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The Dead Alien, The Doctor, and the Deception

JUNE 2001

This is a classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Part V


Some people will certainly continue to follow Reed and believe his story no matter what kind of facts or evidence are presented to the contrary. I'm sure Reed will produce some sort of explanation for all evidence showing him to be what he is - a fraud. Reed's story is plagued by convenience - evidence being stolen, witnesses being murdered or threatened, Reed's identity and background being erased, evidence being hidden in secret locations - all of this without any hard proof being offered by Reed. Extraordinary claims do indeed require extraordinary proof, of which Reed has none of the latter.

Reed was asked many, many times to produce his evidence - his 'artifact', blood and tissue samples, his photos/negatives, his video and other evidence he might have. If any information was found to support Reed, and he was telling the truth, then it would only bolster his case. Reed's had far too long and far too many open and fair opportunities to both produce his evidence and to have it analyzed. Why hasn't he stepped forward? As Dan Iaria stated, "...it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math on this one."

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The fact that Reed has been on a nationally syndicated radio program several times, has given a public presentation in front of 700+ people, has a website with his story and evidence shown on it, has published a book, has people supporting his 'cause', is continuing to appear in public, was seen "hanging out" in Nevada recently "with the whole gang", has been able to talk on a nationally syndicated radio program for hours at a time with millions of people listening - well, he has absolutely no excuse to hide. Reed's usual "I fear for my life" ploy has been over played to the point of being simply ludicrous and unrealistic. As investigator Ted Oliphant has said, " 'It's the government!' This catch-all phrase is the lunatic fringe's most over used cliche."

In the case of Reed, this cliche seems to have worked in fooling some people. Reed attempts to add credibility to his story, not with hard physical evidence, but by making emotional pleas in the name of freedom, the U.S. Constitution, how the country is falling apart and the real catch-all phrase employed by every second rate UFO con artist, "the truth." Reed says exactly what some people want to hear. Another part of the problem with UFOs: too many people WANT to believe as opposed to being provided proof. Of course, some beliefs simply cannot be measured alone with physical evidence. However, Reed claimed to have that evidence. Faith and UFOs can be a dangerous combination, a combination which many UFO ripoff artists count on.

Reed isn't the only one to blame for this sack of lies, let's not forget it was Art Bell who gave Reed the stage to play his scam out on. Bell chose to not provide his listeners with all of the available data. Even though Bell says it's all just entertainment, he used all the catch phrases of a journalist throughout this sham - "Breaking news"..."a very serious encounter"..."What you're listening to is breaking news on Coast To Coast AM"...and the list goes on.


There seems to be no way of over stepping the realms of the absurd and the preposterous in UFOlogy. No lines are drawn, no lie appears to be too outrageous to tell and even when caught in a lie the con artists lie some more. Reed proves this time and time again.

Reed, you had your chance to put up - now its time to shut up. UFOlogy has suffered enough at the hands of hoaxers such as yourself who are only out to profit from UFOs while making the subject appear ridiculous and those associated with it to be marginal.

Hoaxers such as yourself cost UFOlogy far too much in terms of resources, time and energy that could be focused on more serious investigation of this phenomena. Now serious UFOlogy is left to pick up the mess you have caused by associating yourself and your blatant hoax with UFOs. I'm sure someone just beginning to delve into UFOs is going to ask, "Hey, what about that guy and the dead alien in the freezer?" A question that will undoubtedly ring throughout UFOlogy as serious researchers and investigators are left holding the bag. There are far too many people that have made real sacrifices in this field to have you simply come along and further reduce the credibility of UFOlogy with your ridiculous ruse.

You counted on all of UFology being completely gullible, you counted wrong. You tried to offer a diamond dealer a rube. Your alien is a fraud, your story is a fraud, your UFO is a fraud, you're a fraud. I'm sure I speak for many who have enough of your outrageous lies, your complete lack of respect for serious UFOlogy and your self serving hoax - let alone the memories of people who are, fortunately for you, no longer alive to refute your lies. A loose string has been pulled and your cheap suit of a hoax has fallen apart.


Take the information offered here for what you will, but don't let anyone take you or your wallet for a ride in this case. Also, don't take my word for it - do your own homework.

Special thanks to Rita Bensette, Lea H. MacDonald, Dr.Timothy Hale, Mark L. Center, Kodak's Product Information Department, Fred Braugher and everyone else who has contributed to exposing this hoax.

As always, all inquires, comments and rebuttals are welcome - send them to UFOWATCHDOG


Open Letter to IUFOC: Dr. Tim Haley's open letter to the organizers of the International UFO Congress in response to the organization hosting Reed as keynote speaker for a widely known UFO conference.

Art Bell Interview Transcript: Reed and Raith sell their scam on Bell's show.

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