The Reed Files

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Part IV


One of the most prevalent themes throughout this wild alien tale has been that "Dr.Reed" was completely unable to surface from his underground existence for fear that those dastardly government thugs would get him. With all the resources that the government has in terms of intelligence agencies, technologies, and other resources, "Dr.Reed" was slick enough to dodge everyone looking to take him out of the alien game all together. After all, "Dr.Reed" surely was good at completely disappearing, right? Wrong.

On 13-APRIL-2002, I met a woman named Laura Graves. I had been put in touch with Graves by Bill Werner, the person that had originally contacted me with the true identity of "Dr.Reed". A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Graves came to know Rutter through Rutter's former girlfriend, who also happens to be Graves' sister. I asked Graves if she had known anything about Rutter killing an alien in the woods of Washington State in October 1996. Graves was very surprised at the question I had asked her...surprised and laughing.

Graves had been told of the infamous alien encounter tale and she told me the person claiming to be "Dr.Reed" was a person she knew as Jonathan Rutter. Graves said she recognized Rutter from the photos that were circulating the Internet about the alleged alien encounter. Graves then told me she had a few photos of her own she wanted to share with me.

Graves said that during the time "Dr.Reed" claimed he was on the move, that he was actually living comfortably in Seattle, Washington. Graves told me that Rutter had been a guest at the wedding of Graves' son in Las Vegas during the week of September 6, 1997. A picture can be worth a thousand words and then some...

wedding day photo copy

Left: A picture from the wedding of Laura Graves' son. Rutter and his former girlfriend both attended this wedding in Las Vegas which took place on September 6, 1997. From left to right: Denise Charvet and sister Sandee (Barb's daughters from a previous marriage), Richard Lucas with wife Monika, John Bradley Rutter, Barb, and an unidentified wedding guest. Laura Graves commented that the jacket Rutter is wearing in the above photo is one he has had for some time. An identical jacket is worn by Rutter while he poses as the bogus "Dr.Jonathan Reed" and spins his alien encounter tale. Photo 2002 by III. All Rights Reserved.

Graves also provided another picture showing Rutter the night before Graves' wedding to her current husband. This photo (below) was taken in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 11, 1996. Of course, 1996 was the year that "Dr.Reed's" alien problems started and he claimed to have been forced to live underground.

wedding dinner copyLeft: "Dr.Reed" poses for a photo over a wedding dinner held at the Gold Coast Casino in Las Vegas on May 11, 1996. From left to right: Richard Lucas, a dinner guest identified as Uwe, Rutter's former girlfriend of 15 years, and John Bradley Rutter (aka Dr.Jonathan Reed). He looks very comfortable for a guy on the lam. Photo 2002 by III. All Rights Reserved.

Graves told me that Rutter had met her sister during some music event in which one of the performers knew both Rutter and Barb, thus introducing the two sometime in 1983. Shortly after that, the two had moved in together. Graves told me that Rutter claimed to be a child psychiatrist working in the Seattle area. "He was very convincing, but I always had a strange feeling when I was around him. I thought he was taking good care of my sister so I decided it was nothing," Graves said.

Graves then told me about Rutter and her sister splitting up sometime in the Spring of 1998, resulting in Rutter moving out into his mother's home, which was right across the street from Barb's home. Graves said that another person, Jim Smith, had told Barb about the private investigator that had uncovered that Rutter wasn't a doctor of any kind at all.

Up until the first week in April of this year, Graves and her family had no idea about the "Dr.Reed" persona or any aspect of the alien tale that was being touted as being real. I again asked Graves if she anything about Rutter being involved with some UFO or alien encounter during the Fall of 1996. Graves told me she had read about the claim that this "Dr.Reed" had been running from government agents that were out to get him. Graves told me that she had a problem with that claim...

rutter nov96Left:: Rutter during November 1996. This photo was taken on Thanksgiving Day with Rutter hamming it up for the camera. Photo 2002 by III. All Rights Reserved.

During the month of November 1996, Graves was at a Thanksgiving Dinner that Rutter and his former girlfriend attended at the home of Denise Charvet. Graves, barely able to contain her laughter, said, " I find it hard for this guy to be running from anyone since he was at my niece's house on Thanksgiving the month after he killed this alien or whatever."

rutter nov96 202



Right: Another photo of Rutter from Thanksgiving 1996 in Washington State. Photo 2002 by III. All Rights Reserved.

Make no mistake about it, "Dr.Reed" was nowhere close to being on the run from the "Dark Side", government agents or anyone else. So how is it that there have been so many people endorsing this case and claiming to have thoroughly investigated "Dr.Reed"? What about all those claims of "irrefutable proof"? For that matter, who is the man behind "Dr.Jonathan Reed"...


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