The Shameless Psychic and his Prophecy of Lies

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

 Part III

 "Make my words true, make my tongue straight..."
--Sean David Morton in a prayer prior to a lecture at the June 12, 1993 UFO Expo West


Claim: "Sean Morton worked with Gene Roddenberry in the early 1980's in bringing STAR TREK back to TV. This work later became the basis for the STAR TREK motion pictures and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Mr. Roddenberry also purchased a TV series from Sean called "THE GUARDIANS" which never got produced due to problems with the studio." From the second biography, "THE GUARDIANS SCRIPT AVAILABLE. Feature film or two-hour sci-fi series pilot. Bought personally by Gene Roddenberry. He believed that it would be every bit as popular as STAR TREK. Series rights reverted back to me when Mr. Roddenberry left Paramount for a number of years in the early 1980s...Worked for Gene Roddenberry as his protégé re-developing STAR TREK for TV in 1981-82. Our ideas ultimately became the basis for the STAR TREK motion pictures and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION." From a website promoting a Morton appearance, "...he worked in the 1980's with Gene Roddenberry on concepts and ideas later integrated in Star Trek Universe." Note: Page is no longer there.

FACT: Gene Roddenberry's widow Majel was contacted by UFOWATCHDOG.COM. She in turn referred to David Alexander, the man personally chosen by Gene Roddenberry himself to compile his written biography. Not only was Alexander chosen to write his biography, Alexander was also a personal friend of Gene Roddenberry. If anyone knew about Morton's alleged association with Gene Roddenberry, it would definitely be David Alexander.


The author of "Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry," a comprehensive 600 page insight into the life of Gene Roddenberry, Alexander told UFOWATCHDOG.COM how he came to learn of Sean David Morton:

"Several years ago I received a phone call from Gene's archivist, Richard Arnold, asking me if I had ever heard of Sean David Morton. The name was unfamiliar to me. Richard told me that during numerous appearances on Art Bell's show SDM claimed to have worked with Gene, yet Richard had never heard of him. Richard called to see if I had ever heard the name. I hadn't. Having gone through Gene's personal files and the archives at UCLA and over a 150 interviews with people in Gene's life, Sean David Morton's name had never come up. If he had played the prominent part he claims - even if no one mentioned his name - I would have heard of him for there would have been a paper trail. When dealing with creative/business matters Gene was quite careful. Paper trails, memos, contracts, deal memos, memoranda...are all vital in a business that deals in ideas. Without clear cut understanding, payments for ideas, etc. lawsuits can result."

Alexander stated that he wanted to put a stop to Morton's unfounded claim and sent this information to late night radio host Art Bell, but never received a response. Alexander also sent an e-mail to George Noory, the current Coast To Coast AM, about Morton's Star Trek claims. Alexander again received no response. Alexander forwarded e-mail sent to and received from Morton regarding his alleged relationship with Gene Roddenberry.


Subject: Re: Gene Roddenberry association
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 20:03:27 -0700
From: David Alexander To:

I am curious as to you association with Gene Roddenberry. Where and when did it take place? Yours truly, David Alexander

Subject: Re: Gene Roddenberry association
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 16:00:54 EDT

Dear David,
I worked for Mr. Roddenberry off and on for about 2 years from 1981 to1983. He bought a project that I had written called THE GUARDIANS, and we all worked on what STAR TREK would eventually become. PARAMONT at the time could not decide whether to make STAR TREK a TV series, a movie series, or a series of TV movies. Then Hollywood was hit with two crippling strikes by SAGand then the WGA which lasted almost a year, one after the other.

Gene was trying to convince Paramount to form it's own network, which became UPN 20 years later, with Star Trek as the flagship series. When Paramont decided that Star Trek was to become a series of TV movies, they summerily FIRED Gene and brought on Harve Bennett to produce. Gene went crazy, had a nervous breakdown, and was forcibly escorted off the lot by security.

The movie we all had worked on and set up became WRATH OF KHAN, made for just under $8 million by the Paramont TV division. The movie was so could it was released theatrically and grossed over $300 million to date. But as the series faltered, Paramount finally approched Gene about bringing Star Trek back to TV as a series, where he then developed ST:TNG.

