Santilli Responds to Alleged Consumer Fraud

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Producer of Alien Autopsy Film Says Fraud Lawsuit "Totally Untrue"


Yesterday, received an image that had been sent anonymously to an e-list. The image (click here for story) purports to be that of a website claiming Alien Autopsy film producer Ray Santilli is the subject of a consumer fraud lawsuit. At the time of the story, Santilli did not respond for comment, but did later issue the following in regard to the image:

Dear All,

I believe we have turned a corner in this whole issue. The poster which has been passed around has nothing to do with the Alien Autopsy it has more to do with twisted blind hate . It has been created by a sad and probably lonely individual who has nothing better to do with their time. Someone sitting by their computer screen, day in day out with a can of coke and festering away.

I have a thick skin and I am up for most things in a fair exchange but if any of you where ever concerned about my statements and the manner in which I have conducted the campaign then what is being peddled now [...] is far lower than anything I have ever done. The person responsible cannot even put their name to it….and that says it all.

On the point of “Consumer Fraud” this was a totally untrue story which at first I thought was nothing more than the usual “tool” required for a discussion however it is now clear the intent is far more malicious.

For the record. There is no case either against myself, my company or Gary for any kind of consumer fraud.

The facts are :

1. I have never sold the AA footage to the public and have never transacted with them.
2. The only Video product ever marketed and released presents both sides of the story and asks the question “Fact or Fiction”…Real or Hoax
3. The contractual responsibility ten years ago of each broadcaster was to investigate the footage as the footage came with no warranties. Each broadcaster did so and achieved seriously high viewing figures.
4. Any possible claim is subject to a Statute of Limitations which varies between two and six years.
5. Even in the extreme case that the entire story was falsified all four points above would still apply.

With best regards,

Ray Santilli

Santilli states that he has never sold the Alien Autopsy film to the public. However, prior to the film being broadcast by television networks, Santilli's film was sold on video to the public through a company called Roswell Footage Ltd., which is owned by Santilli's production company The Merlin Group. will continue following this story...

UPDATE, 10-NOV-06: Ray Santilli further responded to questions surrounding the sale of an AA video tape prior to worldwide broadcasts of the AA film and whether or not he was shopping around a new television special on the AA film.

Santilli stated, "Roswell Footage Ltd produced a VHS Video in 1995 marketed by a company called 'Spearhead sales Ltd'. It provided a frame by frame slow motion version of the footage for people to assess. From memory around 32 copies were sold.....It was poorly produced. As a result of exclusive deals with broadcasters such as Fox and C4 the video was withdrawn."

In response to the image being circulated (click here for details and the image), Santilli called the image "offensive" and said with apparent reference to legal action, " I will consider the route to deal with that shortly."

Santilli further added, "In any event while setting records straight. Roswell Footage Ltd was not owned by me personally, not my company, nor that of the Merlin Group. That can easily be checked in the UK through the records office. I still maintain the story is genuine and that the film is not faked, that parts are restored."

Rumors have been abound that Santilli is now shopping around a new television special about the AA film. While Santilli is currently in Los Angeles on other business, he stated, "There are a few TV specials coming out next year on Roswell I am
not involved in producing any of them...I am certainly not shopping around...I have my own business to run."

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