Jeff Peckman

Jeff Peckman is recent to the UFO scene, but has had a meteoric rise. It all started with his association with Stan Romanek, who told him he didn’t expect Disclosure in his lifetime. Peckman felt otherwise and initiated a ballot measure in Denver to create a Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission, which is tasked with gathering the best available evidence and sharing it. After a few false starts and some changes, such as not using taxpayer money on the project, the measure is now slated for the 2010 ballot. Here is the web site for the initiative. 

Peckman has done this kind of stuff before. In Oregon he engineered an initiative to label genetically altered food and in Denver he initiated the so-called “Peace Initiative” which encouraged the city to offer yoga classes to reduce stress, and therefore violence. The initiative failed by a 2:1 ratio. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it is. Peckman is a Transcendental Meditation teacher. He also sells a device to reduce stress and eliminate the effects of electro-magnetic radiation called the Metatron Harmonizer where he claims to have discovered the "divine frequency" which "creates a 10-foot bubble of coherent life-supporting Divine Light around the person carrying this card. Any non-life supporting energy that enters this bubble is instantly transformed into coherent life-supporting energy (which, by the way, totally transforms chaotic EMFs into coherent energy). The Metatron Personal HarmonizerTM has been programmed to carry full-spectrum vibrations of peace, fulfillment, Divine Love, Divine Grace and Divine Truth." Other than these few tidbits, we know nothing else about his background. He’s another Disclosure guy who has a mighty thin public resume.

Peckman again made the news when he disclosed that Stan Romanek has a video of an alien peeking through his window. He showed the video to a select group of people, but refused to give them permission to show it. He appeared on Larry King Live which appeared to show the video in the background, but it turned out to be a fake made to show how easy making a fake could be. The ‘real’ video remains sequestered and a documentary is supposedly in the works. Peckman also appeared on David Letterman where he was fairly well treated and labeled as a ‘UFO Expert.’

Peckman is promoting his initiative via a conference and the Institute for the Study of Galactic Civilizations. Here is his speech on his activities from the 2009 X-Conference where he explains how The Romanek video 'accidentally' got so much publicity, and, perhaps not a small point, conveniently catapulted Peckman into the limelight. Peckman insists repeatedly that the US government has suppressed ET information and also that they have categorized 57 alien species so far. He never has given a source for this statistic, probably because it is from Clifford Stone, who has his own credibility problems. He appears to parrot information from Greer’s Disclosure Project, which he frequently cites in his writings, as fact. He buys off on Gary McKinnon, on the ‘fact’ that NASA removes images of UFOs from its pictures, and a litany of other charges. Adding this to his wholesale buy-in to Romanek it is apparent that he would never apply the word “skeptical” to himself. He seems completely credulous.

Though he says he is surprised by the media attention he has garnered, he is sure taking advantage of it. Peckman appears to be very media savvy. He is certainly very well spoken and unlike someone like Stephen Bassett, cool under fire. Romanek called him a politician not well versed in UFO lore, so he was winging it. This is certainly his chance. Perhaps those Harmonizers aren't selling too well.

He departs from the usual line of the Disclosure Movement ‘forcing’ the government to relent and takes a very bottom-up approach. He is very impressed with the ‘examiner’ sites and is in charge of the Denver UFO Examiner where he pushes his initiative and Disclosure topics. His take on Disclosure is that it is the people of the country who can do it themselves without input from politicians. Nice idea. He’s just a PR guy and a believer. Not much else there.

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