Dan Burisch

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Dan Burisch was mankind's last hope to save the planet and ET from a cosmic catastrophe...at least that's what he and his supporters would have you believe.

For those of you not familiar with Dan Burisch (aka Dan Crain), he claimed to be a Ph.D. microbiologist working on a top secret black ops project involving an alien named J-Rod. Burisch's story has been promoted by several people including Linda Howe, Bill Hamilton, and Ron Garner (former Reed UFO Fraud supporter) among others, as being authentic and verifiable. Others have had something to say about it for some time now and with the latest issue of UFO Magazine (see below image), another UFO fruitcake and his story has been sent packing down the dirt road that brought both here.


UFOWATCHDOG.COM originally began looking into Burisch's claims upon seeing UFO buff Ron Garner passing off a bogus photo being promoted as Burisch's alleged J-Rod alien and after hearing media entrepreneur Linda Howe on national radio say she didn't need to verify any of Burisch's credentials as Burisch's sincerity was proof enough...so much for 'investigative' journalism. While Howe says she believes Dan Burisch is telling the truth simply based on his sincerity, it will take much more than substituting sincerity for hard proof to convince this website of Burisch's astounding claims. Such proof from Burisch or his supporters has fallen woefully short and with the latest information appearing in UFO Magazine it is becoming all too clear that Burisch's tale is yet another work of UFO fantasy taken to the extreme.

" The 'Eagle' has crash-landed. It's just my opinion, but the name-changing, secret-spilling, tall-tale-telling UFO 'whistleblower' known as Dan Crain or Dan Burisch or the biologist-formerly-known-as-J-Rod's lab partner is a complete goofball. He is a manipulative, egocentric, phony-baloney goofball. You can quote me. " --George Knapp, investigative journalist. UFO Magazine (vol.19, No.4) article exposing Dan Burisch's story as a hoax.
Burisch alleges he attended the State Univessity of New York (SUNY) and completed a doctoral degree in 1989. He also claims the government funded his education. However, Burisch does not have a Ph.D. from SUNY and during the time he alleged to have been earning his Ph.D., he was employed as a parole officer with Nevada state where he met his current wife and alleged 'government handler' Deborah Burisch who was reportedly a parole/probation client. Does being a parole/probation client qualify you as a 'government' employee. Sure it does...if you're making twenty-three cents a day performing prison labor, I guess that would qualify. UFOWATCHDOG.COM does not have any specifics regarding Deborah Burisch's alleged criminal history or if she was on parole or simple probation (there is a big difference between the two).

So here we have Dan Burisch working at a black ops facility in Nevada, earning a Ph.D. from a university in New York, and working as a parole officer in Las Vegas all at the same time. Indeed, Burisch was a busy bee. Burisch contradicts many of his claims with his 1991 resume that surfaced (see below image).


No where listed is his supposed doctoral degree from SUNY. The explanation for this? Burisch's friend Marcia McDowell said Burisch really wasn't "employed" as most normal people think. McDowell alleges that Bursich doesn't receive payment for his services, but instead the government "takes care" of Burisch.

You would think that if Burisch was at the center of balancing such a major project, an unprecedented project involving an alleged alien and the fate of the world, that his supposed black ops employers would have taken far greater care to ensure the project was completed and would have taken care of any problems Burisch was having, financial or otherwise. Apparently, Burisch's financial stability wasn't of too much concern to his supposed black ops employers.

Jarred Schenke, a journalist from Atlanta, had been listening to Coast To Coast AM as Howe talked about the Burisch case. Schenke decided to do some checking and found a bankruptcy document filed by Burisch and his wife. This document reveals much about Burisch and his tale. Burisch's wife lists herself as a casion supervisor for the last 12 years in the 2002 bankruptcy filing, while Burisch lists himself as a "homemaker". The Burisch bankruptcy filing listed over $50,000 of debt - this included nearly $15,000 in student loans. Burisch alleged the government funded his education.

Linda Howe consistently referred to Dan Burisch as a doctor throughout her reporting on his story, that was until the bankruptcy filing and his resume came to light. Howe changed her tune and started throwing in the word 'alleged' surrounding any of Burisch's educational or employment claims from that point on and no longer referred to him in a factual context.

" Details and documents in the bankruptcy illuminate a variety of inconsistencies in a story that seems to continuously evolve over time. " -- Journalist Jarred Schenke, UFO Magazine (vol.19, No.4) article revealing the bankruptcy filing of Dan Burisch.


Burisch has alleged his wife was also employed by the same black ops program. Problem here is that Las Vegas investigtive journalist George Knapp said that Burisch and his wife have worked doing security for a few casinos in Las Vegas. Burisch and his supporters claimed the employment by casinos was a cover for the two, as black ops did not want to leave paper trails or other evidence exposing their operations.

What further incriminates the Burisch tale as a work of rampant fiction is that this is not the first time Burisch has come forward with some sort of secret information. Las Vegas investigative journalist George Knapp says Burisch contacted him in the late 1980s about a computer that incorporated biological neural tissue as a functioning system. Knapp investigated Burisch but could not find anyone at SUNY who knew Burisch and no records were found. Knapp did find a wealth of information on Burisch including Burisch's employment records while Burisch worked as a parole officer. Knapp also discovered Burisch worked as a security guard for a Las Vegas casino and was later terminated.

It would be easy to continue writing about Burisch, but at this point it would be a waste of time. Guess we should thank Burisch and his associates for bringing yet more ridicule to the UFO field and making it harder for those genuinely interested in and investigating UFOs. At the same time, I suppose we should also thank those so-called investigators who engaged in anything but common sense investigation and instead turned to belief, fantasy, sensationalism, and sincerity as evidence Burisch was who he claimed to be. The death of common sense in UFO investigation is nothing new, it just seems to reach new heights with every bogus case that is exposed...

Kudos to UFO Magazine for doing a fine job exposing Burisch.

" For Garner, Hamilton, Howe and any other persons who have lost their common sense: If this this guy was real, how would the secret government allow him to go bankrupt in public court? If he had a "PhD", do you really believe there would be no record of it?...Do you really believe Burisch (or Crain) really invented a cure for cancer and it was surpressed? After all, according to investigative journalist George Knapp, Burisch (or was it Crain...geeze, I get confused!) did call a press conference at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to announce his cure...when proven bogus, was tossed out of his department. " --Don Ecker, Director of Research for UFO Magazine in his column I Get the Last Word, UFO Magazine (vol.19, No.4).

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