That may be more info than you need, but I did come up with quite a few ideas that were later used in the series and films like the Holodeck and the Lt. Savik character. In fact PAtrick Stewart was cast because I used to bring my X-MEN comics into the office, which Gene LOVED, and he looked like Charles Xavier----who he is now playing in the movie! Pretty neat, eh!

All the Best
Sean Morton

Subject: Re: Gene Roddenberry association
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 19:32:57 -0700
From: David Alexander To:

Dear Sean,
Thanks for the reply. Your story has several problems. First of all when you claim you worked for Gene Paramount had already decided that Star Trek was to become a series of theatrical films, the indecision about what to do with Star Trek having happened several years earlier. Indeed, a made-for-TV movie was actually halted about 2 weeks before it was to begin filming so that plans for Star Trek The Motion Picture could go forward. This was in the late 1970s and had followed the development of a Star Trek TV series.

Second - it was not Gene Roddenberry that was pushing Paramount to create a fourth network but a high ranking Paramount executive and it too happened years earlier and the core of the network's offering was to be the previously mentioned Star Trek series. Gene was not fired by Paramount. He produced the first film and fell victim to studio politics which is why Harve Bennett was brought in. The why and the how are well documented. Gene did not have a nervous breakdown and was not escorted off the lot by security. The creation of ST:TNG is well documented in my book, "Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry," complete with supporting memos that show Gene's reasoning why he chose to involve himself in another series at age 65.

Gene did not hire Patrick Stewart because he looked like an X Men character. Stewart was hired because a Star Trek producer that Gene had confidence in insisted he bring him on board. He fought for him to be hired and won, something Patrick Stewart told me personally and was confirmed to me by the producer and one of Gene's close assistants in the course of researching my book. In the years I knew Gene I never heard him mention your name. At no time in the two and one-half years after his death that I spent researching and writing Gene's authorized biography (a task he chose me to undertake) did I run across your name. In the Roddenberry archives, on any piece of paper that I examined in his files of letters and memos, in no interview with anyone associated with the writing or the production of the television series or any of the films did I find mention of your name..... and just to make certain, I just spoke with one of Gene's most trusted assistants who was with him before, during, and after the time frame you claimed to have worked for him. He's never heard of you.

Dear David,

Sorry you have problems. I don't have the time or the strength to argue with you. Your time line is off. I appreciate your research and diligence.

All the Best to you sir,
Sean Morton

My "time line" as you phrase it is backed by evidence and research plus a firm friendship with Gene Roddenberry and friendship with a number of his long-time associates and friends, none of whom ever heard of you working with Gene. The fourth network was the brain child of Barry Diller in the mid-1970s and anyone working at Paramount knows that. By the time of your alleged association with Gene the deal was dead and Diller gone. What you state simply did not happen when and as you claim it did...matters of fact easily verified by any number of people who were around Gene at the time, many of whom I interviewed. The time line came out of Gene's own memos and was further verified by dozens of interviews with participants in the events. My time line is absolutely accurate. It is clear that you are trying to establish credibility by riding on the reputation of Gene Roddenberry, who is conveniently for you, not here to refute your nonsense. Should you continue to make such claims I will be happy to refute them publicly and we'll see who has the greater credibility.

David Alexander

roddenberryRegarding Gene Roddenberry (pictured left) having purchased a series called "THE GUARDIANS" from Morton, Alexander stated, "I did not encounter this name in any of the papers in Gene's personal archive or in any archive I examined including the archive at UCLA. As Gene was a writer/producer concerned with creating and marketing his own product it is highly unlikely that he would have purchased a series from another person. 'Created by Gene Roddenberry' was of itself a valuable commodity and Gene would not have diluted it by buying something from someone else. No one I interviewed, people who were involved with Gene during the time period Morton claims to have worked with Gene as his 'protege' ever mentioned Morton's name to me."

