A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Morton Blathers On With Name Calling And Excuses, Fails To Prove Anything Yet Again


" I HAVE refuted this crap, but [ufowatchdog.com] is never going to post it. "

--Sean David Morton, August 28,2003, alleging to have refuted the ufowatchdog.com investigation into Morton's many, many claims.


"Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both." -- John Andrew Holmes


As many heard, Sean David Morton was once again on Coast To Coast AM offering his tiresome myriad of excuses regarding his failed lawsuit against ufowatchdog.com. Morton's baseless libel lawsuit was tossed out of court after he failed to provide a microscopic fragment of proof supporting his claim that ufowatchdog.com made false statements about Morton's own educational and background claims.

Now, I've found what Morton has offered about losing his own lawsuit to be a bit amusing, if not extremely bemusing. But after hearing the same rhetoric about how Morton supposedly has refuted everything on this website, about all the proof he has, Morton's claim of court technicalities and other legal nonsense, Morton's claim that this website didn't use the truth as a defense (which it did), and recently hearing Morton engaging in his usual passive-aggressive juvenile name calling instead of offering a speck of tangible evidence...well, it just gets very boring.

Morton has had three years, one lawsuit, one appeal, his website, his newsletter, and a number of radio appearances to provide the proof he boasts of having, supposed proof that has yet to see the light of day. If Morton has all this proof, then why didn't it show up in court before Morton was ordered to pay $16,000 for my legal fees? You'd think someone claiming to be such an accurate psychic would have seen this coming. Let us not forget it was Morton who filed the lawsuit and claimed to have been wronged here, not me.

Surprisingly, Morton was half-heartedly asked about his failed lawsuit on his 08-APR-06 Coast To Coast AM appearance. In response to being asked about the lawsuit, Morton stated, " Yeah, I mean, I sued some guys for libel, and it was, you know, I wanted to bring these clowns into court to basically prove, you know, they were gonna' start talking smack. And I didn't want to get involved in some internet sling war with a bunch of clowns, so, I said, 'Come on down.' "

Sean David Morton, if you want to continue offering excuses and engaging in juvenile name calling, then come on down. I'll be more than happy to have a conversation about all of this on the air with you. I'm willing to put my proof where my mouth is...how about you, Sean? Or are you going to turn tail and spew more excuses?

"Plus, as many of you know, there are some very, VERY dark and evil people out there in "Internet Land" who have spared no rotten lick or dirty trick to smear, slander and liable me...Every accusation they have made has been refuted over and over again, but they just keep at it, to the point of the absurd."

-- Sean David Morton, in an April 22, 2002 message to his e-list one year before Morton lost a libel suit against ufowatchdog.com.

" It is all on appeal, which I will win. "

--Sean David Morton, in an e-mail stating he would win an appeal against ufowatchdog.com. The appeal was dismissed.

"Myers won the first round unfortunatly and I am appealing. He used the excuse that the internet was a public forum and he could say anything he wanted and the court in error of LAW, fell for it. Not ONCE did he ever use the TRUTH as a defense, because he CAN'T! "

--Sean David Morton in an e-mail alleging why he lost his lawsuit against ufowatchdog.com.

" He has done much to earn the nick-name which he is known by in the Paranormal Field of "UFO WATCH-PIG.SWINE." "

--Sean David Morton in an e-mail where he also says that "calling people names...does NOTHING to further an agenda
of knowledge, research or expanded horizons." By the way, you can see that Morton really practices what he preaches and often refers to this website as 'ufo watchpig'. Morton appears to think that name calling is the same thing as proving your claims...

" These words, statements, and articles published by defendants on www.ufowatchdog.com are slanderous per se because they tend to injure [Morton] in his profession and business by imputing to him the trait of dishonesty, which has a natural tendency to lessen the credibility of [Morton] as an author, lecturer, and talk show radio host and affect and lessen the profits of plaintiff's business and occupation. As an approximate result of the above-described publications, plaintiff has suffered loss of his reputation, shame, mortification, and hurt feelings all to his general damage in the sum of one million dollars..."

--Article 33 and 34 (lines 10 to 18) of Sean David Morton's original court complaint against this website. Just exactly what kind of a salary scale are we talking here for a self-proclaimed psychic/prophet? A million bucks? Wait...isn't Morton's organization supposed to be non-profit?