The Shameless Psychic and his Prophecy of Lies

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

 Part II


CLAIM: "Sean David Morton grew up in an aerospace family where his father, a Navy Aviator and Korean Conflict fighter ace who was also a member of the original astronaut program. Gerard Thomas Morton, JR., became the public relations director for NASA during the glory years of the Gemini/Mercury/Friendship/Apollo programs, and later retired as Vice President of TRW. Sean still remains close to astronauts Gordon Cooper, David Scott, Gene Cernan and Harrison "Jack" Schmidtt, all childhood family friends." From a video lecture, "My father was an experimental test pilot in the 1950s...He worked at Area 51."

FACT: Not many people have led the life that G.T. Morton has. G.T. Morton is a story waiting to be told in of himself. One of those background figures missing from the history books blessed enough to have lived during such incredible events, G.T. Morton began his career in the aerospace industry as a Lieutenant in the Air Force working as a motion picture writer and director. He then moved on to to work for TRW, an aerospace firm under contract with the military and NASA.

By far one of the most fascinating men to talk with, G.T. Morton's long and incredible career in the aerospace industry is truly amazing. UFOWATCHDOG.COM had the pleasure of speaking with G.T. Morton and asked about his background. With big-band era music playing in the background of G.T. Morton's home, he was very open about answering questions about himself.

When asked about the claims of being a decorated fighter ace, being a member of the original astronaut program for NASA, and being a test pilot at the infamous Area 51 base, G.T. Morton stated, "No, none of that, none of that stuff is true."

As for any claims of G.T. Morton being an experimental test-pilot, G.T.Morton's only association with test pilots, aside from knowing many of them and filming experimental flights, is that he was given the top honor of being named A Friend of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots, the highest honor any non-test pilot can achieve from that organization. "I feel pretty good about that," G.T. Morton said.

Regarding his association with Apollo-era astronauts, G.T. Morton stated, "And of course all the, all the astronauts were, were great friends of mine."

CLAIM: "My Godfather is also Harrison Jack Schmitt who was the U.S. Senator for New Mexico."

FACT: When asked about Sean Morton's alleged association with astronauts from NASA's golden age of space flight, G.T. Morton said if the astronauts "never knew his last name they'd never know who in the hell he was." When asked about any former astronauts being the godfather to any of his children, G.T. Morton stated his son Jerry Morton was the godson of Cernan, "As a matter of fact, my second son's godfather is Gene Cernan the guy, the last guy that walked on the moon," When asked about Sean Morton's claim of being the godson of an astronaut, G.T. Morton said, "That's not true."

CLAIM: "Sean's contacts in the aerospace industry, space program, US intelligence and scientific community are immense, due to his father's standing in NASA ,TRW, and his TV and film background. His uncle Donald is a former Admiral in Naval Intelligence and his uncle Thomas Gillespie is currently an ELINT intelligence Major in the United States Marine Corps."

FACT: When asked about this claim, G.T. Morton stated that his brother Donald Morton was never an Admiral in the Navy and was never involved with Naval Intelligence. G.T. Morton stated, "My brother was, my brother retired as a captain in the Navy and highly decorated, but he was a civil engineer and was building all kinds of stuff in Vietnam...he retired as a Navy captain but never had anything to do with intelligence or any of those things." G.T. Morton was asked about Thomas Gillespie and stated he had no knowledge of that person. G.T. Morton was asked if he had ever seen Morton's biography on the Internet at the Delphi Associates website. G.T. Morton stated, " It's the greatest work of fiction I ever saw since my expense account."

CLAIM: "Sean's mother is Maureen Kennedy Morton Salaman. A former dancer, model, teacher and undercover agent for the FBI. She is president of THE NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATION, and is the author of three best selling books on health and nutrition: "NUTRITION: THE CANCER ANSWER", "THE DIET BIBLE", and "FOODS THAT HEAL". She was the founder of THE COMMITTEE FOR FREEDOM OF CHOICE IN CANCER THERAPY, and is a political activist who has been responsible for legalizing alternative cancer therapy in 36 states. She was one of the founders of The POPULIST PARTY, and ran for Vice-President of the United States in 1984 on the Populist Party ticket."

