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Donald Ware Says 'Dr.Reed' Book Is "Documentation Of An Important Event", Calls UFOWATCHDOG.COM "Disinformation Agents"


[NOTE: UFOWATCHDOG.COM was recently alerted that Donald Ware is not the current Florida MUFON state director. Apologies for the error - Ed.]

Unless you've been hiding in a Baghdad spider hole with Saddam Hussein, or you're just an absolutely gullible moron (hint), you should know by now that the story once commonly known as 'the alien in the freezer' was a scam. Better known now as the Reed UFO Fraud, this pathetic UFO con job was exposed, much to the ire of those faithful believers, here at UFOWATCHDOG.COM as a hoax.

After exposing the story, those responsible for the perpetration of the hoax quickly and quietly slithered back under the rocks they came out from under and those supporting the tale (Jaime Maussan, Dan Iarai, Daniel McEvoy, Art Bell, and others) suddenly didn't have very much to say about all the supposed evidence they had promoted. In fact, no scientifically verifiable evidence was ever presented to the public, though sensationalistic claims of extraterrestrial nanotechnology were made. Most of those believers blindly following the story also jumped ship...well, most of them...

Enter former Florida state MUFON director, Donald M. Ware. Ware is a board member of the International UFO Congress (IUFOC), the organization responsible for promoting and hosting 'Dr.Reed' and his cohorts at three of its UFO conferences. The IUFOC even featured 'Dr.Reed' as the keynote speaker at one event.

Ware was reported to have recently played host to Jonathan Bradley Rutter (aka "Dr.Jonathan Reed") and Daniel McEvoy on 10-April-2005 in Gulf Breeze, Florida after a presentation was given on the bunk alien tale. (Ed. Note: Link is no longer active.) Upon hearing news of this, one Seattle UFO buff decided to fire off a letter to Ware asking why he would support, let alone expose the public to such an obvious fraud. Below is Ware's response:

From: "Donald Ware" <>
Subject: Ware's Response to Letter on Reed Case
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 19:54:00 -0500

Dear Charlette,

Thanks for you concern. After 53 years as a UFO researcher/investigator and truthseeker studying the larger reality represented by the UFO/alien presence, I have developed a deep understanding of what's going on. It also helps that my alien, angelic, and well-connected human friends have overtly assisted in my education since 1989. I think you have been led astray on the Reed case, just as many on the west coast were led astray on the Gulf Breeze encounters of Ed Walters and others. You underestimate the cunning of the disinformation agents and overestimate the skill and truthfulness of the "UFO watchdogs."

We each choose our future through our thoughts, words, and deeds, and we usually deserve what we create. I am quite satisfied with the path I have chosen, and my track record on assessing UFO cases for five decades has been good. Your assessment ignores much evidence from 1996 and more recent events. Freddy lives, and "the alliance" provides a needed service as we join a galactic society one person at a time. It is OK if we don't all arrive at the same assessment of every case. You are not responsible for the search of others. Reed's book, The Link ,is useful documentation of an important event, even though it includes some purposeful inaccuracies of names, etc. The answers needed to expand our awareness are already in the public domain for those truly seeking them.

Seek with Joy, Don Ware

Ware wouldn't be the first to label me as a government disinformation agent, nor would he be the first to attempt to marginalize the facts exposing "Dr.Reed" as a fraud. This sort of trite finger pointing is often espoused by those who have long ago lost touch with reality and all common sense. The few left in the field of UFOlogy who find relevant data, facts, evidence, competent investigation, and the use of common sense a bit refreshing are usually the first to suffer at the hands of those ardent believers who rely on nothing more than a bit of drama and the right story to validate their own alien beliefs.

Those quick to yell "Disinformation!" are often more content with living in a fantasy world where those terrible government agents are everywhere just waiting for the slightest scent of truth to pop up so they can squash it. If you happen to disprove any of the claims of the 'believers', then you too are now an agent of evil. It doesn't matter what evidence you have showing a claim to be untrue. You've trespassed on the sacred ground of alien belief. How dare you bother the believers with the facts.

" I am quite satisfied with the path I have chosen..." This statement made by Ware speaks volumes of relying on belief rather than on investigation and fact.

And most of us wonder why the UFO field suffers from such an incredible lack of credibility - look no further than Ware or the other 'believers' who zealously embrace the "Dr.Reed" case as the be all end all of UFOlogy. No matter how loud someone yells "Cover-up!" or how hard some want to ignore facts, in the end the Reed UFO Fraud is what it is: an outright fraud.

The need to believe, this wanton urge for something to be true, seeking validation for what one perceives as 'the truth' while ignoring all data to the contrary - this is nothing less than a gross act of disinformation itself that does far more damage to the credible body of UFO evidence than any imaginary government bad guys could ever do. A sort of reverse and extreme skepticism, if you will.

So, does Ware's belief change anything about the "Dr.Reed" story? Of course not. The Reed UFO Fraud is a lackluster, third-rate UFO scam conjured up by a few people preying on the gullible and wanting their fifteen minutes and a few bucks. It appears the gullible are still out there.


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