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The Dead Alien, The Doctor, and the Deception

JUNE 2001
This is a classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III
Part III


"So you can know that whatever it is, it was not manipulated in a computer. These are original Kodak photographs of an alien encounter." -- Art Bell on Reed's bogus photos




Reed has absolutely not one shred of solid evidence and elements within both his photographs and story point to fraud. Reed has failed time and time again to offer any of his evidence for analysis. In one instance, Reed was offered one-million dollars for proof of his alleged encounter, an offer which he failed to respond to. For a guy saying he wants to prove his claim, Reed has been nothing but unwilling to step forward with his so-called evidence. Why? Because its all bogus and he knows it, otherwise he would have stepped up, presented conclusive proof and put all of his critics to rest while pocketing a cool million dollars.

One UFOWATCHDOG.COM reader passed along an e-mail he received from Reed asking about a story that appeared on this site. Reed stated in the e-mail, "I have never refused to turn over anything. In-fact, I asked for help! IF you knew anything about this case, You'd know that ALL of the evidence in-fact was turned over to several independent investigators."

If "ALL of the evidence was turned over to independent investigators," then where are all of the laboratory reports? Where's all the documentation? Where's the proof? Reed was offered several fair and open opportunities to have his evidence evaluated, he has failed to capitalize on any of these offers. Let's examine Reed's so-called evidence...


Reed's alien is just absurd. There are several problems with Reed's story about killing the alien and the manner in which he killed it. You can view images of the alien at Reed's website. (Ed. Note: Site has been removed.) Reed claims that the creature is physical in nature and has blood.

Since Reed claims to have used a tree branch to kill the alien with, then there should be no problem in believing him since his alien has a wound, right? Wrong. The major problem with this is, not only is the stuffing coming out of the alien's head a joke, so is the area of trauma.

The wound is not consistent with a case of blunt trauma. The wound very round and inconsistent with any type of wound caused with a blunt object, such as being struck with a stick or baseball-bat. You also would expect to not see this amount of damage considering Reed claims he only hit the alien once. Judging from the photos, it appears that the bogus alien would have a skull or some type of skeletal system - Reed also claimed to have fractured the alien's skull. If that were the case, then you might expect to see some evidence of the skull caving in - yet here we see just the opposite with the material coming out from the cranium.

Also, why is nothing (i.e. pine needles, dirt, leaves, et al) clinging to the blood of the wound since the incident did take place in the forest? The alien is pretty clean for just having had its brains bashed in and the lack of blood from the alien is truly astounding considering this is a head wound. Why is there hardly any blood on the thermal blanket Reed claims to have wrapped the alien in? Also, why does the blood appear to be soaked into the head of the alien? Because the blood isn't real, the wound isn't real and the alien isn't real.

The alien itself has absolutely no organic qualities about it. The texture of the alien is silly and so are the abrupt veins throughout the head and neck. There also appears to be a casting or sculpting line just below the top of the head that runs through the middle of the wound.

Special effects artist Steve Neill had plenty to say about Reed's so-called alien. "I know rubber when I see it...and I'm seeing rubber. If they really want to deceive us, they have to try a lot harder...If I were to create such an item, I'd start with a better sculpture. The sculpting on this head is crude at best, and the paint job is poor. The 'veins' in the neck are stark and end abruptly...This amateur job, in my opinion, is an obvious attempt to make money and nothing else. And it scares me to think how many people might fall for this, and other similar charades, and spend their hard, honestly-earned money on people who cannot or will not earn an honorable living."


Reed said he took photographs and video of his encounter. Several people have looked at Reed's photos posted on the Internet and have found some extraordinary inconsistencies. This goes far beyond "pixel counting" as was alleged by none other than apparent Reed supporter Art Bell. As for the video, those who have seen it report it not be all that grand. One person reported that during an examination of the alien, Reed moves its head and the entire neck and head move together as one piece - demonstrating the high probability that its nothing more than a prop.

Reed claimed that he had his camera equipment analyzed but he hasn't provided any proof of this. Reed went so far as to claim that Kodak had examined his evidence. Of course, Reed can't provide any documentation of this. Why? Because it never happened and he knows it. Reed was given several open and fair opportunities to present his evidence and have it analyzed.

In reference to Reed's photos and negatives, Dan Iaria states on his website (Ed. Note: Site has disappeared.), "These pictures and negatives have been looked at by Kodak. Also, Art Bell had his own professional photographic analyst inspect the pictures, negatives and video. Lastly, I have enlisted the expertise of a well-known, highly regarded photographic authority who I will name once I receive permission from him."

