Harold Chacon Rodriguez
aka "Dr.Harold Chacon", "Mario"

A Classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III

One of the many players in the Reed UFO Fraud, Rodriguez claimed that he was a doctor with a degree in microbiology from Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. He claimed, on the Art Bell show, to have analyzed tissue and blood from an ET that Jonathan Reed (aka John Bradley Rutter) fraudulently claimed to have killed. Rodriguez has no biology credentials, has no college credentials in microbiology, and is not a doctor. In fact, Rodriguez works at as a clerk at a Chevron Gas Station in west Seattle. What's even better is that he and Robert Raith (aka Rober Aria, author of 'Dr.Reed' book) claimed to have never met until June 1999. The only problem with this tale is that the two have worked at the same gas station as clerks since at least 1997.

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