Stan Romanek

Stan Romanek began to have 'experiences' in late 2000 when he drove from Denver out to Red Rocks, a stunningly beautiful place, to take some video in an attempt to lure his then girl friend, Lisa, to drive to Denver from Nebraska. It worked; they were later married. But that's where he saw his first UFO. He later saw one above his retail store, where he was an assistant manager, and then hovering over his van. In all cases, the UFOs were witnessed by other people who all took pictures or video, though none have surfaced.

Shortly after, aliens began visiting him. He says he has been abducted at least seven times. His web site is here. He has just published a book on his experiences called Messages; the world's most documented extraterrestrial contact story (ISBN: 978-0738715261.) As the title suggests, the aliens have been giving him messages, including several mathematical equations that purport to be as profound as Einstein's E=MC(2) and point us Earthlings to new forms of energy, inter-dimensional travel, and other wonders. Romanek is self-described as highly dyslexic with a fourth grade understanding of mathematics (These are his words, not ours.) so the question becomes, how could he possibly have made this up? The equations are here with some commentary.

His status as an abductee was splashed all over the web when Jeff Peckman, who had become involved in the UFO field after hearing Romanek speak, revealed that Romanek had made a video of an alien peering through the window. Peckman was attempting to publicize an Initiative establishing an  Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver and 'just happened to mention' the existence of the video and arranged a small press conference. The media ran with the story. Romanek and Peckman appeared on Larry King Live and Peckman went on to David Letterman (without Romanek) now being touted as a "UFO Expert." The Larry King show depicted a fake video during the show. Many more have appeared on the Internet since then. This is the actual video, which is actually worse in quality than the acknowledged fakes.

It appears that Peckman has used Romanek to his own advantage in furthering his cause and it also appears that Romanek has been 'handled' by a mysterious group of people who want to make a documentary and have signed people to Non-Disclosure agreements to prevent anything from leaking out until the investigation is complete and everything is 'done right.' David Biedny reports a series of strange phone conversations with one Clay Roberts, a documentary film maker, about all this. Details are in The Paracast show cited below. Romanek doesn't seem to know exactly who is helping him, but they managed to lock up the story (including the video) for some time. This may have ended with the recent publication of his book.

Romanek also reports many strange happenings to him, including getting beaten up by four clean-cut men in suits and a black, unmarked SUV while riding his bicycle. They told him "You better learn to keep your mouth shut" while calling him "Alien Boy." His aliens are suited in blue and appear scraggly with thin white hair who scooped skin off of him and poked holes in his back. There are other disturbing inconsistencies to his entire episode. Listen to this episode of The Paracast for a complete accounting. 

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Stan Romanek appeared as a guest on The Paracast on June 8, 2008.