The Reed Files

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Part VII

Now that we know, or don't know, all of the players in this scheme, let's take a look at the so-called investigators that were involved in this case...again, by choice or otherwise...
" I think that it is important to state that, without exception, every piece of evidence I have uncovered and all of my investigation results have absolutely shown this case to be real " -- Dan Iaria, 22-FEB-2002

iariaDAN IARIA (aka Dante Aries): Iaria says he became involved with "Dr.Reed" after seeing a presentation in Laughlin, Nevada. Iaria's zeal has been described by some as "over the top" and his website ( is now off-line) dedicated to "Dr.Reed" is nothing short of a shrine. Iaria also used to post fanatical messages supporting "Dr.Reed" on the old Art Bell BBS under the alias of Dante Aries.

Iaria has claimed that this case is real and he has made a lot of other claims too - such as meeting people from "Dr.Reed's" past, having evidence scientifically examined, etc. Iaria claims to have also thoroughly investigated "Dr.Reed's" background and to have verified much of it. Well, we all now know that this isn't true considering that "Dr.Reed" is fictitious and so is his alien story. Iaria has stated that he was always "looking for something" as he wasn't satisfied with a lot of answers the mainstream had to offer - well, looks like he found what he was looking for with "Dr.Reed."

Iaria has threatened pending legal action against people he alleges to be slandering "Dr.Reed." So, what are the chances of seeing "Dr.Reed" step in a court of law and testify under penalty of perjury?

dan mcevoy head shot

DAN MCEVOY: Another of the investigators claiming to have thoroughly investigated "Dr.Reed", McEvoy also claimed to have been involved with the Center for UFO Studies and to have been a UFO researcher for 18 years. His only association with CUFOS was that he served as a volunteer manning a table for that organization at a conference. For being involved in researching UFOs for 18 years, McEvoy is not at all known outside his association with the Reed UFO Hoax.

McEvoy claimed that he traveled to San Diego State University and the University of Washington talking to and interviewing students, professors, co-workers and relatives that knew "Dr.Reed." McEvoy claimed to have spoken to "Dr.Reed's" aunt and uncle and that these people were his closest living relatives. We know that's completely false now since Rutter's father, mother and brother all reside in Seattle.

McEvoy also claims to have been present when "Dr.Reed" activated the Link Artifact - an alleged piece of extraterrestrial technology. McEvoy claims he watched "Dr.Reed" disappear for ten seconds and that an angelic-looking alien appeared as well. We know that's completely false now as "Dr.Reed" has been shown to be a complete fraud. So, what is McEvoy's involvement in this hoax then?

 maussan smiling

JAIME MAUSSAN: Once thought to be one of UFOlogy's finest investigators, Maussan has promoted many hoaxes including the Hale-Bopp Comet UFO and the daylight Mexico UFO footage. Maussan gets paid rather well for his appearances and he has actively promoted the Reed UFO Hoax to the point of taking "Dr.Reed" on a tour of Mexico and giving this fraud massive media exposure by having "Dr.Reed" and his cohorts appear on Latin America's number-one TV show 'Otro Rollo' and creating a media blitz in Mexico City. Maussan and his associates were offered info about the Reed UFO Hoax and they failed to disclose many facts about this case to the public.

DANIEL MUNOZ: (No picture) was in communication with Maussan's assistant Munoz and offered information for him and Maussan to investigate about the Reed UFO Hoax. Munoz was also asked for some information on the case, which he never provided in spite of being contacted several times. Munoz wrote, "In fact, you also can contact Jaime Maussan through me. Believe me that what we would like the most is to know the real truth about this case, and that's is the main reason we are investigating this way."

atlanti 202

SHAWN ATLANTI: What Atlanti's connection to this case is at this time is really not known other than he was one of the first so-called investigators to openly support this hoax. Atlanti was a co-founder of the San Diego UFO Society and this organization has also supported the Reed UFO Hoax. Atlanti has been directly involved in this case for some time now.

Atlanti claims to have been investigating UFO cases for over twenty years...

These aren't all of the folks promoting or supporting the Reed UFO Hoax - there have been several MUFON members also voicing their belief about this case. Now ask yourself, if these people are such competent investigators, then why didn't they find out who "Dr.Reed" really was? Some might argue that they weren't really interested in doing anything but believing. Some might argue that they were in it to fill their pockets. Who knows? One thing is certain, these people have a lot to answer for...

Commentary By Royce Meyers, III

Where do we go from here? Another high profile UFO case is in the toilet, UFOlogy looks much more foolish than it did before and the critics and debunkers of the subject have a fresh case of ammunition to take out any UFO case that is even remotely similar to this hoax.

A lot of change needs to take place if the UFO subject is to be addressed in any serious, scientific fashion. A lot of people need to start doing a lot better job of presenting information to the public as being real when it really hasn't been verified, or there appears to be a lot of inconsistencies. This case is a classic demonstration in two areas - faith and greed. Combine either with anything and the combination can be a disaster just waiting to happen. So, where do we go from here? Well, when a mess is made the best thing you can do is clean it up...

link book SanDiegoTape_small

Left - the Link book published by Rutter and company. Right - San Diego video presentation.

If the reported sales of the book are correct, then Rutter and company have grossed a lot of money - all at the expense of everyone but themselves. It really is common sense - if someone tells you something is true, then sells it to you and you find out it was never true, its fraud. Demand your money back!


"Dr.Reed" supporters, fanatics, the faithful if you will - they will undoubtedly start yelling conspiracy - that this story has been slapped together to discredit "Dr.Reed's" alien encounter in order to cover up the truth. Perhaps we'll now hear that "Dr.Reed" was an alias for Rutter to protect him from the bad guys.

Those that once supported the case will more than likely now start talking about how they "knew something just wasn't right" with the case from the beginning. Those that publicized the case by giving it a public venue will probably now start singing a different tune as well - no matter how much they endorsed or supported the case. In light of the evidence and facts demonstrating to any reasonable person that this case is a fraud from start to finish...there are no excuses at this point.


Just as has been from the beginning of this hoax, openly invites anyone to comment on this story and once again directly invites anyone associated with Reed UFO Hoax to submit any comments or rebuttals...and so you can't say you missed the e-mail address: CLICK HERE TO SEND AN E-MAIL TO UFOWATCHDOG.COM

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE didn't expose this hoax alone. There were a lot of resourceful people who helped along the way. To all of you who helped in exposing this hoax from start to finish, a big thanks goes out to you. There are far too many people out there to list, thanks to all of you - you know who you are.

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