Shirley MacLaine

A Classic UFO Watchdog article by Royce Myers, III

Left: MacLaine attempting to figure out why her telepathic powers aren't working or scratching her head. Hell, Shirley probably doesn't even know which it is...

New Age Hollywood invades UFOs! Maclaine has pictures of Billie Meier UFO photos at her site as the real deal, wouldn't know a dinner plate from a UFO. She combines astrology, UFOs, abductions, reincarnation and every other metaphysical fad into a neat little package. Shirley says there are no evil aliens, though I think some abductees might disagree with her. Another in a long line of idiots dipping into the UFO cookie jar. Dean Martin once said that Shirley "doesn't have all of her oars in the water." Dean wasn't kidding. Stick to acting, Shirley. SEE: Shirley's wacky website

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