Dan Iaria

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

iariaUsed to litter the old Art Bell BBS with fanatical messages supporting Reed under the alias of 'Dante Aries.' Prior to the case being exposed, Iaria would challenge anyone's credentials/background that questioned "Dr.Reed's" case. Iaria blocked the e-mail of those who questioned the case. Iaria was directly asked about "Dr." Harold Chacon (not a doctor of any kind) and Robert Raith (aka Robert Aria) slinging slurpies at a Seattle mini-mart - Iaria said their employment wasn't important even though he claimed Chacon was a scientist. Iaria is a perfect example of what's wrong with UFOlogy and "believing" as opposed to actually providing concrete evidence. Sources have described Iaria's zealous devotion to this case as "completely unbelievable", "frightening fanatical", and "over the top." Iaria shut down his website after Reed was exposed as a fraud and con man. But don't worry, ufowatchdog.com has a complete copy of the website. Iaria was reported to have been at the IUFOC 2003 and was no longer supporting the Reed UFO Fraud, but did venture into some other bogus UFO cases with none other than Reed promoter Jaime Maussan.

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