Brazil UFO Case; Scientific Findings in Controversial Abduction

A UFO Watchdog Special Report (c) by Royce Myers, III

On 22-February-2003, editor and reporter Linda Moulton Howe (pictured left) reported on the alleged UFO abduction case of a Corghinho, Brazil resident named Urandir Oliveira, claiming that he was contacted telepathically by extraterrestrials and later teleported from his bed on board an alien craft this past September. This was not the first UFO encounter Oliveira claims to have had. He has reported to have had numerous UFO encounters throughout his life.

Oliveira claimed that there was physical evidence of his encounter in the form of burnt bedding and scorch marks on the ceiling of where he was sleeping. Oliveira claimed to have been taken from his bed, teleported in a beam of light through the ceiling of his home up to a waiting UFO. Oliveira also claimed that a rain of unusual stones fell from the sky, which alleged to have happened in connection with the event, signaling that he had been taken aboard a craft. (For more, see - but you'd better do it fast, as once stories are archived you then have to pay to view them)

ABOVE: Bedding alleged to have been burnt during abduction of Oliveira (photo taken from report).

Howe published the results of her investigation to her website after she secretly flew to Brazil and met with Oliveira to collect samples for analysis. This trip was financed by Oliveira and Howe stayed at his ranch for two weeks. A preliminary analysis of samples of the bedsheet was carried out by biophysicist William C. Levengood. Howe interviewed Levengood about the materials she had collected and he had examined:

HOWE: Could Oliveira have used a candle, a match, a laser, a blow torch, something to heat this pattern on that sheet to create this pattern?

LEVENGOOD: No, absolutely not.

HOWE: But you don't know how this occurred?

LEVENGOOD: Of course not, no. You can't transform the molecules in a polyester fiber by heating it with a match, is what I'm saying. (Whatever the energy is), it has to fingerprint the actual molecular structure of the material itself. If it were a match or laser, the heat would spill over where you have these cotton fibers right in proximity.

HOWE: Whatever this energy is, it can keep something cool only two millimeters from something else warmed up?

LEVENGOOD: That's right.

Levengood also stated, "I've never seen anything like this. This takes a very, very high precision kind of - whatever the energy, and there had to be energy here to transform, probably at the molecular level, this because it changed the internal energy of the material. Whatever it was, was extremely precise."

UFOWATCHDOG.COM has obtained a copy of a 40-page in-depth infrared spectrtoscopy analysis of small samples of the bedsheet and pillow case, conducted by veteran analytical chemist Phyliss A. Budinger. SEM/EDS analysis carried out by Nicholas Reiter is included as part of this 40-page report. This report, including multiple analyses and replication experiments, was completed in April.

ABOVE: Report on alleged Brazilian UFO abduction.

In this UFOWATCHDOG.COM special report, presented are the findings of Phyllis A. Bundinger and Nicholas Reiter and some information that is perhaps not being widely shared with the public regarding Oliveira and his UFO claims. While the full in-depth report will be posted soon, presented here are the primary findings of Bundinger and Reiter.

There is no doubt that the work was carried out by well qualified, competent individuals and was supported by other scientists. Both Budinger and Reiter have examined several anomalous cases for various investigators.

This report, including multiple analyses and replication experiments, was completed this past April. It should be noted that claims were made that certain melting properties of the samples of bedding could not be reproduced. These results have indeed been reproduced by both Budinger and Reiter.

The replication of these alleged anomalous effects clearly shows that there is nothing unusual about the bedding. It is being claimed that since these replication experiments do not look exactly like what has been found on Oliveira's bedsheets, they have no merit.

Yet, at the same time, the claim is being made that the effects could not be replicated by any heat source. This simply is not true. UFOWATCHDOG.COM believes this can be easily summed up: If you go into a fast food restaurant and look up at a picture menu, your eyes are greeted with great looking pictures of tasty food. Essentially, you receive the same thing advertised but it usually looks nothing like the picture. This is the case here with the properties of the melted fibers within the bedding. It doesn't look exactly like the melting found on Oliveira's sheets, but it is the same effect and was replicated when it was claimed that there was no possible way for it to be replicated.

It is the opinion of UFOWATCHDOG.COM, based on the past investigations of Urandir Oliveira and his UFO cult, the general consensus of the Brazilian UFO community, and the results of this in-depth scientific report, that the UFO claims made by Oliveira are false and have no merit.

It should be noted that this website does not represent the views of the scientists involved in the analysis nor do the stories here at this website. The reporting of factual, scientific observation of the two scientists speaks for itself.

Oliveira's hoax does leave us with an important lesson showing how easy it is for a few people to make the rest of us look like idiots by putting some well placed spin into a story and making it into much more than it really is.

Below you will find links to the Budinger/Reiter report and other articles of interest regarding Oliveira:

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