As for Morton's claim of having developed ideas that were incorporated into the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, no credits are listed in that movie for Sean David Morton.

richarnoldBut Alexander isn't the only one who refutes Morton's Star Trek claims...In 1976, Richard Arnold (pictured right at a Star Trek convention) began working as a volunteer in Gene Roddenberry's offices on the Paramount lot in the 'E' Building. Arnold continued to be a volunteer until he was hired by Paramount in 1986 as the studio's resident expert on Star Trek and became Gene Roddenebrry's official archivist. Arnold was also a close personal friend of Gene Roddenberry and continued to work for Gene Roddenberry until 1991, the year that Gene Roddenberry passed away.

Arnold had been the person that had originally inquired about Morton to Roddenberry biographer David Alexander. Arnold had heard Morton making his Star Trek claims on the Coast To Coast AM radio program. UFOWATCHDOG.COM contacted Arnold and asked if he had ever heard of Sean David Morton. Arnold stated, "I do not recall ever meeting or speaking to Sean David Morton, nor do I remember ever hearing his name until after Gene's death, and only then because of his claims of friendship with Gene and his supposed involvement with 'Star Trek."

Arnold added, "I wish I could say he was the only one to claim to have been friends with Gene and to have been involved in the creation of the various "Star Trek" series and films, but in fact he's one of a frightening number of nuts out there who do so, some of whom we had to deal with while Gene was still alive and others of whom crawled out from under their various rocks after Gene died."

morton3"Plus, as many of you know, there are some very, VERY dark and evil people out there in "Internet Land" who have spared no rotten lick or dirty trick to smear, slander and liable me...Every accusation they have made has been refuted over and over again, but they just keep at it, to the point of the absurd." -- Sean David Morton, April 22, 2002


After Morton appeared as a speaker in Seattle, Washington, an interesting e-mail was sent out by the Seattle Chat Club regarding Morton's Star Trek claims:

----- Original Message -----
From: Charlette LeFEvre
To: Charlette LeFevre
Sent: Monday, November 05, 2001 9:17 AM
Subject: Sean David Morton's Special Guest - Dawn Roddenberry

Hi Y'all!

Sean David Morton gave a dynamic presentation last night for the Seattle Chat Club at the Seattle Metaphysical Library and to everybody's delight, he introduced his special guest Dawn Roddenberry - Gene Roddenberry's daughter who confirmed to us that yes indeed, Sean had worked with her dad some years ago!

While Morton's claims of having worked for Gene Roddenberry have been refuted, this claim appeared to be credible...or was it? Could it be an error? Had Morton's name mysteriously slipped through the cracks about his Star Trek claims? Roddenberry biographer David Alexander clearly stated, "Having gone through Gene's personal files and the archives at UCLA and over a 150 interviews with people in Gene's life, Sean David Morton's name had never come up."

But Alexander and Arnold are not the only people with knowledge about Morton's Star Trek Claims.

Special effects artist Steve Neill worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first Star Trek movie. Neill, known in UFO circles for his work on television shows such as Encounters, Sightings and the NBC special Confirmation, commented on Morton's Star Trek claims: "I worked with Gene on the first Star Trek movie and the TV pilot for Star Trek: The Next Generation. I spent a lot of time working on some of the other Star Trek features and in all that time I never saw or heard Mr. Morton except for at the sleazy UFO conventions trying to pick up girls and selling his alien repelling units!" What about the claim of one of Roddenberry's daughters confirming Morton did work for Roddenberry?

 trek banner

ABOVE: Sackett pictured with Roddenberry on a link banner for Sackett's website.

Susan Sackett was Gene Roddenberry's executive assistant for nearly twenty years. Author of three Star Trek books and episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Sackett was contacted by UFOWATCHDOG.COM regarding Morton's association with Gene Roddenberry and his claims of having worked on Star Trek projects.

Sackett stated, "I do not recall ever hearing his name mentioned during the 17 years I worked for Gene. As far as I know, there were never any projects he was involved with in connection with Gene; I don't recall ever taking a phone call from him. I have an excellent memory, and this name rings not a single bell."

Sackett was asked if Dawn Roddenberry would have any knowledge about her father's business dealings and who worked for him. Sackett stated, "As to her knowing who her father's business acquaintances were, this just isn't the case. She would visit our office or Gene at home only a couple of times a year. She was not aware of any of the business dealings of her father's... that wasn't their relationship... it was just father-daughter."

