The Reed Files

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Part III


"I got on the Internet just for the heck of it and saw that Dr.Reed site. You'd have to be completely insane to believe any of that stuff," Jim Smith told about the Reed UFO Hoax. Smith came to find out about the hoax after a friend had contacted him. And just who is Jim Smith? He's a retired businessman currently residing in Arlington, Washington. Like Werner, Smith came to know Rutter through Rutter's former girlfriend Barb.

Smith said he first grew suspicious of Rutter after he asked Rutter, who claimed to be a doctor, if he could recommend a specialist for a friend. "I had a friend that needed a specialist and I asked if he could recommend somebody. And he told me at that time he couldn't do that because of problems with his license, some secrets thing. I got to figuring it was just a bunch of crap and that's when I started investigating him."

Smith said he had other reasons for investigating Rutter, namely Smith's mother-in-law. Smith said that in 1998, Rutter and his girlfriend had broken off their 15 year relationship. "Rutter and Barb broke up after Barb found out that he wasn't a doctor and found some note from another woman. Then he tried to move in on my mother-in-law." At the time, Smith's mother-in-law was in her 80s while Rutter was in his upper 40s.

Smith stated, "He tried to get her [the mother-in-law] to give him power of attorney and he started weaseling in on her. He just won her over and wanted to move in with her and she was going to let him move in. He wanted power of attorney over her."

Smith said he hired a private investigator to check out Rutter and found that not all was it seemed to be with the good doctor, namely that Rutter wasn't a doctor and that he had no medical or psychiatric credentials of any kind. Smith said the PI had followed Rutter and that Rutter had some connection to an automobile shop in West Seattle.

Smith took this information to his mother-in-law, but she was not convinced. "She just wouldn't believe it, so the whole family got together and told her that she had to do something because this guy was a con man. Well, she got mad and told us that he [Rutter] told her that he was working at the hospital that night."

Smith then called the hospital that Rutter alleged to have been working at and found there was no such person as Dr.Rutter working there. "We called his pager number and when he called back I called him every name in the book and I told him I knew he wasn't a doctor." Smith later confronted Rutter and Rutter claimed to have been out working on a book. " I think it was a fiction story or something, I'm not really sure what it was. This was in either '97 or '98," Smith stated.

Smith said he told Rutter to not come back around the family at all and he hasn't seen Rutter since. "If someone wants to know who he is and what he is, I'll more than put my name on the line to tell anyone that I met him and I know who he is."

Smith was asked how he knew that the person claiming to be "Dr.Reed" was in fact John Bradley Rutter. Smith stated that he recognized Rutter from the photos he saw on the Internet. "I know it's him because of those pictures of him on the Internet and his four wheel drive, whatever that thing is he drove. I'll testify in a court in a law that I know who he is."

The line of witnesses doesn't simply end here with Bill Werner and Jim Smith...


Unlike the many so-called witnesses offered in the Reed UFO Hoax, all of the witnesses for this story have had the courage to go on the record and to have their names and faces placed in the general public. Denise Charvet is another one of these witnesses that has known Rutter for a long period of time. Charvet is the daughter of Rutter's former girlfriend and has known Rutter since the age of 14.

denise charvetDenise Charvet (left with her sister Sandee) came to learn of the alien hoax from her aunt, Laura Graves. Charvet's history with Rutter goes back to the time that Rutter met her mother Barb. Charvet was willing to go on record and told how she came to know Rutter. Photo 2002 by III. All Rights Reserved.

"I met him as my mom bringing him home as her new boyfriend, I was thirteen years old. I got to know him and he supposedly was a child psychiatrist. A couple of years later they're living together and he basically steps into my family as my step-father. The next thing I know, my mother is coming to me telling me that he's not a doctor and that some things hadn't been adding up for a while. Now, whether that means a couple of months, a year, or whatever."

