One Of The World's Most Notorious UFO Hoaxes Returns With New Website, Slicked Up Products, Same Fraud

[Editor's Note: While some individuals meagerly and sloppily investigated this case, UFOWATCHDOG.COM was the only website to completely blow the lid off this bogus caper and and was the first and only to do any in-depth investigation. Period. UFOWATCHDOG.COM been investigating this case since 1998 and exposed the true identity of 'Dr.Reed' before a worldwide radio audience on the Jeff Rense program on 02-MAY-2002 and provided exclusive photos, documents, and first hand witness testimony where others completely failed to do the same. Those attempting to take credit for this case by riding on the coattails of this website are just shameless morons looking to chat it up and garner attention for themselves - you know who you are.]

In May 2002, on the Jeff Rense program and on the Internet, UFOWATCHDOG.COM presented evidence and witnesses exposing the Reed UFO Fraud, the players involved in its production, the real identitiy of "Dr.Reed" and the identities of others using aliases in order to push this scam off on the public as a genuine alien encounter. Since this hoax was first publicized and promoted by late night radio host Art Bell, UFOWATCHDOG.COM has maintained from the beginning of its initial investigation in November 1998 that the story of a man killing an alien in the woods of a Washington State forest was a fraud orchestrated by a small group of people for personal gain.

Since UFOWATCHDOG.COM released its investigation exposing this fraud, "Dr.Reed" along with his cohorts conveniently disappeared from the public eye, advocates of the case withdrew their support, and most thought the case had been properly and rightly laid to rest. The Reed UFO Fraud caused considerable damage to UFOlogy's remaining credibility and caused quite a controversy. A group of so-called investigators assured the public they had thoroughly investigated and documented the claims of "Dr.Reed", had confirmed his identity, alleged to have investigated witnesses supporting the tale of "Dr.Reed", alleged that scientific evidence and analysis supported the case, and that the case was absolutely real. However, none of this alleged "scientific" evidence was ever presented to the public.

Nearly two years after having exposed this hoax to the public, the man claiming to be "Dr.Reed" appears to be returning to promote his fraudulent UFO story through a series of books, video tapes, and a speaking tour. UFOWATCHDOG.COM was alerted to a website now promoting this bogus case as being real.

The website advertises, "The facts surrounding this incredible and unforgettable encounter, with the proof and hard physical evidence of intelligent Alien-life, are finally here today for all to see, witness and experience." Available through this website are now new videos of "Dr.Reed" (his real name is John Bradley Rutter) and the book written by one of the cohorts involved in this scam, Robert Aria (aka Robert Raith). Both the books and video tapes are available in both Spanish and English language versions - this is because after this case was exposed as a hoax here in the United States, "Dr.Reed" and company went south of the border to hawk their scam to the unsuspecting people of Latin America with the assistance of Jaime Maussan.

"Dr. Reed" is scheduled to appear on a television show Out There TV (Ed. Note: Site no longer there.) on March 28th. UFOWATCHDOG.COM contacted the show with the information about "Dr.Reed" being exposed as a fraud. An advertisement for the television segment was featured on the website as follows:

AIRS MARCH 28 to APRIL 8, 2004 - DR. JONATHAN REED PhD. Author Of LINK: An Extraterrestrial Odyssey - The True Story of Alien Contact Program # 130

While hiking in the Pacific Northwest with his dog Suzy, Dr. Jonathan Reed stumbled on, simply one of mankind's greatest finds and/or questions in all of modern time. The real truth concerning First Contact and the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial alien life.

Unlike any story ever told, Dr. Reed's fascinating account shows us in vivid detail, the traumatic mental images of unforeseen obstacles and mind-bending rewards revealed on this astonishing journey. Throughout Dr. Reed's emotionally devastating and physically paralyzing ordeal, Jonathan takes us with him "through the looking glass" to experience the very moment of his startling Alien Encounter and all the terror and disruption to his life that has since ensued. As if in a continuing nightmare, his serene life has forever been fractured into a heterogeneous enigma.

On tonight's program Dr. Reed will provide the facts surrounding this incredible and unforgettable encounter, with the proof and hard physical evidence of intelligent alien life. What you will see and hear tonight complete with close up photographs of a wounded extraterrestrial being has profound implications that will change your life forever.

UFOWATCHDOG.COM did receive a response from Kate Mucci, one of the hosts of Out There TV. Mucci stated that she was "very familiar" with UFOWATCHDOG.COM and the information concerning "Dr.Reed".

" Please do not correspond with me any more. "

-- Kate Mucci in response to UFOWATCHDOG.COM's inquiry regarding her bookstore being the sole listed U.S. distributor of UFO con artist 'Dr.Reed's' new video and book. While Mucci says she just wants to be a neutral player and allow 'Dr.Reed', it appears that she has an agenda involving promoting the store to bolster sales at her bookstore.

Mucci stated, "My concern is to get at the truth of the event. If it happened; if there was an alien and artifacts, I frankly don't care who Jonathan Reed is, or if it is his real name. I want to know if there has been actual, violent alien contact with someone on this planet. My questions flow from there. I want to know where the alien went, I want to know from whence it came. I want to know what that bracelet is made of, and if it can be replicated on earth."

Mucci also sated, "Please know that I am very much undecided about this whole issue but I will tell you that I believe everyone has the right to tell their story. Out There television has given everyone from earthquake predictors to conspiracy theorists a voice. There aren't many broadcast forums for that, and our job is to present the information and let our viewers do their own research and make their own judgments. To me, that is what journalism is about. I don't go in with a pre-conceived notion of who's right or wrong. That's our viewers' job."

Let's just hope that Mucci shares all of the information with her viewers. But it appears that Mucci may have a conflict of interest in this matter...

Kate Mucci and her television co-host Randy Mucci apparently own and operate Music, Mind & Matter, (Ed. Note: Site is no longer there.) the bookstore's phone number is listed on the new "Dr.Reed" website as a retailer for the all new, revamped and slicked up "Dr.Reed" books and video tapes being sold in the United States where no other U.S. numbers or stores are listed. Mucci was contacted about Music, Mind & Matter and its sale of the books and videos. Kate Mucci failed to respond for comment.

UFOWATCHDOG.COM intends to followup on the reemergence of this ridiculous UFO caper and present the truth to the public, as it has before with many other frauds. But the real question is: Can UFOlogy survive this UFO con job again? The question can readily be answered with a resounding 'yes', that is, if the public and those serious about this field do not support this bunk alien encounter and start demanding accountability from the hoaxers and those that promote this scam.

"So what if Jonathan's making up a story? I don't think he is, but, so what if he is?"

--Kate Mucci commenting on the Reed UFO Fraud. Yeah, sure, so what if he's a lying dirtbag? I guess it only matters that Mucci is able to live out her UFO/conspiracy fantasies with a blatant disregard for the truth...

More to follow shortly...

Is the above banner silly looking? Yes. Now, just think of how silly "Dr. Reed" and his fishing story of an alien encounter make serious researchers, investigators. and UFOlogy look. If you care anything about finding answers to the UFO question, then don't support the circus atmosphere that these clowns and others like them are promoting.

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