Billy Meier

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

UFO cult leader, claimed contact with Pleiadian aliens. Faked UFO photos and films. Employed props and stop motion/cut photography to make UFOs disappear and reappear on film. Took photos of female claiming it was an alien, photo was actually taken off of a television screen from an episode of the Dean Martin show. The excuse offered when caught red-handed? MIB disinfo, of course! (That would be for Men in Black, but you knew that. Just checking.) Meier apparently thought no one would figure this out. Photographed magazine pictures of dinosaurs claiming them as proof he traveled back in time (samples below). Also has photos showing him with a 'laser gun' (samples below) - laughable at best and just painful to look at. Meier has supporters, many whom have cashed in on books, videos, and lectures about Meier's UFO hoax. It's amazing that some idiots still defend this hoax...again, you know who you are. If you want to believe in something badly enough, you'll justify it as reality any way possible - especially when the bottom line dollar is at stake. Beware of delusional people trying to use UFOs as a religion or as a way to get into your wallet.

SEE: Picture of UFO model used by Meier and a site devoted to the Meier Hoax and here's a French site with lots of detailed information on the fake UFOs. Also see Meier's "official" media rep Michael Horn's website devoted to championing Meier at the expense of all sanity and the official Billy Meier website. You can also see the whacky photos of a Meier UFO here at this laughable attempt to lend credence to the case. It's painful how anyone could keep a straight face and promote this silly case. Those promoting Meier claim to be offering life saving information for the survival of the human race - yep, that's why they charge for DVDs, books, videos, and lectures. Beware of those selling prophets for profit.


Left: Here is the infamous Meier laser gun claimed to be from the Pleiadeans. There are several nearly identical pictures available.









Right: This 'laser gun' was found on EBay. Notice the barrel is exactly the same as the Pleidean gun, right down to the plastic sight. So, either the Pleideans bought their gun on EBay and modified it for their own purposes, or they are in the habit of selling their surplus guns on EBay to raise a little earth cash.







This delightful picture is one Billy took when he traveled back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. Looks like the birdy is about to get fed! Note that compared to the original below it is quite out of focus. Guess traveling through time can play havoc with your film--just like an airport screener.






And here's the original from which Meier lifted his dino pic. It's a painting by Zdenek Burian , a Czech artist, which appeared in a book called Life Before Man, which is still available, so you can go check it out. Here's a gallery of his work on a Russian site which shows the similarity in style.





Original article by Royce Myers, III.
Revised and updated  by Schuyler

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