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The Dead Alien, The Doctor, and the Deception

JUNE 2001
This is a classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III
Part II


ABOVE: Photo of Reed's bogus alien.


CLAIM: One of Reed's more outrageous claims involves Peter B. Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center located in Seattle, Washington. On national radio, Reed claims that his friend, known only as "Gary", anonymously called the National UFO Reporting Center and spoke directly to Davenport. Reed claims "Gary" asked 'what if' type questions regarding the so-called alien Reed was storing in a freezer at his home. Reed stated that it "was about the 17th" of October 1996 when the call was placed.

FACT: I spoke with Davenport a few days after Reed made this claim, Davenport told me he would have remembered such a conversation had it actually taken place, which it didnít. Dr.Tim Haley received the following e-mail from Davenport:

Subject: Reed incident.
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 15:18:57 -0800
From: "Peter B. Davenport" <ufocntr@nwlink.com>
Reply-To: director@ufocenter.com
Organization: National UFO Reporting Center
To: Tim Haley <TimHaley@purdue.edu>

Dear Dr. Haley:
In response to your recent e-mail, dated 11FE00, I write again to say "Thank You!" for having done the legwork to get the facts regarding Jonathan Reed.

For your interest, when the story first surfaced, the principals involved asserted on a nation-wide radio program that they had contacted our Center in order to report the (alleged) incident. They represented that Mr.Reed had telephoned our Center "sometime in mid October," i.e. shortly after the incident allegedly had occurred, and talked to me personally.

The difficulty with the assertion is that I was out of town, and out of the country, from the 8th to the 28th of October, 1996. I attended a symposium in Brisbane, Australia, during the second week of that month, and then toured that country for the remainder of the month. Hence, they could not have reached me by telephone at the Center. I guess they chose the wrong month for their ruse.

In addition, during their recent appearance on the same program on December 09, 1999, the "scientific specialist" asserted that he had reconstituted dried blood with isotonic saline solution, and then had removed the nuclei, and DNA, from the red blood cells. If the (alleged) "alien" is at all similar in physiology to humans, its red blood cells would have no nuclei... Human erythrocytes, of course, are enucleate.

I thought you would like to add these facts to your accumulating library on Mr. Reed's assertions.

Thanks again for the useful information. Such bogus assertions as Mr. Reed's are a bane to my work.

No need to respond to this message. It is simply for your information.

Peter Davenport

One question I have is why Art Bell would allow Reed to drag Davenport's good name through this scam, especially considering that Davenport is somewhat a regular on Bell's program. Perhaps Bell thinks that Reed has more credibility than Davenport.


The dramatics didn't stop with Reed disclosing the discovery of his alleged alien artifact. Reed also claimed that biological samples had been collected from the alien. He further claimed that his friend "Gary" had taken the samples, hidden them and sent them back to Reed at a later time.

CLAIM: Appearing once more on Coast To Coast AM with a host of bogus witnesses, Reed claimed a microbiologist named Dr. Harold Chacon from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico analyzed the samples and found them to be extraterrestrial. It was alleged that Chacon received his microbiology degree from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico.

FACT: The Catholic University of Puerto Rico doesnít offer degrees in microbiology and there is no record of a ĎHarold Chaconí. As for any kind of a DNA analysis, Reed has absolutely no proof of this. He hasnít presented any scientific findings, analysis documentation, or DNA sequencing charts.

Dan Iaria posted on his site arguments in favor of Reed's DNA assertion. (Ed. Note: Site is gone.) Instead of presenting any data on the alleged tissue and blood analysis, Iaria presents his conclusions based on the claims of the alleged Dr. Harold Chacon - who we know never graduated from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico and who we also know isn't a real doctor or scientists of any kind. Iaria posts information about sea turtles and DNA extractions and posts some pictures of blood cells and a DNA strand, but doesn't offer one bit of factual proof regarding any alien DNA.

The person using the name 'Harold Chacon' that appeared on Coast To Coast AM sounded nothing like a scientist and did nothing but present his word as proof. Now Reed is alleging that Chacon was thrown a beating courtesy of those ever loving evil government thugs and is now living out of the country and has gone underground.


Further pushing the envelope in this sour soap opera, Reed and his supporters now claim that two UW professors were killed in connection to the bogus alien DNA analysis. Reed supporter Dan Iaria states on his website, "For those that donít understand how serious and dangerous this really is, I want to emphasize that there have been numerous threats and murders perpetrated against others who have tried to help him document, analyze and verify his evidence."

LEFT: The late Dr. Rodger Haggitt. RIGHT: Research chemist Michael Wessels. Reed and his cohorts don't mind associating the names of people with their scams, even if they're deceased.

CLAIM: Iaria further states in a summary about Reed's tale that a Dr. Rodger Haggitt, a director of anatomical pathology and a pathology professor for UW, and a public-health research chemist, Michael Wessels were murdered for their alleged involvement in analyzing Reed's alien tissue and blood.

FACT: Yes, it is true that Dr. Haggitt was indeed the victim of a homicide - but not as a result of his alleged involvement in Reed's ridiculous story. The assailant in the case, a second year intern, was angry as he was about to be expelled from a program he was in. In a fit of rage, the intern entered Dr. Haggitt's office and shot him to death.

As for research chemist Michael Wessels, an outdoor enthusiast, he left for a biking trip into the Cascade mountains sometime in August. He failed to show up for work and a search party later recovered his body. He died as the result of falling from a cliff he was scaling. There was nothing sinister in either case pointing to a conspiracy perpetrated by evil government agents to kill either of them.

The only thing sinister here is Reed and his cohorts attempting to capitalize on the tragic deaths of two people they never knew. Picking through the local Seattle paper and plucking the names of dead people to associate with their story is only proof that these people do not know when to quit. Not only is Reed dragging the memories of two people who died tragically through the mud, you can put the count at three.

Reed alleges that a person, referred to only as 'Professor X' put him in touch with 'The Alliance' - the mysterious group is that is alleged to be helping Reed evade the evil government thugs and aiding him in his ever lasting quest to get the truth of his encounter out.

Regarding the alleged 'Professor X', Dan Iaria states on his website, "Although Dr Reed never told me this and he won't confirm it due to a promise that he made to the family of Professor X, I have determined through my own research and reasoning that he found out about the Alliance through a chance meeting with Dr Carl Sagan shortly before Dr Sagan passed away at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington. This was deduced from the information describing "Professor X" in Dr Reed's book and also from the time and location of Dr Sagan's death. In Dr Reed's book, he called the person who introduced him to the Alliance...Professor X. He described him as a world-renowned astrophysicist and an astronomer and as someone who died in Seattle in 1996...you do the math."

We are doing the math, and it add up to absolutely zero. Aside from conjecture, innuendos and baseless claims, there has not been one shred of proof presented to back any of these outlandish claims. Reed stipulates that several people have been murdered, yet doesn't want to give out names for fear of jeopardizing the families of those people. Well, he apparently had no problem naming the alleged Dr. Cahcon, Dr. Haggitt, Michael Wessels or Carl Sagan.

I seriously wonder what the families and friends of Dr. Haggitt, Michal Wessels and Dr. Sagan would have to say about Reed and his associates using the good names of people as a means to bolster a failed attempt to con people into believing Reed's ludicrous UFO tale. I'm sure the families of these people that have passed on would not be happy knowing Reed and his supporters are trying to use them as martyrs to further Reed's con. Using the deaths of people to promote your own means is simply sick and there is absolutely no excuse for it.


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