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Commentary in bold by Royce Myers, III

Marcus Hilton rambles on... Actually, I think that you are just hell bent on thinking that UFO's don't exist which is simply a product of your own ignorance. Such as your slandering of Dr. Steven Greer, did you know that he along with his "bogus" witnesses are all willing to testify in front of congress under oath? Do you think that he and his very prominent witnesses would sacrifice so much to lie about a controversial issue like UFO's? I think you sir, are a jackass and should be slapped.

[Another fool spouts from the hip about ufowatchdog.com, once again showing that devoted Kool Aid drinkers make up the majority of UFOlogy. Cheers!]

From tanglehead@*******.com - At a loss for words with this one...yikes! : Comaprative logic numerology. Chaldean: Royce Myers has 19 mental state, usually corrupt, 14 personality-that of tyrants, killers, 33 destiny. Others with 33 destiny, various m, p" Mel Gibson, David Sereda, Ed Walters (Gulfbreeze UFO fraud), Walt Disney, Charlie Crist, Lucille Ball, Al Capone, laurie Dann, Tom Bradley, Tom Sawyer, Angela Davis, Alvin Karpis,Byran MacLean and Arthur lee of the Love band. 33's usually have drug, alcohol problems, create, live in fantasy worlds, often go berserk, violent, die from diseases. Coutsey of Angela Lynn Douglas, born Douglas carl Czinki, see on web, transsexual Angela Douglas, discussed in seven books, raised in, served iN Air Forcve, also in rock bands 57-67, changed sex, became a famous writer, is in the 67 Peter Fonda film The Trip in a scene with Paul Allen (video $25). Reported UFO encounters, all verified 55, 57, 68, had an ET encounter in Frisco in 78 Sereda is now claiming. Aboiut 50 films, TV shiows are thefts from Douglas' published story since 78, Many involved went to FBI to silence Douglas, FBI files on hand. Douglas sued ABC< MCA< Tri Star in 87, killed Miami Vice, later threats of suit killed ten more shows. Destitute, Douglas wound up in rural NW Florida in 88, under furious attack, FBI threatened to grand jury Douglas in 91 on bogus cklaim by ex wife involved with Hiollywood mob, Norma Arcadia Rodriguez, dropped it after Douglas won a lottery a wekk later, same day a UFO crop circle was found nearby. in 98, began performing with a band for the first time in 30 years, got a CDS out in 03 as last Drop Douglas, Cosmo ALley, neww one out soon, Shadow and Light., CD is $15. Book on on going war with Hollywood, Hollywood's Obsession, $25. Novel twelve Sharp, Stuff in NBC;s My Name Is Earl the latest. V, Wavelength, Total Recqll, Enemy MNine, others are tehefts in part from Douglas' UFO< ET encountersa. By the way, Royce, you really are ignorant; lots of photos of the dark side of the moon (Luna) by NASA. See page 46, Astromony magazine, July 2004 for a good one. Brown, by the waym, see on web, John Ronalkd Brown, waS PROBABLKY UNKNOWINGLY EXPOERIMENTING ON HUMANS WITH ets DISGUISED AS HUMANS. hE MAY HAVE ALSO CASTRATED THE MEN IN THE hEAVEN'S GATE ufo CULT. mORE ON THEM IF YOU WANT TO KNOW, THEY WERE EMULATING ME AND MY tao GROUP, WHICH PUBLICLY ALLIED WITH etS IN 74 IN MIAMI bEACH. dON'T COME HERE TO SPY ON OR HARASS ME, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED OR SHOT. bUYT MY BOOKS, ETC. AND FIIND OUT WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE.

Seba writes... I beseech you close your site. Besides being a poor example of how to build a website, it is also an insult to many people. You undignify many people who deserve respect, at the very least...For example, in your hall of shame, you have one claim about fanatics in regards to the "I Want To Believe" banner...Claiming some people are obsessive about wanting to believe is one of the most uncoordinated lines of thought ever expressed textually. Done by you, it leaves clear evidence of the irresponsible attitude and lack of workmanship put into your website. Please, remove your website from the net, as it is a clear waste of people's time. There are other websites out there with a much better approach to the issue, and that is clear to the greatest of idiots - like me. If you put this letter into ciculation, expect legal consequences to befall you.

[ Sure, I'll consider taking my website down. Let's see here, um ... no. But thanks for the e-mail anyway. --Ed.]