Sackett contacted Dawn Roddenberry about Morton's claim and Sackett stated, "She told me that a female friend of hers knew Morton, and asked her to go along to this event. When Dawn was introduced to him, he told her they had met in Gene's office, and she thought it was possible she had met him before. So, to be polite, she smiled and was pleasant to him. She said she never said anything publicly, to any group about him having worked for her father. She now believes she was mistaken about having met him before. She certainly has no knowledge of his claims of selling scripts or doing work for Gene Roddenberry."

Sackett said, "He's making up things about Gene that simply are not true. For example, this statement from your website: 'When Paramont decided that Star Trek was to become a series of TV movies, they summerily [sic] FIRED Gene and brought on Harve Bennett to produce. Gene went crazy, had a nervous breakdown, and was forcibly escorted off the lot by security.' Lies! Gene never had a "nervous breakdown" and was never, ever forcibly escorted off the lot by security. This is simply a big, fat lie."

About Morton's claim of Patrick Stewart having been cast because Morton showed Roddenberry some comic books, Sackett stated, "And what the hell is this? 'In fact Patrick Stewart was cast because I used to bring my X-MEN comics into the office, which Gene LOVED, and he looked like Charles Xavier----who he is now playing in the movie! Pretty neat, eh!' Gene never read comics, ever. And Patrick Stewart was cast because Robert Justman saw him in a play at UCLA and insisted that Gene interview him. Gene was against a bald man for captain, but I was there when Justman introduced him to Gene, and Gene warmed to him immediately. I talk about this in my online book..." [You can read about Sackett's life while working with Roddenberry at Inside Trek -- Ed.]

Regarding Morton's claim of having sold a project called 'The Guardians' to Roddenberry, Sackett stated, " I've never even heard of something called 'The Guardians.' It is very possible that someone handed Gene something while he was in a restaurant, but we had a strict policy of returning, unread, all unsolicited manuscripts. Nothing like this was ever in our possession. Other than the fact that he's making up lies about Gene, I don't understand his purpose -- all those phony stories in his C.V., for example."

Sackett even provided UFOWATCHDOG.COM with a written declaration pertaining to Morton's claims regarding Star Trek and its creator Gene Roddenberry.

Very recently, Morton claimed the following in an e-mail: "Also, I will be working with my long time friend Dawn Roddenberry regarding a TV movie about the life of her dad Gene, who was a long time dear friend. Dawn showed up at a few of the Seattle Chat club meetings to say a few words about me and my relationship with her dad. the Watch Pig, when informed of this, promptly called everyone there liars, and that it was all a hoax and some actress I paid...blah, blah, blah...S.O.S."

The 'Watch Pig' is in reference to this website. At no time has this website ever claimed that the person reported to be Dawn Roddenberry appearing at a Seattle lecture was an actress nor did this website claim it was a hoax. In fact, UFOWATCHDOG.COM confirmed that Dawn Roddenberry had been at the lecture Morton gave. However, at no time did UFOWATCHDOG.COM call anyone attending that lecture a liar.

As for Morton's claim of working with and being a long time friend of Dawn Roddenberry, and Morton's claim of working with her on a TV movie about Gene Roddenberry, UFOWATCHDOG.COM went to the source that would know about this claim.

Dawn Roddenberry is a private person, avoiding the spotlight and wanting only to quietly enjoy her life. The daughter of Gene Roddenberry, she provided UFOWATCHDOG.COM with comment about Morton's most recent claims and to clarify the claim of Morton having worked for her father, Gene Roddenberry.

Dawn Roddenberry stated, ""I have never worked on any project with Sean Morton. I once met a guy 'Sean' in Dad's office, but it was a much taller guy -- it wasn't him."

Further confirming this information was, again, Gene Roddenberry's former personal assistant Susan Sackett. Of Morton's recent claims, Sackett simply stated, "This is totally fabricated."

Gene Roddenberry biographer David Alexander stated, "As I understand it, there is a documentary in the works and I'm about to become a part of it (it will be based on my book), but I've not heard anything about Morton being involved."

The inescapable conclusion in this instance is that Morton did not work for Gene Roddenberry as his "protégé" or in any other capacity. A search for writing credits for Star Trek was conducted and Morton's name is no where to be found.

