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ABOVE: The Chevron gas station that the bogus "Dr." Harold Chacon works at as a clerk. Robert "Raith" (aka Robert Aria) was also employed as a clerk at this Chevron until recently.

UFO Con Artists Continue To Spin Tall Tale of Alien Encounter

UPDATE: Jaime Maussan recently appeared on Latin America's version of Hard Copy promoting the Reed Hoax. Also shown on this program was the video tape of Harold Chacon still claiming to be a doctor, but now Chacon is using the name "Mario" - probably afraid to use his real name since he's been exposed as a fraud. So, how many lies are enough? You can always ask Reed and his associates by e-mailing them:

"I just ask that you listen to his (Jonathan Reed) story. I assure you that if I find out it's untrue that I will be the first one to come out on television and say it's a hoax, even if my credibility is affected."

So spoke Jaime Maussan (pictured left) on Latin America's most popular primetime television show 'Otro Rollo.' It was on this very same television show that Maussan showed a video tape of a person claiming to be one "Dr." Harold Chacon. Chacon, who said he is a degreed microbiologist, alleged that he had examined blood and tissue from the alien that Reed claims to have killed in the woods of Washington state (see links at bottom for additional information on this hoax).

Chacon, with his face hidden for the interview, appeared on the program via a prerecorded interview conducted by Maussan's assistant Daniel Munoz. The following was stated in one part of the interview:

CHACON: While analyzing the brain matter, we found structures that were not of biologic origin but rather microscopic and many were probably even subatomic, but they were not biologic.

MUNOZ: Could they have been made with nanotechnology, like the one we have nowadays?

CHACON: Yes, it may have been nanotechnology or perhaps a more advanced evolution of nanotechnology?

MUNOZ: So you did find samples of technology?

CHACON: Yes, most definitely. Unfortunately we're only human (implying that humans do not understand it).

ABOVE: Image of Chacon from Otro Rollo distorted (left). Another glimpse of Chacon (right) with pixelation removed. Maussan is still presenting this "video testimony" at conferences and is still claiming that Chacon is a microbiologist.

Daniel Munoz was directly sent information pertaining to the bogus "Dr." Harold Chacon and the fact that he was not a doctor, but a clerk at a gas station. The following excerpt is from an e-mail sent to Munoz from UFOWATCHDOG.COM:

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Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 12:40 AM
Subject: Re: Reed Hoax


While some of what appears on my site is speculation, the vast majority of it is based in fact. I know from a first-hand witness who actually knows Harold Chacon and Robert Aria (aka Robert Raith) that both of them work at a gas station as clerks. This first-hand witness also happens to be a state section director for MUFON. This person has had dinner with Chacon and Aria/Raith and her sister knows both of these people as well.

The gas station, Admiral Chevron, is located at 2347 California Avenue SW in Seattle, Washington. 206-***-****. Feel free to call the manager and ask if Harold Chacon or Robert "Bobby' Aria is around. Last I heard Aria quit his job there. A group from a paranormal chat club found out that Aria/Raith was working at the gas station and they went to confront him. Aria ran out the back door to completely avoid these people. The bank that Reed cashes his checks at is also located in the same area as well as is the post office box he receives mail at for his alien hoax.

Ask yourself this: If Chacon is a doctor, why is he working at a gas station? Why was he so easy to find if he's gone into hiding as Reed claims? Also, why are there no educational records on file for him? Why did he claim to have a microbiology degree from Catholic University Puerto Rico when that school offers no such degree? If there's one major lie, a mountain of them is surely to follow...

Munoz was also asked in the same e-mail to provide information pertaining to the location of a camera shop where Reed alleges to have had his film developed at. Munoz did not supply any information requested and stated the following in an e-mail:

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Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 7:42 AM
Subject: Re: Reed Hoax

Thank you very much for this info, Royce. Stay in touch.

Daniel Muņoz

 A follow-up e-mail was sent to Munoz asking about the camera shop:

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Sent: Monday, July 09, 2001 9:32 AM
Subject: Re: Reed Hoax


Were you going to tell me where this camera shop that Reed supposedly got his negatives developed is at? Would appreciate it. If not, then I won't have a problem tracking it down on my own.