Erika writes... Thank you so much for your revelation about Ed Dames. They confirm my own suspicions and gut-reactions I've had about this ego-tripping huckster since I heard him years ago on Art Bell's show. Wish Art Bell would read "ufowatchdog!" Keep up the good work.....

 Jason Darensburg writes..."I'm sure your government handlers are proud. Keep up the good disinformation work."

[Jason, it isn't disinformation, its called PR and my secret government funding could be suspended if I don't clarify this. Seriously, anytime someone questions the obvious in this field, they're automatically labeled a debunker or a government agent. --Ed.]

Debbie Gilham writes... Wow! Thanks for a fresh look at this ufo field. It is hard wading through the trash to find the gems. Thanks for the hall of shame and the hall of fame!

[Yes, folks, it is true. There are some credible people out there. You just have to look really hard for them. --Ed.]

Delores Hart writes... sounds like you may be working for debunker groups. Sold yourself to the company store, as the old saying goes. Well, hope you make lots of money out of your pre prepared scripts.

On the Jonathan Reed Hoax...

Fritz Kron writes... Art Bell should be publicly HORSE WHIPPED for being a part and promoting that blatant silly hoax by Jonathan Reed. Art Bell belongs back in retirement and he should spare us all the embarrassment he is creating with the coast to coast circus show. Guest like Ed Dames, Sean Morton, Kathleen Keating and Jonathan Reed, makes us aware on what level of consciousness Art Bell exist. For Art, anything goes to chase the ratings...shame on you Art.

[ Horse whipped? Ouch! Not sure about that there, Fritz, though a lot of folks who were duped by the Reed UFO Fraud probably aren't too happy with Bell's glowing endorsement of the case or his failure to acknowledge the story as a fraud. Indeed, shame on you Art. --Ed.]

Brazilian UFO investigator A.J. Gevaerd writes... Congratulations for exposing the stupid Reedīs story as a big and shameless hoax. It was about time for someone to do that.

Sascha Visago of Mexico writes... Congrats! You've done one of the best investigations I've ever read. And I mean wow. I first saw this video with Jaime Maussan on T.V... As we are a 3rd world country, most people here don't have much (or any)education, so you can imagine how they sell any shitty thing on T.V. and everyone buys it. I've been searching info for 3 days now, came up with some websites, yours in the process. And I'm astonished by your research. Thank you so much for giving everyone a chance to understand the hoax this guy hasperpetrated. It's shameless and very, very cheap by the way.

Alejandro Fox of Mexico writes... Mr. Jaime Maussan has presented "Dr." Reed's history on national television and has started a national tour showing the "most concise ufo evidence in history" on every stage pm mexico. Mr Mausan is a very well respected researcher but what you show is a clear fraud on Dr reed's material.

[Maussan isn't exactly known for his skills as a competent investigator. He's an entertainer, not an investigator. --Ed.]

Jeff Karoub writes... I must say, the 'stuff' gets deeper the farther I go. I suppose you know that feeling far better than I...

Albert Ortega of Mexico writes... I just reed your website and I am so glad that I did. I am planning on going to a conference given by Jaime Maussan and Dr. Reed, and I plan to do my best to uncover the hoax that they are doing, it is wrong for people like that to try to take advantage of people that want to believe.

Adam Thrawn writes... Reed's a fraud and this whole story has more holes in it than Freddie's plastic head.

Mary writes... Hi. Just read your excellent expose'. Now I'm pissed and $25 poorer, because a week ago I mailed a check to get Reeds book! I wish I would have seen your site first! Too late now, but next time I hear a "story" that sounds true - I'll take it with a grain of salt......and hold onto my money! Thanks for the helpful information!!!

[Mary, cancel your check if you can. At the very least you should demand your money back. Don't let those creeps rip you off! --Ed.]

Darrell Smith writes... This Reed thing is so funny. I heard his first show with Art a couple of years ago, and I was rolling on the floor it was so funny. It is sad that someone else, like yourself, has to open other peoples eyes and show them that all claims are not what they may seem to be. Millions are made everyday by people duping others, so I guess the sheep just keep getting wolfed. I beleive it comes from people just wanting to believe.

Robert Brown writes... jesus cribs....whoever wrote the jon reed debunkment...that was insane, i actually believed that story..thanks alot guys now I see the light. that lying fraud...the kodak thing was real convincing......