Morton's claims of being a member of both the Writer's Guild of America and AFTRA  were the few claims that appear to actually check out. When the Writer's Guild of America was originally contacted about Morton's membership status, UFOWATCHDOG.COM was told that Morton was not a listed member, which is incorrect. Though Morton is a WGA member, a check for writing credits listed under Morton's name found nothing listed. The only reference to being a member of the Screen Actors Guild is for a movie called In the Light of the Moon where the actor listed under Sean Morton had a role as a "Cop Extra." It is unknown if this is the same Sean David Morton or not.

Again, no listed writing credits for Morton could be located through the WGA, though he claims to be "an accomplished screen writer." Note: Sean Morton in not currently listed in the cast for this movie. Morton was confronted about his WGA, SAG, and AFTRA claims in Seattle, Washington at the same lecture Morton claimed to have worked for Gene Roddenberry. Morton was reported to have shown his union cards for these organizations after being asked about the information originally appearing at this website regarding many of Morton's claims.

CLAIM: From the second biography, "ZM PRODUCTIONS - Worked as a writer for this MGM based company. Produced and wrote and produced trailers for films such as "TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA", "YEAR OF THE DRAGON" and "2010: ODYSSEY TWO". We won a 'Leo' award for 'Best Coming Attraction' for "To Live and Die In LA"."

FACT: ZM Productions later became Rocket Science Laboratories, which has produced several television shows including the controversial "Temptation Island." Upon contacting Rocket Science Laboratories, UFOWATCHDOG.COM spoke to Nicholas Potickis.

Potickis stated he had worked for the company nearly since its inception. When asked if someone named Sean David Morton had ever worked there and if the company had produced any movie trailers Morton claimed to have worked on, Potickis stated, "Never heard of that guy and I don't remember us doing any of that work." 

Chrissy Miller of Rocket Science Laboratories was also contacted regarding Morton's claim of having worked for ZM Productions. Miller stated, "All I can tell you is that we have no records of this person working here..."

Again, there is no record of Morton being credited with any work relating to any of the above film trailers. Additionally, Rocket Science Laboratories was owned by Universal Studios, not MGM. As for the claim of having won a Leo Award, these awards are focused on recognizing film and television achievements for British Columbia, not the United States. Judy Jackson-Rink, Western Division Manager for the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television was contacted about Morton's claim of having won a Leo Award.

Jackson-Rink stated, "Please be advised that the Leo Awards do not have a category "Best Coming Attraction"."  The only awards the film "To Live and Die In LA" ever won were in 1986 - a French Cognac Festival du Film Audience Award and two Stuntman Awards for Most Spectacular Sequence (Feature Film) and Best Vehicular Stunt (Feature Film).

CLAIM: "Sean has written concepts for music videos for the rock groups GENESIS, PHIL COLLINS, MIKE AND THE MECHANICS, JEFFREY OSBOURNE, ICICLE WORKS and many more." From the second biography, "RAVENSWOOD PRODUCTIONS - Co-owner of video production company. Wrote concepts for music videos. Much of our work was with the rock group "GENESIS" and Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford. Video's made from my writing and concepts included "Illegal Alien", "Billy Don't Lost That Number", "Silent Running", "All I Need Is a Miracle". Also Jeffery Osbourne's "Stay With Me Tonight", and Icicle Work's "WHISPER TO A SCREAM". Many more."

FACT: While the names of directors and others associated with the above listed videos were easily found ("Illegal Alien" directed by Stuart Orme, and several others directed by Jim Yukich) on the Internet, no credits of any kind were associated with Morton and he does not appear to be connected to any of these works.

A search for a "Ravenswood Productions" turned up a company that produced materials for seeing impaired persons and a video production company based out of someone's home. In fact, when a phone call was placed to the latter, a person simply answered the phone with a 'hello.' When asked about the business the person stated the owner would be home in the morning and to call back then. Several attempts to recontact the business were attempted without success.