And yet another e-mail was sent:

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Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 4:43 PM
Subject: Re: Reed Hoax


You never did respond to my question regarding where this camera shop was at in Seattle that you stated you visited. Where is this shop located at? Thanks.

 Munoz has yet to respond to any of the e-mail requests for information. Shortly after giving Munoz the information about Chacon not being a doctor and working as a clerk at a gas station, Munoz appeared on another television program stating that Chacon was a biologist. Munoz and Maussan's support doesn't end there...

Maussan recently gave a presentation at the 2001 MUFON Symposium in which he is still supporting the Reed Hoax as a real UFO case. His evidence? A reported video tape of Reed disappearing while wearing the so-called Link Artifact. Maussan also played the video tape of "Dr." Harold Chacon claiming to be a microbiologist.

The question begs itself to be asked: Why are Maussan and Munoz both supporting this case and not disclosing easily verifiable facts to the public in the process? Munoz wrote in an e-mail, "...if you have the real evidences that this case is a hoax, just let us know with evidences. As journalists, that's what we are looking for." Apparently, Munoz and Maussan's sight is limited in exactly what they are willing to look at.

On a recent vacation to the Seattle area, I decided to take a quick drive to the gas station that Chacon is employed at. While inside, I talked with a clerk named Don. I asked if Chacon was around and Don told me that Chacon was on a two week vacation visiting family in Puerto Rico and that he would return to work next week.

I also asked Don about Robert Aria and Don referred to him as "Bobby." I asked Don if "Bobby" was around and Don told me he no longer worked at the gas station but he had been in the day before. I asked Don what "Bobby" was doing now that he was not employed at the gas station and Don told me, "He's traveling and getting rich. At least that's what he told me." Don also confirmed that "Bobby" lived nearby in an apartment complex just down the street from the gas station that he used to work at with Chacon. Reed has stated that anyone associated with him has been placed in grave danger due to his bogus alien encounter. If this is the case, then why is it so easy to find these people? One person told me of having actually gone inside the gas station and having a cup of coffee with Robert Aria. The person reportedly was given the coffee for free by Aria and the two had a long conversation.

You would think that Muassan, who is a professional journalist, and his assistant Daniel Munoz, would have been able to easily complete a follow up investigation - especially considering they were given the information and could have checked it out.

At one point Reed claimed that Chacon had been assaulted by the alleged government thugs that were after Reed. Reed claimed that the assault had been so severe that Chacon was forced to leave the country and live underground. According to Kathleen Anderson, a State Section Director for MUFON, both Chacon and Aria have worked at the Chevron gas station for at least the last four years.

ABOVE: Intersection of California Avenue and Admiral Way where the Chevron gas station that Chacon works at is located.

In an interview for the Seattle Weekly, Anderson stated, "I was floored. . . . [Chacon and Raith] lived down the street from me four years ago...You could have knocked me over with a feather," she continues. "I knew both Harold Chacon and Robert--we had dinner together, and I know they both worked at the Chevron station. Robert was always talking about writing a science fiction book about UFOs and people from other dimensions."

In the same Seattle Weekly article, one of Reed's fanatical supporters, Daniel Iaria (pictured left), was asked about Chacon's employment and the fact that he was not a microbiologist. Iaria stated, "Many authors, freelance writers, and actors take on part-time jobs that are flexible in order to supplement their income as they struggle to survive. Again, how is this relevant to Dr. Reed's evidence?" This response is typical coming from anyone in the Reed camp - no one is willing to give direct answers to very simple questions - such as why is it that Harold Chacon is lying? For that matter, why is it that Reed and his group of UFO clowns are lying? Again, the answer is very simply...remember what Don at the Chevron said about Robert "Raith", "He's traveling and getting rich. At least that's what he told me."

Again, it isn't difficult to figure this equation out...


But the presentations don't end in Mexico. Maussan, Iaria and another fanatical Reed supporter, Dan McEvoy, are all scheduled to present the Reed UFO Hoax. at the UFO Congress this coming September. In light of the the facts demonstrating this case is a fraud, why would the IUFOC present it to the public and in he name of UFOlogy? For that matter, why would any responsible UFO organization or conference continue to allow this sort of dribble to crawl in? It's pretty simple - there is no responsible UFO organization or confernece out there and it seems that people with backbone in this field are far more rare than a real UFO sighting...


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