Abraxas writes... You are incredible.Your sleuthing is just unbelievable. Never have I experienced such competence and accuracy as is exemplified in your reporting on this media-incompetent parley for ratings. I have been an Art Bell listener for the last five years. Many times I have suspected that he is 90% P.T. Barnum and 10% truth(when it comes his way). You have finally removed my giving him the benefit of the doubt.

stvjns of New York writes... Do you have any actual proof, or even evidence, to support your many extraordinary claims? Please provide them, as you yourself demand of others. By the way, so many of the descriptions you gave for Reeds activities are sometimes grossly inaccurate. I suggest you do a little more research and get your facts straight. They are simple, facts. Your many errors make your entire presentation, well, lets just say unconvincing.

[You mean unconvincing like the simple fact that the film Reed claims to have taken his UFO and alien photos with didn't exist during the time he claims to have had his encounter? Unconvincing like the fact that "Dr." Harold Chacon isn't a real doctor and works at a gas station along with Robert Raith, whose real name is Robert Aria? If Reed tripped on each lie he presented, the falls would have killed him by now. --Ed.]

CAS writes... Keep up your good work. I've been suspicious of Mr. Reed since the first time I heard it. Thank you.

Daniel Nolan writes... Your web site is fantastic and I congratulate you on your efforts to expose the frauds and snake-oil salesmen. What the hell is wrong with Art Bell and why does he consistently have frauds on his show? You would think that he could afford to hire someone to investigate the claims of some of his guests before them having on Coast to Coast! Robert Ghostwolf, Sean Morton, Lee Shargell, Richard Boylan have done immense harm to the field of ufology.

Bill Fry writes... Well done piece of work...From the first time I heard him on Bell's show, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Months later when I came across the pictures of Reeds, I was easily critical of them all. Being a photographer I recognized the selective lighting to obviously mask flaws....I congratulate you on a very well done job of investigation and journalism.

Bill Gibbons writes... I'm so sick of Art Bell hoaxing his listeners over and over again and refusing to present credible information about his guests. How many times has he had Johnation Reed on?! Five hour show after five hour show!

Martha Nuzio writes... I cannot amply express my gratitude to you for your diligence and perserverance on behalf of the truth and integrity in the field of UFOlogy. I respect the time and energy you have expended to meet these goals. Thank you.

Alan Bennett writes... I hope that you keep up same zest and zeal with this case as you have keep on with the laughable Morton and Dames claimes and cases. I applaude your work.

Mark L. Center writes... Bam! Boom! Reed, you're over!

Don McCoy writes... I have written before, and will again, to give you the "thumbs-up!" I have just read you piece on the Reed hoax. I can't tell you how happy I am to see someone put forth the time and effort to expose these SOBs. You are exceptionally thorough, and fair.

Ken writes... Bell really destroyed any credibility he ever had with the Reed program again...That program "really sucked."

Roger Evans writes... If you look at the photos of the black ship, you will notice that the shadows are on the opposite side than the trees in the background. There's a tree to the far right of the picture as well as one to the far left. If you look closely, you will see that the shadows are on the right side of both trees while the shadow side of the black ship is on the left. Amateur stuff. The guy is a joke.

Dale Reece writes... When Reed was in Laughlin a year ago, Lloyd Pye and Dr. Roger Leir asked Reed to show them his battle scar...he ran like hell out of their presence!! This is first hand from Lloyd, a friend of mine.

Russ Groover writes... In regards to Reed, Raith, Morton and other jackasses, thanks for the great work! Keep it up.

Virginia Davey writes... Thank you for providing this invaluable site. It is extremely useful for those of us who are interested in ufology, but are not researchers, percipients, or experiencers and who, therefore, do not have an insider's take on the subject. I put off getting into the subject for years because I figuered it was 90 % National Enquirer kind of stuff. You are doing the field a tremendous service (this should have been done long ago). Thank you once again for your hard work.

Colin Andrews of crop circle fame writes... Thank you very much for including me on your mailings. It is refreshing and pleasing to see someone keeping an eye on the field. The subjects for which you are acting as 'Watchdog' I believe are of great importance. That is good reason to require honesty and credibility from those engaged in the research.

John Randall writes... Thank you for your extensive investigation into the Reed Hoax.What a disservice this individual does to the UFO community & everyone . Thanks for staying on top of things.

Amanda Taylor writes... I have just read you analysis of Dr. Jonathan Reed. I had read some of the material before, however your extensive investigative reporting on the alleged Dr. Reed is quite refreshing.

Dave Bauer writes... thanks for all the work you have done.

