Sean David Morton

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

morton2sdm_10_cropSelf-proclaimed "World's Foremost UFO Researcher," tells tall tales in a single bound. Actually tried to sue for libel and failed because he couldn't prove any of his claims. Alleges to have degrees from universities that don't exist, endorses UFO hoaxes. Has lied about his association with top Hollywood names such as Gene Roddenberry and FX wizard Stan Winston. Went so far as to lie about ghost-writing a best selling book for his mother. Charged $99.00 for Area 51 "tours" and employed drama skills to convince people that airplanes and stars were UFOs.

Other unsubstantiated/false claims: He's an initiated Tibetan Monk, a psychic used by law enforcement, discovered viewpoints to Area 51 and claims to have brought national media attention to the base. Claims to be "one of America's greatest psychics" and to have 90% prediction accuracy - not even close. Claims to have "studied prophecy, astral travel, planetary healing...tantric meditation with the Black Hat Monks in Tibet." Many wish Morton would move to another astral plane. Beware of so-called prophets charging for faith and visions of the future. See: Delphi Associates and's extensive investigation under The Morton Files. Claims that never used the truth as a defense in court - uh, yeah, that's why Morton was ordered to pay $16,000.00 to's attorney...this is a no-brainer folks...

Believe it or not, Sean David Morton appeared on The Paracast on May 23, 2006.

Ed. Note: Royce J. Myers, III, is the author of this piece, which is copyrighted. It is one of his greatest successes. He started it in the early 2000s when the Internet was barely started and web pages were relatively new. These web pages are presented in their original form. The only changes have been to typefaces, colors, and other superficial attributes. The thing to understand here is that these pages grew organically. They evolved as 'things happened.' Myers was sued by Morton; Morton lost. As these things happened Myers added in new links. There is an incredible amount of information linked to the pages. It's a treasure hunt. We have preserved as much as possible. However, it has been nearly a decade. Some of the external links are no longer available. We have noted that in the text here it occurs. Also, Myers technique is often to link horizontally, i.e.: One page links to the next which links to the next. We have preserved this as well, but for those who wish to look at these pages differently, below is a 'secondary menu' which brings all the links to one place. This menu is for internal links only. External links remain on the individual pages themselves.

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Morton Files Part I
-Where was UFO Watchdog?
-Lawsuit is won
-Morton ordered to pay attorney's fees
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Morton Files Part III
Morton Files Part IV
-Prophecy Research Institute
Morton Files Part V
-Bob Lazar Pages

Proof that Morton's Contact Adrian is a fraud
Morton called out by Royce Meyers, III

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