FACT: Morton's mother is none other than nutrition guru Maureen Kennedy Salaman. When contacted for comment about Morton's claim that his mother was an "undercover agent for the FBI," a spokesperson for Maureen Kennedy Salaman issued the following statement, "Sean Morton is indeed her son. As for Maureen being an ex-FBI agent...never heard this." More to come later regarding Morton's claim about his mother...


CLAIM: "Mr.Morton attended the British University International School in Cairo, Egypt. He attended Stanford University...Sean graduated with honors from USC with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drama and a B.A. in Political Science, including minors in Organic Chemistry and Astronomy...His graduate work includes earning a Doctorate in Theology..."

"B.A. IN POLITICAL SCIENCE - 16 units shy of a degree in Organic Chemistry." Morton also claims in his biography that he "attended Stanford University."

FACT: After checking with records at USC, Morton does have a degree from that institution. The degree is listed as an arts and letters degree. Shirley Harris, a Student Data Specialist for Stanford University's Office of the Registrar, was contacted about Morton's claim of having attended Stanford. Harris stated, "I am unable to pull up any information for Sean David Morton. I checked the micro fiche and there is nothing listed under that name."

CLAIM: "BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS IN DRAMA - BFA from the USC Julliard Program under the personal direction of John Houseman."

FACT: The Juilliard School is among the world's finest for the performing arts and was originally founded as a music school in 1905 as the Institute of Musical Art. The school's drama division was founded in 1969 and its first director was the famous John Houseman (aka Jacques Haussman). Houseman, probably best known for his role as Professor Kingsfield in "The Paper Chase", served as director of Juilliard's drama department until 1976. Houseman's students include Robin Williams, Megan Gallagher, Kevin Kline, Christopher Reeve and numerous other Hollywood actors.

Morton's claim has a few problems: USC has never had a Juilliard program and has no official connection to the Juilliard School. Meridith Gordon, a representative for Juilliard's Alumni Affairs, stated, "Juilliard did not have a relationship with USC. Houseman taught here from 1967 to 1976, and also at UCLA, Vassar, and Barnard, among others. I didn't find a record for Sean David Morton."

Houseman left the Juilliard School in the late Spring of 1976. The other problem is the Juilliard School is located in New York, not in California. So, how did Morton obtain a BFA degree from a program that has never existed?

housemanHouseman (pictured left) was at USC as a visiting professor, being appointed to the USC faculty in 1977. The Paper Chase television series was filmed on the campus and Houseman rarely taught class, as his acting career took him from film to film. From 1976 to 1980, Houseman appeared in no fewer than 11 films and was involved in theater performances as well. Could Morton have met Houseman? Of course, the thing to do would be to contact Mr.Houseman and ask him about Morton's claim, however, Mr.Houseman passed away in 1989.


FACT: Trea Hubbard, Assistant Drama Administrator for the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts stated, "We have looked through all records to discover that Sean David Morton did not study here at LAMDA and, indeed, if he had, he wouldn't have received a degree as none of our courses are of degree status." Again, how is it possible for Morton to have obtained a degree from an institution that neither issues degrees of any kind nor has a record of him being a student?

CLAIM: "BRITISH UNIVERSITY OF CAIRO, EGYPT - Spent two semesters studying Arabic, Egyptology, and Middle Eastern politics." On the second biography Morton lists this school as "BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, CAIRO, EGYPT." Morton has also made this claim numerous times on various radio programs.

FACT: First founded in 1973 as the British School, it was established under The British Embassy to provide British nationals a place where their children could continue to receive an education as outlined by the British National Curriculum. In 1976, the school became the British International School after a group of British businessmen financed the expansion of the school.

Morton claims to have attended this school in Cairo, Egypt. However, this school is located in Jakarta, Indonesia - not Cairo, Egypt. Furthermore, the school does not and has never offered courses in Egyptology or Middle Eastern Politics as they are not a standard in British education.