Reed believer "nathan" writes... you seem to miss one thing, or one point in your Dr. Reed saga. THE ALIEN IS ALIVE!!. And yes the Government hoodlums did not get the ALIEN...Here is my question, what if Reed is telling the truth, and the aliens are helping to keep him alive.? Protect him from the Gov. Hoodlums? If this is the case then it appears to me the alien may contact YOU pretty soon, and then you may change your perception of Dr. Reed.

[Well, "nathan", if Reed's alien does visit, we'll be sure to look for the strings holding it up...--Ed.]

On ufowatchdog.com and the truth prevailing over idiot Sean David Morton in court...

Well done for taking a stand against Mr. Morton's deceptions, I support your efforts to expose the Truth. I am well aware that these people will abuse the good will of others if they are not held accountable. -- Lionel Dass

God bless you, and carry on with my best wishes and wholehearted support. -- Richard Hall, Author of the UFO Evidence I & II

Way to go, Royce! Congratulations! Keep doing your excellent service for Ufology. I'm proud of you! -- Wendy Connors, Faded Discs

Roy.....congratulations. It seems relatively rare in today's world, but this time for sure the good guy won. Good going. And stick to your guns. -- Nancy Talbott, Director of BLT Research

Hey, that is great news. I can't say anything good about Morton...Keep standing for truth. -- Stan Friedman, UFO investigator and author

Congratulations! -- Viki Eker, UFO Magazine

Bravo!!! -- Dr. Hal Puthoff , Former Director of the Standford Research Institute's remote viewing program

Way to go UFO Watchdog! Have been following these exploits from afar since and we are glad to see this outcome. -- Laura Cortner, Hieronimus & Co.

Congratulations on prevailing over that shameless schmuck. Let's see if Coast to Coast has the balls to have you as a guest (we prob both know they don't), but good going and keep the faith. -- Dave Denmead

I could not contain my Cosmic delight! GOOD FOR YOU Royce... no.. actually.. GOOD FOR ALL OF US at your expense and hopefully your reward as well. I can't tell you how te-tickled-pink I AM about this. -- Cosmic One

Sir: Glad you won your contention against troublemakers such as Morton. It's people like him who gave the study of UFOs a real bad name. Continue on, it's sites like yours that keep the crazies at bay.....like a dog! -- Roger Borroel

That's great news! Now what about a countersuit for your harassment, fees you incurred, pain and suffering, and -what- have you. You know? It occurs to me that you have been given, now, a mandate to do what you do... --Alfred Lehmberg

Fantastic !!! Congratulations !!! I knew you would win this thing, and you did. Man, the truth can't ben replaced. -- AJ Gevaerd, Brazil UFO Magazine

I'm delighted. -- Gary Bostwick, Renowned attorney

congratulations Royce, glad to see justice can still prevail in California! -- John Z.

Absolutely splendid! -- Griefiend

Outstanding news Royce - congratulations on this important victory against this leading mystical bullshit artist. -- Peter Robbins, UFO investigator and author

Congratulations. Please keep up the good work. -- Andre Costopoulos

Congratulations Royce!. --Jim Klotz

RIGHT ON! RIGHT ON! RIGHT ON! Good for you. Good for UFO WATCHDOG! You make me proud. -- Michael Butler, Out There Graphics

Congratulations dude! I'll forward this on to the newsgroups. Great news! -- E. Jamie Eckles

Thanks, good to see you back online. -- Erik

Great! And I also read all the stuff on your website -- why isn't 60 minutes doing a program about this nut? -- Susan Sackett, Star Trek author and former executive assistant to the late Gene Roddenberry

Good news, Royce! Congratulations on the legal victory. -- Richard Sauder, author and investigator

The hassles that honest, rational people must deal with... -- Mac Tonnies

Way to go man! The guy didn't have a chance. -- Josh wagoner

Welcome Back!!! -- Jeff King

Hot damn! Awesome! Looks like things are about to change for the better and its about damn time! This should hopefully be sending rather large ripples through the ufology field for the better. The fact Sean sued you and couldn't even prove his case says something big. -- Chad Uselman

Congratulations, Royce!! I am delighted that you prevailed. It is so refreshing to hear that the judicial system worked sensibly for a change. Looking forward to seeing you "back in the saddle again." -- Mike Frizzell

Justice! Thank god! -- David Strommen

Welcome back watchdog! -- Plastic Souls

You the man!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Mark Center

Great news!! I knew it would turn out this way. -- Steve Neill, FX Artist

Glad, very glad to see that you've won the court case. Good guy 1, idiot 0. -- Mark Fink

thanks for doing this -- Sam Butterworth

Congratulations! It's great to know UFOWATCHDOG is up again, one of the most balanced pages I've seen. Great job and let's hope the "I see green people" think it twice before trying to twist the law on their side. Great news, indeed. -- Ricardo Espejel Cruz

