Richard Hoagland

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III


Constantly cites anonymous/unverifiable sources. Has worked with Robert Andrew Franzone - AKA 'Ghostwolf'. Thinks the Face on Mars, Old Navy retail stores, Freemasons, NASA are tied to global conspiracy. Explains everything with 'hyperdimensional physics'and '19.5'. Promotes UFO hoaxes and other paranoia. Suffered heart attack - claimed it was assassination attempt. Received research grant from Joe Firmage, reportedly gave ZERO in return pocketing cash. Told researcher in Washington D.C. to leave area as military was going to nuke it. Has claimed that NASA is ran by either the Nazis, the Magi or the Freemasons - he just can't decide which. Continually begs for money to support his 'research.' Some ask what happens to men that were once considered so brilliant...look no further. SEE: False Europa Claims and Enterprise Mission . Also see Hoagland's claims of howitzers and Nazi signs on Mars , see article giving a bit of info on Hoagland and his so-called science medal award. Also a mathematics professor's analysis of Hoagland's D&M Pyramid.-RMIII

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