As for Morton's claim of attending the "British University of Cairo, Egypt" - no such school exists. The only thing that comes close to "British University of Cairo, Egypt" is the New Cairo British International School, and that really isn't even close. This school was originally founded in 1978 (the year Morton was attending USC) and was called Heliopolis International School [20]. Further, the school only offers academics to elementary, junior, and high school level students.

Laura Tolba, Personal Assistant to the Principal and Registrar for the New Cairo British International School told UFOWATCHDOG.COM that "there never has been a 'British University of Cairo'..." Regarding the chance that Morton attended the New Cairo British International School, Tolba stated, "The school was set up and has only been running since 1978 so it is very unlikely that [Morton] studied at this school." Again, Morton was attending USC in 1978.

Morton is also listed in a brochure as a guide for a tour of Egypt in which the "British University" is again listed. The brochure states, "SEAN DAVID MORTON. While studying at the British University in Cairo, Sean met Anubis, the Guardian, in the King's Chamber. Sean now decodes the pyramid as a prophetic "Stone of Remembrance" that tracks man's entire evolution. Sean is a noted psychic and UFOlogist."

Again, there is no such school as the British University of Cairo.

One would think that someone claiming to be so highly educated should have the simple ability to get the names and locations of the schools he/she attended correct. One might question why Morton doesn't list what high school he attended, which was Woodside High School in Woodside, California, and why no clear time line associated with the majority of his educational/professional claims is provided.

CLAIM: "BERACAH CHURCH, HOUSTON TEXAS - Post graduate doctorate degree in Theology. Studied under Rev. Colonel Robert H. Theme since the age of eight years old. (His mother forced him to listen to Bible tapes an hour a day, 360 days out of the year, even when they weren't in church six days a week.)...His graduate work includes earning a Doctorate in Theology." From the second biography, Morton lists, "Postgraduate doctorate degree in Theology. Studied under Rev. Colonel Robert H. Theme." A flier advertising Morton's appearance at a popular New Age lecture hall in California states, "Sean holds a doctorate in theology, writing his thesis on the prophesis of the Great Pyramid of Giza and how it relates to coming events." [23]

FACT: An anonymous tip regarding Morton's alleged education at this institution was received along with documents and an audio cassette. There is a Berachah Church located in Houston, Texas [24]. All in all, its just that, a church with an outreach ministry program offering free religious reading and audio materials. Katherine S. Tapping, who has served as Executive Assistant for the last twenty-seven years to Rev. Colonel Robert B. Thieme, the founder of the church, spoke to UFOWATCHDOG.COM [25].

When asked if the church offered any type of degree programs, Tapping stated, "We have never offered a Doctor of Theology...we have no classes that offer degrees. We don't issue degrees, this is a church like any other normal church." Tapping was asked to send a letter to UFOWATCHDOG.COM in reference to Sean David Morton's claim of having a degree from the organization and having studied under a "Rev. Colonel Robert H. Thieme." Tapping issued the following in a letter dated 10-JAN-01:

"In answer to your inquiry on a certain Sean David Morton, he is not and never has been a member of Berachah Church, nor has he ever been ordained by Berachah Church nor have we ever heard of him. This ministry does not have and has never had any postgraduate-doctorate degree program and has never issued any degree, theological or secular, to anyone. In addition, the church name is spelled Berachah not Beracah (as spelled on Morton's biographies - Ed.) and the pastor's name is Robert B. Thieme not Robert H. Theme. (Another mistake made by Morton - Ed.)"

Tapping stated that the church was considering sending a cease and desist letter to Morton regarding his apparent false claim of having earned a doctorate degree from Berachah Church. For a list of what type of studies are available, you can examine the church's "Current Studies" webpage.


More evidence that Morton's claim of "earning a Doctorate in Theology" is false is presented in an episode of the Montel Williams daytime talk show. Morton appeared as a guest on "Montel" broadcast in December 1993. One of Morton's stronger critics, Russ Estes (pictured left during the Montel broadcast), also appeared on the program and challenged Morton's claim of having earned a doctorate [27]. On the tape, Morton becomes quite reserved when confronted by Estes.