Welcome back, now give the fakes and phonies hell. -- Ricky Warfield

Great news! Congratulations, UFOWATCHDOG. I'm glad you're back (and relatively unscathed). :) -- Jennifer Jones

Well congrats on this! -- Guy Malone

Well down Royce!!! Good job. I think you've chalked one up for the good guys! --Kathleen Anderson, UFO investigator and author

Wonderful! BTW, my eyes got bleary somewhere around page 6 of the full SD Morton story. I had no idea he was THAT full of BS, I only noticed the UFO part.Keeripes! Keep up the good work. -- Larry Hatch, U Database

Great! That was what we all were expecting from the court. Freedom of speech prevails upon smoke sellers. -- Edoardo Russo, Italian Center for UFO Studies

Yeah! Congratulations! I hope it didn't cost you too much to defend yourself against such nonsense..... -- Zak

Bravo! Royce! now does one of 'America's Greatest physic'... er, 'Psychics' have to pay the legal fees? -- GT McCoy

Congratulations on a victory well deserved. -- Charles Cisneros

Sincere CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!! -- William Perron

Congratulations. The truth always prevails. -- Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos

Way to go Royce!!! -- Jennifer Ogbojo

I admire the manner that you have used to handle the Seandavidmorton (one word on purpose) law suit against you. My opinion about you and the service you provide through your investigations and reporting on your web site has been raised even higher than before. -- James Peter

Congratulations! The good guy has prevailed in this one! -- Lloyd Pye, author and researcher

Glad to see justice served, Sean David Morton is about as psychic as my living room couch!! -- William A. Wilson

Congrats! I know you knew you'd win. I reckon we won't be seeing much of Morton in the New Age circles any longer. Maybe he'll get a real job, ya think? -- Sandra Gogna, screenwriter

Great Work, WatchDog! -- Karena Bryan, author and researcher

What a wretch Sean Morton is! Hopefully people will wise up to his lies and his fake psychic powers!! -- Norah James

My God! Someone has finally laid it on the line to bring us the truth!! You know that this is a HUGE black eye to Geore Noory and Art Bell considering they have endorsed SDM as the real deal. Maybe they'll come to their senses now and ban that twit! -- Ryan Oberg

Congratulations on your victory over morton. How do you know when morton is lying? his lips move and he writes his newsletter... -- Dave M.

Met this huckster at one of his shitty area 51 tours. all you write is true. the guy did nothing but name drop. thanks for the laugh! -- Bob Rosenberg

For claiming to be such a great psychic I have one question. How come Sean Morton didn't see this happening with his supposed powers? Congrats on showing everyone that the turth does indeed prevail!! -- Adam T.

Steam Shovel Press' Kenneth F. Thomas writes about ufowatchdog.com... The site is clearly designed to make money off the reputations of the people it pretends to debunk and expose. It also uses a "for your safety" argument to suggest that UFO researchers hand over their work to "investigators" that it recommends. The debunking here is of a very common variety, disgruntled crankery that it alone has the answers to how to deal with the UFO phenom, and a Star Trek nerd's passion for getting up close and personal with every irrelevant detail that few people have time to argue about. I urge people to avoid it. I defend Sean [Morton] against similar charges like this in the first volume of Cyberculture Counterconspiracy.

[Kenneth F. Thomas was asked to point out what errors were made in the ufowatchdog.com investigation of Sean David Morton. Thomas failed to point out a single error and would only say this website was motivated by financial gain. Okay, Ken, show us where all this money is supposedly pouring in. Yeah, I'd like to see that. --Ed.]

Raymond8 writes... Ufology (u'fowl'a'gee), (USA), n. , horseshit posing as science. Plenty of pseudoscientists and quacks love to shovel it. Some DOGS can't get enough of rolling in it.

[Raymond, sorry to hear that your application from Websters was rejected again. Oh well, there's always next year... --Ed.]

On Ed Dames...

Ed Dames writes... try to control those premature canine ejaculations of yours...Having devolved to a mongrel form, (by choice, it would seem), you could best serve humanity scurrying back in yer hole. You're just wasting precious oxygen, up here. Heel, boy -- or get a job.