Charvet said that her mother told her that Rutter was never doctor and that the last 15 years Rutter had been around had been a complete lie. Charvet said, "This guy was pretty much my father. But, there were always things that didn't add up about him, and then I guess when you love somebody you make excuses for them and believe what you tell them."

Charvet recalls the day when her mother confronted Rutter about the fact that he was not a doctor. Charvet stated, "When my mom confronted him I was there. My sister and I were in another room listening, just in case. We wanted to protect our mom. This was about 1998 and after they fought for a while I went out and confronted him and said some things."

Charvet told of how Rutter would "literally come home with stories" of how he would be called to major crime scenes to deal with victims, yet his name would never appear in the news. Charvet told of a time when Rutter claimed to be involved as a psychiatrist in a mass Seattle shooting that took place in 1983. No reference to anyone named Rutter is associated with that incident. asked Charvet how she knew the person claiming to be "Dr.Jonathan Reed" was actually Rutter. "I saw his picture on the Internet and heard his voice. There's no mistake, guaranteed." Charvet had visited the Alien website and viewed photos and listened to audio of "Dr.Reed".

Charvet commented, "After listening to the audio tapes, it's him, but he has a whole different persona about him."

Charvet was asked if she had ever heard of the alien Rutter claimed to have killed or anything about a book that he written. Charvet said, "No he never mentioned it to me. But I talked to my aunt Joann yesterday about this and she was telling me that her husband knew all about this. I guess Jonathan had approached him many years and told him about this whole story that he was going to pass off as fact."

Charvet said that her aunt Joann had approached her husband and began telling him about the alien tale Rutter was now telling. Charvet said, "Basically as my aunt was telling him this story, he could basically say 'yes I know this is what happened'. So he already knew everything about the story before she told it to him, because he had discussed it with Jonathan and Jonathan told him what he was basically going to do."

Charvet told of an interesting incident that took place several years ago during the summer. Charvet said, "My aunt has a son, and he was pretty young at the time, and I was told that Jonathan had dressed their son up as an alien and took pictures of him. He dressed up my cousin as an alien and I believe that Jonathan made the costume. It was the middle of the summer and he dressed him up just out of the blue. Just to see if he could make him look like an alien."

Charvet said she was shocked when she discovered that Rutter was now passing off his UFO hoax as being real. "When I found out that he was doing this I was in shock. Not to insult anybody, but I'm looking at it thinking how anybody could believe this. It's not even close to being real, and maybe that's because I know the guy, but I'm amazed that there are that many people into this that would believe it."

Charvet was asked about the claim that Rutter was on the run from government agents during the year 1996 after his alleged alien encounter. Charvet stated that she found this hard to believe, "I'm thinking how this could have possibly happened in 1996 when here he is Christmas of '96 in this video tape with my family." is now in possession of these videos and has viewed them. Indeed, they do show the man that has claimed to be "Dr.Jonathan Reed."

Charvet was asked if Rutter was an avid hiker. Charvet, barely controlling her laughter, stated, "I tried for the longest time to get him and my mom to go camping or anything like that with me and it would never happen. If it wasn't at the Hilton or whatever, he wasn't there. You couldn't mess the man's hair up. His hair was perfect and it was never out of place, he used hair spray. He wears foundation (makeup) and powder to my knowledge. He also wore cologne excessively."

Charvet was asked if she knew of any allergies that Rutter might have. "He had skin problems, really bad. On his hands and arms. He had a problem with pets. My mom had a cat and that seemed okay, but he said he had always had a problem with pet hair. I know 100% that he has never owned a dog and I've never seen him touch a dog. Getting him to accept the family cat we had was a very long process...he was not an animal person by any means."

Charvet was asked if she had any interest or beliefs regarding UFOs and she stated, "I cannot disbelieve something that I know nothing about. Who am I to say its not there. You can't prove to me that they're not there and you can't prove to me they're not." One thing that can definitely be proven -

Charvet is not the last person to go record about the infamous "Dr.Reed's" true identity...

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