A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Over two and a half years ago, stood its ground and took on bunk psychic Sean David Morton in a court of law after Morton attempted to sue this website. As most know, Morton lost his lawsuit and was ordered to pay's legal fees of $16,000. The victory in court came shortly after's attorney filed a motion challenging Morton to provide evidence of his claims. Needless to say, Morton was unable to provide a grain of evidence. knew this was going to happen, after all the truth is the best defense.

Among some claims made by Morton that he failed to prove in court were the following:



For more you can read's undisputed investigation of Morton, The Shameless Psychic And His Prophecy of Lies.

After the courts ruled in favor of, Morton vowed to prevail in an appeal. When the appeal was denied, Morton then started circulating excuses for his loss in court ranging from this website lying to claiming that court and filing errors were to blame. Morton said he could prove his claims and would. posted an invitation and a challenge for Morton to provide verifiable proof of his claims. Morton was also sent a direct invitation to comment and to date he has chosen to not provide all the evidence he boasts of having.

Left: Morton on an episode of the Montel Williams Show where he was confronted about his alleged doctorate degree.

Naturally, word of the victory in court was popular news in both UFO and other paranormal circles. But it wasn't all that popular in other circles.

Enter Coast To Coast AM, the radio program on which Morton has been a long time guest. asked for comment on the court case from both hosts of that program, Art Bell and George Noory. Neither responded with comment in spite of several invitations being sent. also asked if either host would be willing to ask Morton about the court loss and if they would press for the alleged evidence Morton said he could provide. In some cases Morton claimed to have already refuted the information found at, but no one has seen this supposed refutation.

Again, no response from either Coast To Coast AM host. Although, there must have been some pressure to say something about it. And in usual fashion Coast To Coast AM chose to offer one side of the story while holding Morton's hand throughout the brief inquiry into the lawsuit. Morton didn't offer the evidence he claimed to have and the hosts didn't ask for it. No, that'd be expecting too much. Instead, Morton claimed that had attacked his family, used legal maneuvering to win, and that this website never used the truth as a defense. All laughable excuses, of course. In the end, Coast To Coast did the standard powder puff interview and glazed over the subject quickly and moved on.

To me, this was a bit confounding. You would think that a radio program and its hosts would be concerned about a long time guest's credibility. I'd be concerned about someone advertising himself as "one of the greatest psychics in America" who was unable to see the outcome of his own lawsuit.

But not the folks at Coast To Coast AM. This entire incident raised not one eyebrow and instead of advertising Morton as a psychic, he was suddenly advertised as a "controversial psychic." Coast To Coast never responded to a single e-mail sent regarding this supposed evidence and Morton's claims.

I found out on 16-NOV-05 that Morton was scheduled to reappear on Coast To Coast AM. Morton had made several other appearances on the show dishing out his predictions and proclaiming success at every turn. I decided to write host George Noory and ask whatever happened to all that evidence Morton boasted of having. I'd asked Morton directly in the past, but he has since blocked my e-mail.

So, off went my message to Noory. I asked Noory whatever happened to the proof Morton said he had and if Noory was going to ask Morton some hard questions or just hold his hand while playing shill host. Apparently all of the other polite and well thought out messages asking the same questions weren't good enough for a response, but this message sure was and Noory's response was this: "Typical."

This prompted me to respond and ask if Noory had ever read the investigation posted at and I invited him to read and verify the information for himself. I also asked if this was so "typical" then why not ask some hard questions?

No response. I was surprised to have even received a response to begin with, as this was not the standard modus operandi of Coast To Coast, which is to ignore relevant information negatively impacting a guest. I wrote back to Noory saying that his non-response was "typical" and Noory fired a message back asking why he sould respond and that he asked Morton about the lawsuit on the air and that it was "old news."

I responded by agreeing that it was old news, but the fact that Morton failed to provide the proof he claimed to have was relevant and the issue should be addressed. After all, if Morton could prove his claims with verifiable info then he could vindicate himself and make me look very foolish. I informed Noory that I had listened to the show where he asked Morton about the lawsuit and that the issue was quickly "glazed over" as Noory was fast to change the subject, never offering the rest of the information to listeners and doing anything and everything to avoid all mention of the source of the lawsuit. I again asked Noory if he had ever read my investigation and what the problem was with asking some questions and demanding proof. I told Noory I'd be glad to talk with him privately or in public anytime.

Noory was prompt to respond saying there was no problem and that he wasn't going to get "into the squabble between [] and Morton" and that he calls Morton out on his failed predictions. I wrote back telling Noory this wasn't about a "squabble", that it was about Morton's public claims, and I felt Noory had an obligation as a responsible broadcaster to offer both sides of the information to the public. I also inquired about why some guests have been investigated when a problem is discovered with their claims, yet others seemed to be held to answer to an entirely different set of rules. I told Noory that it was apparent his mind was made up and I wouldn't waste anymore of my time asking him to do what, in my opion, is the right thing. I asked him one more time if he had ever read my investigation.

So far, no reply and I don't expect to hear one. I told Noory there is a fine line between endorsement and entertainment. That line has been crossed several times in varying situations on Coast To Coast AM. In one instance, a guest claimed that he had talked to one of the people involved in he Fatima prediction. The guest was hawking his book and said that in order to learn more you would have to buy this book.

For whatever reason, this rubbed Noory the wrong way and he banned the guest from the program. Noory claimed to have made some phone calls to verify aspects of the claim and that the information did not check out. Then there's the case of Dan Burisch where Noory challenged Burisch to a lie detector test to prove his claims. Now, just what is the difference here between these incidents and Morton? There is no difference other than Noory's decision to pursue one claim and not the other.

I find it amusing that with all the emphasis Coast To Coast places on getting to the bottom of things that the show and its hosts continually ignore information that conflicts with their guests and that the program picks and chooses what information its audience should have. Follow up on stories are rarely, if ever, done. We heard Linda Howe talk about her claims that Brazilian UFO cult leader Urandir Oliveira was abducted by aliens and she had the proof. Noory called the case as "historic" as it could get. Later finds out the evidence is some new age rocks that are common in Brazil and that this isn't the first UFO stunt Oliveira has pulled. Since then we have yet to hear if any results were found. There are several more examples of this sort of nonsense that I could go into regarding Coast To Coast Am and its hosts (i.e.: Ed Dames, the Reed UFO Hoax, Nancy Leider, Hale-Bopp, et al).

This leads into the greater question in all of this: What exactly is Coast To Coast afraid of when it comes to confronting guests? For that matter, what is George Noory afraid of? Losing listeners? Ratings? His contract? I think its that and the bottom line. After all, radio hosts like Noory and Bell can make claims of truth seeking all they want and run under the umbrella of entertainment whenever the heat is turned up. Many, many listeners contact me saying the show would be better for confronting guests and exposing those selling fertilizer.

One thing that came out of all of this: Noory never did answer my question of whether he had read the information posted at this website. And that says a lot in terms of Noory being a truth seeker of any kind.

Noory wants to revel on the air about how he's a truth seeker willing to pursue that truth to all dark corners. The way Noory talks about the truth is certainly not the way he walks. Noory used to be known as The Nighthawk on his previous radio program. Yet this self proclaimed seeker of truth, only willing to look at selective truths, has many wondering if Noory is really just a pigeon eating what's he fed when he's fed.

As always, I invite George Noory to respond for comment. And, of course, Sean David Morton is always invited to show us all of this evidence he claims to have. I'd like to see his doctorate degree and his advnaced drama degree for starters. After all, it's only been nearly three years since Morton filed his lawsuit and I, the courts, and everyone else still await this alleged proof...though Morton is a bit late for the courts.

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