RUSS ESTES: "Montel, my biggest problem, and this is what I've run into over and over again, is the quality of the individual who is bringing me the message. You know, the boy that cried wolf syndrome is phenomenal in this field. You get people out there who are saying, I'm this, I'm that, and I hate to do this to you, Sean, but here's a guy right here who claims to be the Doctor, Reverend Sean David Morton. In his own biography, he claims to have gotten his Doctor of Divinity at, excuse me, it'll take me one second...."

SEAN MORTON: "Berachah University." (Morton is clearly taken aback by what Estes says.)

RUSS ESTES: "Berachah University, Houston, Texas, the Berachah Church. I called them. They don't have any type of degrees that they give. They have Bible study at the best."

Morton did not challenge Estes on the issue of the doctorate degree, but did take Estes to task over some faulty research regarding his education at USC. Morton also appeared on Coast to Coast AM on 29-DECEMBER-2000 and stated on the air that he had a doctorate in theology, which is nothing short of a lie.

CLAIM: "T'ANG B'OCHE MONASTERY, MT. EVEREST VALLEY, NEPAL - In 1986, Sean David lived in a Tibetan monastery at the foot of Mt. Everest for seven months. He studied the disciplines of Tibetan Buddhism with the "Black Hat" monks. Here he studied ancient history, prophecy, astral travel, planetary healing, tantric sexual meditation techniques, ceremonial dance, and many of the hidden mysteries of the Universe. He also lived in the Dali Lama's compound in Dharmsala, India, studying with him personally at the Tibetan University there."

FACT: Other than Morton's claim, no evidence has been found to verify that he spent time studying Buddhism at Mt.Everest or spent any amount of time "personally" studying with the Dali Lama. No reference to T'ang B'oche Monastery could be found but a reference to a Tengboche Monastery was found (another mistake by Morton) [29]. It is a Buddhist monastery located at the base of Mt.Everest and apparently a large attraction for tourists as everyone is welcome to visit.

A few problems exist with Morton's claim. First, it has been alleged that Morton was still living in California during the time frame he claims to have been at Tengboche Monastery. A person wishing to remain anonymous contacted UFOWATCHDOG.COM.

This person alleged that Morton was employed as a DJ at a night club called Houlihan's in Torrance, California in 1986. The person stated, "It was a while ago but I worked at Houlihans from 1986 through 1988. Sean had been there a [year] before I started and I know he was there at least a year after I left. During that time Sean was dating a very nice girl named Junis. I met Sean Morton in 1986 when I was putting myself through Loyola Marymount University as a DJ at Houlihans in Torrance,CA. Sean was also a DJ at Houlihans. Since then he faded from my memory, till Sunday April 7th 2002. I was watching television and there is Writer/Investigator Sean Morton on a program called, 'Conspiracy...Zone?' on TNN. Sean was boldly saying as no one has said before that the death of Princess Diana was a, 'classic military operation.' This amused and astounded me."

Michael Schmitz, a former university professor leading the Thupten Choling Monastery Reconstruction & Tengboche Monastery Development Projects, was contacted regarding Morton's claims of studying " with the "Black Hat" monks" and studying "ancient history, prophecy, astral travel, planetary healing, tantric sexual meditation techniques, ceremonial dance, and many of the hidden mysteries of the Universe."


Left: Tengboche monastery. Schmitz stated, "Nobody speaks English in Tengboche. In Tengboche you cannot study ancient history, prophecy, astral travel, planetary healing, tantric sexual meditation techniques, ceremonial dance, and many of the hidden mysteries of the Universe. There are no "Black Hat" monks in Tengboche. The Dali Lama is not teaching at the University in Dharmasala."  If Morton did indeed live at the Tibetan monastery for that amount of time, then he should have no problem producing his passport and a copy of the visa issued to him for his extended stay.




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