[Ed Dames via e-mail regarding ufowatchdog.com's inquiry into his bogus claims of assisting police in a murder case. Ed Dames can't remote-view his way out of a wet paper sack with a cannon]

Sonia writes... Good that you're uncovering this idiot -- but in reading his replies to you, it also sounds as if he's not playing with a full deck.

[Dames does appear to be 51 cards short a deck. --Ed.]

Darrell Smith writes... I would think a person who cites what he can do, and has done in the field of Remote Viewing, with the educational background you have Mr. Dames, could respond to your critics in a like manner. I would think the barbs from past critics would have sharpened your remarks in answer...Your claims are of a questionable manner, you by now must understand that, and respond at a higher level and with proof....Give us proof of what you claim, and it will shut the critics up. However, done before events and not afterwards.

Fritz Kron writes... Ed Dames,known as Mr. HEAD GAMES is also a candidate for a publicly HORSE WHIPPING session Ed, is an egotistical opportunist, a runaway SOCIOPATH trying to cash in on the popularity of remote viewing. His prediction's and of the wall statements have yet to come true. Ed, is a one -man circus show looking for a spotlight at all times and leaves trails of enemies everywhere he goes and that included his military career.

[Fritz, what is up with you and the whole horse whipping business? Stop it. You're scaring us all. --Ed.]

Fred Baugher writes... Just read the piece on Ed Dames; great work. However, you left out one of his more ridiculous predictions. In 1999 Dames predicted that on 4 July 2000 the fans at Yankee Stadium would be exposed to Anthrax. A terrorist attack, of course. Also, Dames stated on Art Bell that he was moving to Hawaii so that he and his family would be near the volcanic caves when the "Kill Shot" solar flare hit in the spring of 1999. Apparently, he was going to live in the caves until it was safe to walk the earth again. I kid you not.

[ Fred isn't kidding here, folks. Dames did indeed predict a biological terrorist attack on Yankee Stadium. So what is your Excuse for this one Dames?]

Torrence Young writes... The quality of your research and sense of humor are top-notch. Beatiful job on Dames.

[ Don't know about 'top-notch, but I get by. --Ed. ]

Mike Kolesnik writes... Kudos to your excellent article on the Psycho Dr. Doom. I have listened to all of Ed's appearances on the AB show and you have just scratched the surface on Ed's bogus predictions. You are right on about the Ed/AB linkup. Whenever Ed is on the show, there are more comercials and they all have the end-of-the-world tie in. Art then goes on and pimps for Ed before the show. I used to like AB but now have serious doubts about his mental stability.

[Art bell pimping it out for ratings and money? No, I just don't believe it! ;-) As Art Bell has said, "Rating equal money. I should know." --Ed.]

Anthony Alagna writes... Hello flea bag, Found your hairy site while surfing the Internet, Bow Wow. Hey pup, what a bunch of dog shit. I mean, ALL you UFO people suck. Come on, talk about an oxymoron; scientists who can't seem to identify anything -- how about a frisbee in the sky? Is this a UFO? Maybe some doggy turds thrown in the air, a UFO Einstein?

Phil Duke writes... If you have not already read my book "The AIDS-ET Connection" you should. It is very important that you do so. The book is available from me see -------.com and from ------.com. My research is not available through the usual UFO channels as they are Intel influenced. For example MUFON will not give my research any exposure.

[Phil claims ETs are responsible for AIDS. Claimed he had proof 2 years ago and said he would gladly provide it...for $19.95. Phil was told not to write back. --Ed.]

And Phil Dukes writes back after being told not to... Please let me know who you are and what you are trying to do. If you are at all familiar with my UFO related research, what do you think of it?

[Phil was again told what I thought. Phil was kind enough to threaten to publish my less than kind remarks to him in the next edition of his home published book - now that would be worth $19.95. --Ed.]

Phil Duke rings in again - hopefully for the last time... This is now about the 20th time I have received an email from you- please take me off your email list, which I never gave permission to be put on...My time is extremely limited and it bleeds me of time and money to send out free books...if my hypothesis is correct the entire human race is in process of being destroyed and I am trying to do something about it. Either help or get out of the way.

[Okay, Phil - hope you feel better soon...Free books? Don't believe a word good old Phil "Just 19.95" Duke tells you about free. ufowatchdog.com is free - what's your excuse?]

James Osbourne Holmes writes... Who is funding you?

[Well, James - if you must know, MJ-12...maybe the NSA...actually, I can neither confirm nor deny the source that has allocated funds for this highly classified project. Here we go again - once you say something the 'believers' don't like you're automatically some sort of covert funding debunking operation. Get a clue. --Ed.]

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