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a classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III


"It comes under the category of telling you the truth. Something I'm really big on."

-- Art Bell during a live Coast to Coast AM broadcast, April 17, 2001

The only thing Bell is big on are ratings for his show. Someone summed Bell up rather well, "Bell's the crackwhore of UFOlogy." Best known for infamous Hale-Bopp broadcast in which he allowed it to be announced that a UFO was following the comet Hale-Bopp. Some say Bell is responsible for the mass suicide of the Heaven's Gate cult. Bell was provided plenty of information showing the Hale-Bopp UFO claim to be false. Was reported to have said, "So what? Controversy is good for ratings," when he was given evidence it was a hoax. Bell and his sidekick Whitely Strieber attempted to take credit for exposing the Hale-Bopp hoax, but it was actually radio journalist Jeff Rense that exposed the hoax on his live radio program. Bell has been provided much information regarding his repeat guests (Ghostwolf, Dames, Hoagland, Morton, Reed) and their false claims, yet he continues to ignore such information. Bell has consistently ignored info showing how bunk many of his guests are. What happened to presenting all the information and being "really big on" telling the truth? In the words of Bell, "Ratings equal money. I should know." Yep, that says it all....UFOs = $$$$$$$$.

Coast To Coast AM is now broadcast 5 days a week with host George Noory, a Coast to Coast AM host who seems to be going down the same road to mediocre UFO reporting and who appears to endorse psychic dolt Sean David Morton.

Art Bell in his own Words:

"It comes under the category of telling you the truth. Something I'm really big on." -- Art Bell, April 17, 2001

"So what? Controversy is good for ratings." -- Reported to have been said by Art Bell to Linda Howe after being informed Hale-Bopp Companion was a fraud.

"These are original Kodak photographs of an alien encounter."-- Art Bell, Nov 11, 1998 endorsing the bogus Jonathan Reed Alien Hoax

"I'm still a reporter. ." -- Art Bell, March 5, 1999, appearing on Larry King Live when asked if he was a believer or a reporter.

"I'm not a reporter. I'm a talk show host..." -- Art Bell, March 5, 1999, on the same Larry King Live show where he earlier said he was a reporter.

"I had a lot to go on, Larry, and so I broke the story..." -- Art Bell, March 5, 1999, to Larry King regarding the bogus Hale-Bopp Companion saga. Wait, don't reporters break stories?

The veracity of Reed's claim, says Bell, is unimportant, though he admits he wouldn't feature a guest who was a proven fraud. "It's a fascinating story--you don't get many like Jonathan Reed's, with pictures," says Bell. -- Article on the Jonathan Reed UFO Hoax that appeared May 26, 2001 in the Seattle Weekly.

" I wouldn't want the listeners to think it wasn't real." -- Art Bell reportedly to Russel Dowden of SETLAB after Dowden told Bell a picture of an alien was hoaxed by an FX team and he could prove it.

"Ratings equal money, I should know." -- Art Bell

Need anything else be said?-R.M.III

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