CLAIM: "A program he co-produced was nominated for an EMMY in 1981. It was a PBS documentary he co-wrote called "FAIR PLAY" about professional women's sports in the US." From the second biography, "FAIR PLAY {EMMY NOMINATION} - Co-wrote this documentary for KCET on professional women's sports with producer Linda Lou Crosby (Cathy Lee's sister). It was nominated for an Emmy in the best TV documentary category."

FACT: KCET television, a community television station in California, was contacted. A representative for KCET stated, "Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the program information you requested. We have checked our database and by the title you have given there were no programs listed." An earlier search for writing credits had been undertaken and again no credits for production or writing were found under Morton's name.

PBS was contacted but stated that their database would not have any information for any of its productions that were older than five years. The only references found for any documentary called "Fair Play" were found at a website for KEQD and the other documentary with the same title was shown at an international film festival in Iran. Morton's name is not associated with either production.

As for the claim of being nominated for an Emmy award, a search for nominations was undertaken and no program entitled 'Fair Play' has ever been nominated for nor received an Emmy.

CLAIM: From the second biography, "UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - Consultant and researcher. Worked with Bob Kiviat."

FACT: In 1994, UFO Mind website owner Glenn Campbell undertook some research into claims made by Morton. Campbell reported having contacted Tim Rogan, who at the time served as Coordinating Producer for the television series Unsolved Mysteries. When asked about Morton's claim that he was a consultant to the show, Rogan was reported to have stated, "I don't know who this person is...He may have been in contact with someone on the staff here, but he is not a consultant." In Rogan's position, he apparently would have full knowledge of who was a consultant and who was not. In this case, it appears that Morton was never a "consultant" for the series.


Left: Alien repelling device? Morton at a 1993 UFO Expo West lecture holding a device using a sound claimed to be from a UFO encountered by Billy Meier. During the lecture, Morton claims that the sound will "clear haunted houses" and stop alien abductions. Calling it the 'Jerico Sonic Eliminator', Morton said the sound could be purchased at the lecture through him and an associate. This is the same lecture in which Morton says he 'pitched' a story to Unsolved Mysteries.

Morton stated in a 1993 lecture that he had pitched a story to Unsolved Mysteries about a man named Vance David and the Gulf Breeze Six. Morton stated in the video, "So about six-months ago, I pitched the story to Unsolved Mysteries and Unsolved Mysteries dropped the ball as they usually do." It would seem unusual for a consultant to a major television series owned by a major network such as NBC to have to "pitch" a story or make critical remarks.

Sandy Gogna contacted UFOWATCHDOG.COM with some interesting information about Morton and his association with NBC television. How does Gogna know about NBC? She works there. Gogna stated, "I've been working at NBC Studios (production arm for NBC) since May, 1990. Before that I worked at the network, for 2 years in Show Cost Finance. Prior to that I free-lanced in features & educationals for a twelve-year period in editing and production coordinating. Since I am a screenwriter in my spare time, I inadvertently stumbled into the whole UFO controversy back in 1987 and has been the greatest eye-opening event of my life. Back in 1992, I was introduced to Sean briefly when a then co-worker, LauraVelkei, attended a Whole Life Expo with me. "

Gogna said, "I really didn't have an issue with him until he started boasting that he was a producer on "Unsolved Mysteries", one of our long-running NBC shows at that time....But to give him the benefit of a doubt, I thought perhaps Sean had "pitched" some of his ideas to the 'Unsolved Mysteries' producers...NEVER did I see Sean's name on the credits of that show. Not as a writer, not as a producer, not as a creator or segment director, " Gogna stated.

As for any association with producer Bob Kiviat, UFOWATCHDOG.COM was unable to contact Mr.Kiviat for comment.

CLAIM: From the second biography, "SKUNKWORKS - SCI-FI ACTION COMDEY. TREATMENT AVAILABLE. SCREENPLAY IN PROCESS - Two trapped moronic janitors are Earth's only hope when aliens take over a super top secret US military base as the first strike in a full-scale invasion. "DUMB AND DUMBER" at AREA 51, facing "INDEPENDENCE DAY". Screenplay in development. (MULTIPLE ACADEMY AWARD WINNER STAN WINSTON is interested in doing the special effects and is currently looking for funding for a co-production deal)."

