David Icke

David Icke (pronounced "Ayk": "Ah-e-k") is probably best known for his contention that most of the world's leaders are actually reptilians in disguise and that the world is controlled by a vast conspiracy of a few families who have conspired to keep their world domination. The reptilians serve as prison wardens and hail from the constellation of Draco. Icke says they manipulate our world from the fourth dimensions, which he says is on the lower astral plane and is a "cess pool." They are seven feet tall, capable of shape shifting to disguise their true nature, and they feed off of negative thoughts. They create conflict to create more negative thought.

Moreover, not only are they in this other dimension, they are also manipulating events from our own. In an interview with Rick Martin in the Spectrum newspaper he traces his theory that most all American presidents come from the same bloodline, that the Windsors are reptilian, and that they had Diana murdered because she found out. From the interview"

"So, The Biggest Secret for me, in summary, is that an extraterrestrial race has interbred with humanity, creating particular hybrid bloodlines which they can work through from this dimension very close to ours, and that as it expanded over the thousands and hundreds of years to the present day, they've managed to expand their power out of a power base in the Near and Middle East, other places too but particularly there, until today they are actually in control of the planet."

He frequently makes a distinction between the 'Five Senses Conspiracy" and the real nature of reality, which is inter-dimensional in nature. He says our senses take in vibrations at a very narrow level and our brains turn this into what we think of as reality, which is really only a very good virtual world not unlike The Matrix.

Icke left school early and played professional football (soccer) in England. He then became a sports reporter and a spokesperson for the Green Party. A series of paranormal experiences led him to a psychic who told him he would be a great healer. He was laid off from his job as a reporter and at the same time he had an urge to visit Peru. After another 'kundalini type' experience in Peru he came back to England and began telling his story. He faced massive ridicule and left the public stage for some time. He says this experience taught him to not care about what other people thought. At one speech he faced fifteen minutes of catcalls before he was able to speak. he said, "You all think I am mentally ill, don't you?" Most of the audience yelled agreement, and then he said, "What does this say about you? You just paid money so you could come ridicule a person you think is mentally ill." he says that subsequently the audience behaved.

Icke has written many books on his conspiracy theories. he has become a popular speaker who no longer faces ridicule from his audiences. He has been accused of anti-semitism, likely from referring to the 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion,' a proven fake that suggests a small cadre of Jews rules the world. He vociferously denies the charge calling it 'frigging ridiculous.' His conspiracy theories do tend to pin much of the world's troubles on a ruling elite that creates crises, wars, and strife for their own benefit, but he clearly states that though some Jews might be involved, it is not a Jewish conspiracy. He has also attracted attention from right-wing militia groups, which he also disowns as frightening.

Icke believes that events take place at a vibrational level and that the conscious mind is a receiver and experiencer only and is never responsible for any decisions whatsoever. He believes change can happen only at a level higher than the five senses, and this is the level at which the reptilians are attempting to maintain control.

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