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Above: Photos of Hale Bopp comet.

Man Listed As Having Done Analysis On Bogus Link Artifact Also Claimed That Comet Hale-Bopp Was Bringing Giant Spaceships To Earth For Mass Evacuation.


Someone provided some interesting information about Jaime Maussan and an outrageous claim he made in 1997. Maussan, in the October 6, 1997 issue of "Contacto Ovni Magazine" published an article about his discovery of one of the best UFO photos ever. Claiming that the photo was taken by a telescope, Maussan said that the object pictured was a gigantic UFO. The object (pictured below) was actually a galaxy forming, not a UFO.


It seems that Maussan and his Latin American cohorts have a problem of sensationalizing their UFO claims. Be sure to read below about some of Maussan associates claiming that huge UFOs were coming to Earth to evacuate everyone from the planet...I kid you not...

Daniel Iaria of Alien (Ed. Note: Site is no longer there.) recently posted what he said was an analysis of the so-called Link Artifact that UFO hoaxer Jonathan Reed claims is extraterrestrial. The man behind this "analysis", which is nothing short of a joke, Rodolf Garrido, has been touted as a man of many credentials including a membership within a NASA group.

What you aren't being told is that Garrido has had a long association with both Jaime Maussan and Daniel Munoz and that Garrido is also heavily involved in UFOs. An article (see below), sent to UFOWATCHDOG.COM by researcher Dr.Timothy Haley, tells of Garrido and Munoz holding a press conference at a university in Mexico where they told people that massive spaceships were heading to Earth accompanied by the comet Hale-Bopp and that these spaceships would also be conducting a mass evacuation of the planet.

Of course, the so-called Hale-Bopp companion was proven to be a hoax, first exposed on the Jeff Rense show and only gained media attention after radio host Art Bell provided many hours of coverage on his program and allowed guests to declare that the companion UFO was real. The majority of media attention regarding the comet companion came when the California based UFO cult 'Heaven's Gate' committed mass suicide in a bizarre ceremony in which the group believed that a UFO was traveling with the Hale-Bopp comet.


Comet Hale-Bopp, UFOs and Sects

By Dr.Rafael A. Lara

(Ed. Note: The original link in the title is no longer working. It appears that this section is an article by Rafael Lara rather than commentary by Royce Meyers, III.)

Mexico was hardly the exception when it came to the psychosocial repercussions of the collective suicide of the "Heaven's Gate" cult.

On February 15, 1997, Daniel Munoz and Ing. Rodolfo Garrido held a conference at the Universidad del Valle de Mexico in which they claimed that gigantic spaceships, accompanying the Hale-Bopp comet, would reach our world just in time to achieve a worldwide evacuation. A little bit of background information becomes necessary at this point: Ing. Rodolfo Garrido, a former member of the Centro de Investigaci˘n de Fen˘menos Extraterrestres, Espacaiales y Extraordinarios, Asociaci˘n Civil (CIFEEEAC), is a person who was once a sworn opponent (and now a collaborator) of Jaime Maussan, who had serious differences with other members of CIFEEEAC, such as Carlos Guzman and "El Abuelo" Dominguez, stemming from his urge to pursue none-too-serious avenues of investigation (read as disinformation and sensationalism). Efforts at recruiting new members to the group were fruitless, which led him to associating with Mr. Maussan. Muoz is also a collaborator of Maussan's, but his real identity -- who he is, who he was, and since when has he been interested in the phenomenon -- remains unknown. He appears to have furnished Maussan with information concerning the alleged UFO crash in Lajas, P.R.

According to reports, both Muoz and Maussan participated in a conference earlier this year hosted by Dr. Lee Shargell, a NASA scientist who assured, among other things that Comet Hale-Bopp is accompanied by spaceships or "synthetic planets" (?), one of which is four times greater than the planet Earth (1). His research points out that the true mission of this space armada is to "purify the planet", a feat to be accomplished by means of four separate "judgement days": 1. The Judgement of Nations; 2. The Judgement of the Wild Beast; 3. The Judgement of the Great Harlot and, 4. The Judgement of the Dead.

Another "fact" provided by this scientist is that another planet known as Hercolubus, also known as Barnard I or the Black Moon, is a sentry planet that serves as a base to the colossal starships of the Confederation of Galactic Planets (1). He also stated that aside from detecting the presence of these massive vessels, messages have been received via electromagnetic transmissions which upon interpretation produced codes resembling the "crop circle" formations seen in the United Kingdom. According to Russian scientist Ivan Brusilov, these signals can be read as: "We shall be reaching Earth soon"-- an event which will come about in 1999. Shargell has gone as far as to confirm his contact with one of the races accompanying the comet.

In the light of all this, we may well wonder what Maussan and his associates have done with this "information": since early May 1997, this trio of popularizers have dedicated themselves to holding presentations in the most important Mexican cities, charging the by no means small amount of $10,000 pesos [$1269 U.S.] for a two hour long presentation aside from lodging in the best hotel available (usually the Fiesta Inn). Propaganda for these events has been exhaustively made through the Tercer Milenio television program which airs on Televisa's Channel 9 from Monday thru Friday from 19:00 to 19:30 hrs., adding one aberrant piece of information: the impending presence of three days of darkness. This statement has had such widespread impact upon the population that primary and secondary school instructors have told their students to report to class with candles or blessed tapers, since there will be no light for 3 days.

The Mexican Catholic Church has not been slow off the mark, either: on March 23, 1997, it circulated pamphlets bearing the title The Third Letter of Our Lady of Fatima which were read by thousands of worshippers. It is interesting to read the following: "...darkness shall enshroud the Earth for 72 hours (3 days, and the third of humanity which survives this darkness shall live in a New Age and shall become good people..." (2), adding: " that you may be prepared and remain alive, close all windows, speak to no one, get on your knees..." Perhaps the most disconcerting part of this pamphlet is its second part, since among other things it says: "...Now I provide you (says the Blessed Virgin) with a list of items and foodstuffs that each household must prepare for those harder days which are growing nearer for the whole world...". What kind of list is this? The list includes all manner of items that are staple foods of the Mexican diet, however, all products made by the Procter and Gamble company are expressly forbidden, since according to the pamphlet, all the profits of this company are used to render worship to the Devil (?).

We also see that millenialist cults such as the "Light of the World" have spread information among their followers about the impeding end of the world (4). On Saturday, May 31, 1997, Dario Salas, the Chilean presbyter residing in Sao Paulo (Rua Palmyra Figueira de Carvalho, 02, Villa Formosa, Sao Paulo, CEP 03-357-010, Brasil), has undertaken a massive crusade throughout Mexico in order to alert the population that the end of the world is at hand. It is curious that this avatar of catastrophism should see the following as unequivocal signs of the Apocalypse: homosexuality, materialism, airplanes (!), automobiles and television (!?). To him, the "New Jerusalem" is nothing more than a huge machine city able to fly -- a perfect cube, a great city with 5 million streets (5). They day he appeared in Jalapa, nearly five thousand faithful showed up to see him. Financial contributions were voluntary.


The aforementioned leads us to believe that technological evolution notwithstanding -- being in constant contact with computers, e-mail, cloning, etc. -- humans harbor the very same fears they had when they were cave-dwellers. There is no doubt that we are in the midst of a very important sociological change, much in the same way that the onset of the year 1000 impacted the Middle Ages. Nevertheless, it is very important that people, even those with an education, see astronomical phenomena such as the comet as an entirely natural situation -- a manifestation of Nature's greatness, far from false statements and manipulations.


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