Kiviat Talks Alien Autopsy Film

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Television and film producer Robert Kiviat says "a breakthrough" will settle controversy about authenticity of alleged extraterrestrial film once and for all

[ NOTE: I had a very interesting conversation with Robert Kiviat today. Among other subjects, we spoke at length about the AA Film and Kiviat provided me with information he says has not been released to anyone else. Now, I know I said I was taking a break from UFOs, but I wanted to be sure this information was available. --Ed. ] recently spoke with film and television producer Robert Kiviat on what he has called "a breakthrough" in his twelve year quest to get to the bottom of a controversial film allegedly showing the autopsy of an extraterrestrial being.

In 1995, British film producer Ray Santilli released what he claimed was a film showing an autopsy being conducted on an extraterrestrial being that had allegedly been recovered by the military from a 1947 UFO crash in the desert of New Mexico. Santilli claimed to have purchased the film from a retired military cameraman while looking to purchase other film for a documentary he was producing.

During August 1995, the FOX Television Network aired the special Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?, which was produced by Kiviat and showed the alleged autopsy. The FOX Television Network, and other networks, purchased the rights from Santilli to use the film in various specials. The film was the focus of massive media attention and debate worldwide. Some claimed the film to be an outright fraud, others proclaimed it proof positive that extraterrestrials were visiting our planet and that the United States government was involved in covering it up.

In December 1998, Kiviat produced The World's Greatest Hoaxes: Secrets Finally Revealed, and proclaimed what has become known as the Alien Autopsy Film to be a fake. "We had the first Alien Autopsy show and then a couple of other little repeats with some new information. And then we debunked it in World's Greatest Hoaxes. So, we're not bashful about it. We told the public an interesting story," Kiviat stated.

Kiviat added, "My job in Hollywood is to do television and film and make it interesting for the public. On the other hand, I'll never tell something I know to be untrue. I'll always tell the public the truth as soon as I know it. Now we have to be the ones to bring the final pieces together, because I don't want somebody else to ever accuse me of not telling the full story. My mission is to tell the public the true story, the full story."

Kiviat revealed that he is in the process of producing what he says will be the end of the Alien Autopsy controversy and that an official press release from his production company will be made shortly.

"It took from 2004 to 2007 to find out completely who made the scenes and who was responsible creatively. He's a showman in his own right, he's a magician, a sleight of hand, he's really a real fascinating guy," said Kiviat of the person he claims is behind the autopsy film. During my conversation with Kiviat, he said that he was only able to refer to the person he claims is responsible for the production of the Alien Autopsy Film as Mister M. "I simply cannot release the name of this individual at this time for reasons I cannot discuss," said Kiviat.

However, Kiviat did tell that he would release the true identity of Mister M to the public and that Mister M will come forward. Kiviat stated his production company is working exclusively with Mister M and that an announcement could be made as early as this week regarding the identity of Mister M and other information about the Alien Autopsy Film.

Kiviat said that Mister M was the person who provided many of the components seen in the Alien Autopsy Film including the environmental suits worn by the surgeons, the autopsy table, and the telephone mounted to the wall. "Mister M is the guy who hired the special effects guy, and Mister M is now coming out to tell the world what the goals were," Kiviat said. The goals behind the making of the film according to Mister M were to test the mass public on how we would react if we ever saw an alien on film, and also the media's reaction.

Kiviat stated that Mister M was supposed to have received thirty-three percent of the revenue generated by the Alien Autopsy Film. Kiviat further alleges that Mister M was never paid by Santilli and that Mister M was in the process of bringing legal proceedings against Santilli. "And so what Ray [Santilli] did not do was he did not pay Mister M who did all of the creations of this, and Mister M is now coming out and putting proceedings together to sue Santilli, to take back the copyright to the film Mister M faked, and to tell the world what the goals were," Kiviat said.

Kiviat was asked about previous claims of legal actions against Santilli being made by others. Kiviat said he was not aware of any other actual legal action against Santilli and and expressed serious doubt as to the legitimacy of such claims. Kiviat said, " The biggest problem seems to be from the guy who created the film, Mister M, who was never paid by Santilli for his royalties and he's suing Santilli. That's going to be the best case you're going to be hearing about concerning Ray Santilli getting sued."

Kiviat said, "The story will go down as the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the media."

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