Wendelle Stevens

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

Infamous support of Billy Meier and numerous other UFO hoaxes. Convicted felon with more tall tales of aliens and saucers than anyone could imagine. Stevens does probably have the largest collection of UFO photos in the world, but that certainly doesn't make up for all of the UFO nonsense he's promoted over the years.-RM,III.

Wendelle Stevens certainly appears to be a credulous individual without much discriminatory power when dealing with hoaxes, but I'm not convinced he's 'all bad' and I am very suspicious of his felony conviction, which sounds so very much like Lazar's. I do not know whether it was a set-up or not, but those close to Stevens say he was railroaded. I don't think this is enough to award him a Grey Box. After all, he did champion the Meier Hoax and thus deserves a space here in the Hall of Shame, but I feel a little more charitable toward him than some. Here's his photo site where he is still shilling his contactee stuff, including his Billy Meier books.- Schuyler

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