FACT: Stiles White of Stan Winston Studio was contacted about Winston's alleged involvement in Morton's project "SKUNKWORKS." White stated, "We have not heard of the project called 'Skunkworks' and we are not involved in doing effects or co-financing that film project."  California based special effects artist Steve Neill stated, "My daughter worked for Stan Winston for over 10 years and never once did she or I hear of any Skunkworks project or Mr. Morton."

"I have also personally researched all of Sean's claims about his life (I tend to be a skeptic about most things) and everything pans out...from actual pictures, to documents, to speaking with his family members." --Delphi Associates Editor and contributor Melissa Ann Morton, 02-March-2001


CLAIM: "AREA 51: NIGHTMARES IN DREAMLAND - First of a 3 book deal with M.EVANS publishing in New York. Screenplay in development."

FACT: M. Evans publishing was contacted regarding Morton's claim and a representative stated, "Mr. Morton had a deal with M. Evans, but failed to deliver the manuscript for Area 51, and therefore has defaulted on his 3-book contract. M. Evans has had no further interaction with Mr. Morton."

CLAIM: "UNIT 9! - SCRIPT AVAILABLE>NBC SERIES PILOT. HORROR/THRILLER. Feature film or 2 hour TV series pilot. FULL BUDGET AND BREAKDOWN AVAILABLE. Creator/Writer/Producer of 1 hour weekly psychic crime police series, which sold to Warner Bros./NBC. Became NBC network approved writer. Original Exec. Producer was Rick (LA LAW, HILL ST. BLUES, PRETENDER) Wallace. Bought by Warner Bros. for NBC. Wrote the two-hour series pilot and complete episode. The first of a series of "UNIT 9!" mystery novels in the works."

"BUCK ROGERS - Sold two-hour script to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and Glen Larson Productions. Was to be the third season finale and fourth season opener, but show was canceled."

FACT: A search was undertaken for any writing credits for Morton. Working as an "approved writer" for a major network such as NBC, some might consider it logical to assume that there would be something under Morton's name somewhere. Again, there are no WGA credits listed for Morton.

UFOWATCHDOG.COM was unable to contact Glen Larson Productions or anyone associated with the popular Buck Rogers television series. A search for writing credits was undertaken, again none under Morton's name for anything having to do with Buck Rogers.

CLAIM: "NUTRITION: THE CANCER ANSWER - Book. Ghost writer for this best-selling book. Was written for my mother, Maureen Kennedy Salaman...FOODS THAT HEAL - Book. Ghost writer. Once again for my Mother, Maureen Kennedy Salaman. Runaway best seller. Voted best self-published book."

FACT: UFOWATCHDOG.COM contacted Maureen Kennedy Salaman and asked if her son's claim of having written two books for her was true. The first response received from Salaman was this:

Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 2:16 PM


Salaman was provided with the URLs for Morton's biographies and a copy of Morton's Delphi Associates biography that was taken off-line. After receiving no reply, Salaman was again contacted and asked for further comment about Morton's background and other claims. More e-mail was received from Salaman and was worded as though a public relations person for Salaman was responding, whereas other e-mail appeared to be written by Salaman herself and originated from her personal America On-Line account:

Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2001 7:08 PM Subject:

Ms. Maureen Kennedy Salaman has no comment regarding Sean David Mortons Bio, CV, credentials, history, background, etc. However, Ms. Maureen Kennedy Salaman is the sole author/writer and researcher of all of her titles, including and not limited to all, newsletters, articles, and books. ("Nutrition: The Cancer Answer I & II", "Foods That Heal", "The Diet Bible", "Foods That Heal Cookbook" and "All Your Health Questions Answered"). All Ms. Salamans work is published, copywritten and owned by MKS, Inc. and Maureen Kennedy Salaman.

Best of luck to you.

MKS, Inc.

When asked about her former husband, G.T. Morton, Salaman sent this reply:

Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 7:48 PM
Subject: Re: SEAN MORTON


Again, it appears that Morton's claim of having written two books for Salaman, his mother, are unfounded. Why Morton would put his own mother in the position of having to refute his claim is another story in itself.

The Shameless Psychic and His Prophecy of Lies, Part IV

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