The photos and negatives have not been documented as having been looked at by Kodak. As for Art Bell having his "own professional photographic analyst inspect the pictures, negatives and video," there is no evidence of this either. However, Iaria did indeed have an expert in the filed of photography examine the negatives. I also spoke with the person that did the analysis, but we'll get to that later...


Canadian resident Rita Bensette was the first to point out a major problem with Reed's alien photos. Reed alleged that the garb of the alien was a single piece of form fitting garment that would seal itself back together like liquid when he cut it with an exacto knife. Reed stated, "...I used an exacto knife and made a slice in the material and the material almost liquefied as I cut it and rejoined itself." If this is the case then why would there be a straight pin in the alien's clothes? Look below:

ABOVE: Rita Bensette's enhancement showing what appears to be a straight pin in the alien's clothing.

There is no mistaking the item for what it appears to be - a straight pin. Someone commented that it looked like a scan line, but the object clearly has a tip and a head on it as one would find with a straight pin. You can also compare it to a standard straight pin by taking one and placing it up to the image. You can also go view the images at Art Bell's website and at Reed's website. (Ed. Note: Neither of these addresses is working.) Without the enhancement, you can still see the pin. Below are two comparison photos, one in color and one in black and white:

LEFT: Color photo with enhancement. RIGHT: Black and white photos with no enhancement.

One could assume that the pin is being used to hold the garment to the alien's head. But wait, there's more that Rita Bensette discovered...

LEFT: Highlighted areas showing a plethora of what may be pins throughout the entire head area. CENTER: A tear in the "alien's" neck near the base. RIGHT: Highlighted lines showing two pins in the "alien's" mouth.

When Art Bell was sent this information, he simply dismissed it and called the people who had sent him the information "pixel counters." So much for presenting both sides of the story, eh? The other problem with Reed's alien photos is the constant use of selective lighting. It appears a flashlight was used to focus light on certain parts of the alien so as to not reveal details. Also, why are there not as many full body shots? Oh, wait. The evil government had conveniently stolen much of Reed's evidence...

Researcher Lea H. MacDonald examined Reed's photos and he also found another major problem with Reed's claim of the alien super fabric. Below in the right hand lower corner you'll find a circle highlighting an area. This is highlighted because the photo shows what appears to be a button on the super alien garment. When one takes the photo and blows it up, visible are holes consistent with a button. Also, the clothing the alien has on is bunched up just around the neck and appears to be a turtle neck sweater or shirt and not a solid form fitting outfit as Reed claims.

ABOVE: Lea MacDonald points out a button in the alien photo and the ever changing neck size of Reed's bogus alien.

MacDonald also offers insight into shadow and lighting inconsistencies in photos Reed alleged to be of a small UFO. You can see MacDonald's analysis here. MacDonald's page features both analysis and articles regarding Reed's story. Another site analyzing Reed's UFO photos using MacDonald's analysis can be seen here. I was sent an interesting piece from another website that had apparently been up on that website for a long time. Is this the source for Reed's UFO? (Ed. Note: None of these sites are available.)

Many have said that such photos would be difficult to hoax, but look below at this entertaining photo produced utilizing one of Reed's photos. The creature from Star Wars is also an interesting touch to the photo.

LEFT: The ease of digital manipulation in 1998. The photo originally had Reed's alleged UFO in place of where the Star Destroyer from Star Wars is seen along with an Ewok hiding in the bushes. RIGHT: Reed's bogus UFO photo. At the far right tip of Reed's UFO is a hole where you can see the color of the green background- just one of many holes in Reed's tale. In fact, you can clearly see some type of holes in Reed's UFO photos through which colors of the forest can been seen.

Someone claimed that since Reed has negatives of the UFO that there would be no way to hoax such photographic negatives. This could simply be accomplished by creating digital images of the UFO, inserting them into the photo of a forest background, using a high quality photo printer and then an analog film camera to take a picture of the photos. The other option here is that a model was employed in the photos, but the pixels around the edges of Reed's UFO suggest digital manipulation. A frame from Reed's video, seen on Iaria's website, would suggest that a model with a base support was used in some instances and probably copied and pasted in some photos.

Art Bell argued on air that the photos couldn't be hoaxed because they were printed on real Kodak paper. Bell stated on the air, "So you can know that whatever it is, it was not manipulated in a computer. These are original Kodak photographs of an alien encounter." Again, Bell was provided information that digital imaging systems can utilize real Kodak paper and anyone can buy this paper. In fact, Kodak offers digital photo printers in which you can use, guess what, real Kodak paper. Speaking of Kodak...


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