Kate Mucci

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

"So what if Jonathan's making up a story? I don't think he is, but, so what if he is?"
 --Kate Mucci commenting on the Reed UFO Fraud and her apparent lack of concern for the truth

As we've seen so many times before in this field, fools know no bounds and if ignorance is bliss, then Mucci must be high on it. Mucci co-hosts a time filler television program where just about every UFO/conspiracy nutcase is promoted. ufowatchdog.com found out that Mucci's self produced tv show recently was promoting the Reed UFO Fraud. When contacted and told of the investigation exposing 'Dr.Reed' as a fraud, Mucci was apparently unconcerned about the facts of the matter, and with good reason - Mucci's new age bookstore is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the new books and videos for 'Dr.Reed'. Guess it's okay for people to lie so long as they're feeding your pocketbook...

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