Paola Harris

Paola Harris considers herself the 'Barbara Walters of Ufology.' She has been in the UFO field for quite a while and once worked with Alan Hynek to translate some of his work into Italian. She was responsible for translating Col. Corso's The Day After Roswell into Italian and also publishing another Corso title, The Dawning of a New Age, available in Italian only. She has interviewed many UFO luminaries over the years and is active in the Exopolitics movement, She teaches courses in the Exopolitics Institute's Galactic Diplomacy program and is a frequent speaker at UFO conferences.  

Harris has written several books: Exopolitics, all of the above, which she dedicated to George Noory, Connecting the dots; making sense of the UFO phenomenon, and Exopolitics; How does on speak to a ball of light?

Harris' journalistic style is to simply present what a person has to say without analyzing the information or vetting her sources, claiming that her in-person interviews allow her to use her intuition to tell whether her sources are credible. At a UFO conference in Atlantic City she proclaimed that "Billy Meier is the real deal" based on a visit to his ranch where she talked to him and saw about 100 photographs. Later she said she believes Meier's original contacts were real, but that a cult had built up around him and polluted the issue. She was unaware of the Meier 'dinosaur' pictures lifted from a book. She also buys off on Clifford Stone, Dr. Michael Wolfe, and Alex Collier, the contactee who has been visited by human-looking blue aliens from Andromeda. This last association earned her a stunning tirade from, of all people, Michael Horn, who says Collier is a fake. A lot of people agree with him on this one, but still, with Horn's steadfast defense of Meier, it's the pot calling the kettle black.

Like a lot of people associated with Disclosure and Exopolitics, Harris lumps the charlatans in with credible witnesses very easily and doesn't seem to think this is much of an issue. When confronted with showing fake pictures of the O'Hare UFO she blew this off as just an example and the fact that they were fake was not really a serious problem. She claims to be more of a 'nuts & bolts" person who was dragged kicking and screaming into considering other possibilities. She has also claimed she avoids contactees, yet she supports 'Real Deal Meier' and teaches about Alex Collier, Robert Hall, Jim Sparks, and other contactees as part of her course work.

Paola Harris appeared on the Paracast on September 28, 2008.

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