Philip Klass

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

klassUFO debunker/aviation nerd (he was an editor for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.) Is somehow able to explain all UFO sightings. CSICOP member, toilet seat thinker, general pain to UFOlogy. Needs more fiber in his anal probe from the aliens wouldn't hurt either. Good old Phil decided to attend a UFO symposium and fell asleep during presentations and was reported to be spending more time outside sucking down cigarettes than inside listening to what was being said. This must be how he conducts all of his investigations...Z Z Z Z <cough> Z Z Z Z <cough> Z Z Z Z <cough> ZZZZ. So much for paying attention. SEE: CSICOP  (NOTE: Mr.Klass passed away on 10-August-2005.) Once you get to CSICOP, search on "Klass" and page through the listings. Several Volumes of Klass writings can be found under the search results.

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