Steven Greer

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Reportedly plagiarizes the UFO work of others and sells as his own, sells do-it-yourself ET contact kits - now you too can steer in extraterrestrial spacecraft with a flashlight and never record them just like Doc Greer does. Made claims of contacting extraterrestrials through meditation. Claimed that U.S. military forces attacked a Colorado ET base inside a mountain using nerve gas, no evidence to back claim. Had dinner with CIA Director and spun tale of having briefed CIA Director about ETs for hours. Hosted press conference with credible UFO witnesses on Capitol Hill - ruined it and his own credibility by selling the work of others with his name on it and using bogus witnesses. Allegedly attempted to charge Washington State MUFON members $2500.00 each to demonstrate how he can vector in UFOs - Greer got to choose the location and the time...mmmmmm.

"Well, I've known of him (and occasionally debated him on the radio) for years, and he's always been bonkers. Two weeks after he claimed we had a 'secret detection', he was telling radio audiences that when Neil Armstrong stepped out on the moon in 1969, he was surrounded by alien spacecraft!"

--SETI's Seth Shostak in an e-mail responding to the wild claims of Steven Greer.

Greer sells the truth for $600,
Greer: UFOlogy's Own Worst Enemy,
CSETI, and a
refutation of Greer's claims of having briefed the CIA on UFOs.

Greer is probably most famous for his Disclosure Project. His famous press conference, available on his sight, in the summer of 2001 brought many witnesses before the microphone to ask for Congressional hearings on the subject.  Unfortunately, he brought forth some serious loonies as well, which had the effect of casting doubt on the credible witnesses. Greer is solidly in the Exopolitics camp, which has failed to dislodge one shred of evidence of alien visitation.

For a time Greer's web site sported the creature on the left claiming it had been photographed during one of Greer's midnight UFO vectoring sessions along with various entities looking suspiciously like lens reflections. Affectionately dubbed 'Mothra' by Greer's detractors, this picture and others like it were removed to howls of laughter.




Not to be outdone, Greer also claims he has developed a 'zero point' energy device that can be held in one hand and is capable of powering small cities. His web site for THIS venture is the Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO) which claims such technologies have been brutally suppressed by Big Oil, Nasty Government, and assorted other villains. It is supposed to be available Real Soon Now, any day, right around the corner, imminently. And in the meantime you surely can invest in this technology which will make you insanely rich. Just ask. After ten years, AERO, and its predecessors have not generated one single watt of electricity. But Greer has held one of these devices in his hands, just as he has held an alien baby in his arms.

Original article by Royce Myers, III
Revised and updated by Schuyler

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