The Shameless Psychic and his Prophecy of Lies

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

 Part IV seems that all anybody wants to know about is SEX and MONEY. "Where is my HONEY and where is my MONEY? When is I gettin’ LAID and when is I gettin’ PAID?" Nobody wants to hear that with the Law of Universal Resonance (Like attracting Like) that if you improve YOURSELF and your VIBRATION that you get "LAID more and PAID more!" " --Words of wisdom from Sean David Morton


CLAIM: "Sean is a practiced astrologer. He has worked as a psychic and healer in both a public and private capacity. He worked professionally for three highly respected national psychic hotline services...I have a success rate of well over 90%."

"I HAVE BEATEN EVERYONE OUT THERE, and I am quite simply THE BEST THERE IS AT WHAT I DO. This is not ego, vanity or an idle boast. It is a verifiable, carved in stone FACT."

FACT: Of Morton working for a psychic hotline service, there's probably no doubt of that claim. However, what exactly does qualify as a "highly respected" psychic hotline service? (Dion Warwick was not available for comment regarding this as her Psychic Friends Network has had its phones disconnected after having filed for bankruptcy...) As far as Morton having "a success rate of well over 90%," there is absolutely no proof other than Morton's biography and own words to back this claim. Considering that many have tracked Morton's predictions over the last few years, all in all, his success rate is dismal at best. Here is just a sampling of some of what Morton predicted that never came to pass from 1997, 1998 and 1999:

"...if you would like, I can send you copies of anything you feel is "in dispute" about Sean's life. I am just now updating his bio portion of the site with pictures, documents, etc. I have full evidence from various reliable sources." ---Melissa Ann Morton, March-2001

CLAIM: "He [Morton] attended Stanford University, where he was part of Dr. Russell Targ's and S.R.I.'s original experiments in Remote Viewing." Morton also claimed to have been part of the SRI remote viewing project on a 20-FEB-2003 broadcast of the Lou Gentile Radio Program. Morton stated he was attending Stanford in the summer of 1975 and was selected to be a participant in the SRI program after signing up for a psychology class at Stanford.

FACT: Dr.Hal Puthoff was the founder of the Stanford Research Institute's remote viewing program and served as its director for over 13 years. Puthoff, an authority on remote viewing, was contacted about Morton's claim of having been part of "S.R.I.'s original experiments in Remote Viewing."

Puthoff stated, "As Founder, and Director of the SRI program from 1972 to 1985, I can assure you that he was not a participant in the original RV experiments in the program." Morton stated on the Lou Gentile radio program that he attended Stanford in the summer of 1975 and took a psychology class, which Morton claims was actually a test used to choose candidates for the remote viewing program.

UFOWATCHDOG.COM obtained a signed letter from Dr.Puthoff, a letter that clearly states Morton's claim of having been part of the SRI program is false. Puthoff stated, "As Founder of the program, and Director of the program for its first 13 years, I can state unequivocally that he was not part of the program, that his allegation is false."

Dr.Russell Targ, also a part of the Stanford Research Institute's remote viewing program was contacted and stated, "To the best of my knowledge Morton was not part of the SRI program. He is an LA film writer."

Edwin C. May, whom was involved with the SRI project, was also contacted about Morton's alleged involvement in the project. May stated that the name Sean David Morton "does not ring a bell." [69] Again, according to Stanford, there is no record of Morton having ever attended that institution. If he was never there, then how could he possibly have been part of the program. Simple. He wasn't.

spiritualWhat's more interesting is that Morton has been teaching what he calls 'Spiritual Remote Viewing', and he had done so based on the claim that he is a trained remote viewer. If his claim of being trained through the SRI project is what he bases his remote viewing abilities and training on, then it is nothing less than deception.

LEFT: A brochure advertising Morton as "One of America's greatest psychics" for his spiritual remote viewing seminars. This brochure found online at the One Mind Institute is no longer there. Morton has claimed in the past that he has used his remote viewing abilities to win money in a casino in Las Vegas playing roulette. Morton claimed the amount was $11,000.00, then later said it was $13,000.00.


gambling UFOWATCHDOG.COM challenges Morton to prove his claim. If Morton can successfully predict 10 out of 10 spins on a roulette wheel, this means numbers not colors or odd/even or column bets, then the editor will shut down this website permanently. Surely, if Morton's remote viewing prowess is such that he can be this successful, then he should have no problem providing absolute proof of his claim.

CLAIM: "He is also Managing Trustee of the Prophecy Research Institute, which since 1993 has published the monthly Delphi Associates Newsletter." Morton claims his Prophecy Research Institute is a non-profit organization.

FACT: UFOWATCHDOG.COM was provided with an interesting look into the Prophecy Research Institute (PRI). To read the original story on the PRI, click here.

Publication 78, Search for Exempt Organizations, is an extensive listing provided by the IRS of every non-profit institute that has filed for exemption with the federal government. The IRS describes its online version of Publication 78: "This online version of Publication 78, Cumulative List of Organizations, is intended to assist you in learning if an organization is exempt from federal taxation and, if so, determining how much of your contributions to that organization are tax deductible." A search for Sean David Morton, Delphi Associates, and the Prophecy Research Institute through Publication 78 found no listings. There is the possibility that the IRS may not have updated the publication, but it is supposed to be current as of 2003.

The Shameless Psychic and his prophecy of lies - Part 5

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