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ABOVE: John Bradley Rutter - aka "Dr. Jonathan Reed" (left), and Robert Aria - aka Robert "Raith".

RUTTER: Told bogus story of killing alien in the woods of Washington state on Art Bell show; bad actor. Took alien body home, alien came back to life, government stole all his evidence except some bad video and pictures. Claimed to be hiding from evil government agents. Has pictures of rubber alien and fake UFO as proof. Refused to have independent investigators evaluate evidence. Film type "Dr. Reed" claims to have used to take photos of UFO and alien in 1996 wasn't manufactured until 1997. It has since been discovered that "Dr. Jonathan Reed" is actually a Seattle, Washington resident named JOHN BRADLEY RUTTER. He has lived in Seattle, Washington the entire time he claimed to be on the run from evil government agents, isn't a doctor or a Ph.D and has no college degrees. Liar, con man, and UFO leech.

ARIA: Author of book for Reed, co-conspirator of hoax, works as a clerk at a mini-mart in Seattle. Aria claimed on national radio to have never met someone posing as "Dr." Harold Chacon until an analysis on phony alien blood and tissue was alleged to have been done by Chacon. Aria and Chacon worked together at the same mini-mart for at least 5 years and they both live in the same West Seattle neighborhood within two blocks of each other. These morons have been so exposed in the United States that they've had to move their con to Latin America in hopes of scamming off of the people there. Thanks to Jaime Maussan, it looks as though their venture into Latin America has been successful. It's amazing anyone would give this case any credibility considering the mountain of lies that come with it. SEE: Jonathan Reed Exposed! and The Dead Alien, The Doctor and the Deception

Apparently exposing this fraud wasn't enough, as some are still endorsing it and "Dr. Reed" has set up a new website and found some morons willing to hawk his wares. Amazing how some people just can't and won't face the evidence. The need to believe is a powerful and dangerous thing.

Please note: Several other so-called investigators have tried to take credit for exposing this case. Gee, how do I say this? I know - they're full of shit. investigated the Reed UFO Fraud from the start and this website exclusively exposed the true identity of "Dr.Reed". Some chat it up, delivers.

Ed. Note: The above is an original UFO Watchdog article and has been preserved in its original form as much as possible. As is common with web pages over time, some links no longer work. This has been so noted in the text. An alternative access menu to all pages connected to this article is provided below. The 'Dead Alien' sequence was written first and is an account of the hoax itself. The 'Reed Files' are an account of events as they happened subsequently and focus on the exposure of Reed as a fraud.

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