Roswell for some of the best info on the AA Film controversy. The entire saga of the Alien Autopsy Film is here.

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