Urandir Oliveira

A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Bogus Brazilian UFO contactee, UFO cult leader alleged to be running many scams in Latin America. Oliveira claimed he was given special pottery plates by ETs and those possessing them would be part of something special...for a price of course. The plates were in limited quantity, but apparently the ETs produced more so Oliveira could produce more cash. He also reportedly faked a UFO crash and many other ET claims. Is a well known hoaxer that attempted to sue Brazil's leading UFO researcher AJ Gevaerd for libel and lost - several times. Is now being endorsed by alien media entrepreneur Linda Moulton Howe as the real deal. Sorry Linda, the joke is on you. See Scientific Report showing nothing anomalous about Oliveira's bedsheets and New Age alien stones SEE: an open letter from AJ Gevaerd. Also see story about Oliveira fleeing Brazil. And a Brazilian article on Urandir.

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