Robert Ghostwolf

A classic UFO Watchdog article (c) by Royce Myers, III


Robert Andrew Franzone - AKA Robert Ghostwolf, Robert Wolfe, Bobby Wolfe, Robert Parry. Reported Italian con-artist who posed as a Native American Indian, worked with Richard C. Hoagland and Sean David Morton. Combined UFOs, religion, pseudo Indian folklore and the apocalypse to sell his '7 Thunders' crap. Reportedly charged $3,000 per person to teach Indian survival skills for aftermath of asteroid impact - no asteroid yet. Claimed to know date world will end but you have to buy his book to find out. Had threatened to sue "Internet terrorists" that alleged him to be a con man. Again, beware of false prophets selling faith, predictions, and especially someone else's heritage. SEE: 'Ghostwolf' Remarks about "Internet Terrorists" and his website Wolf Lodge. 'Ghostwolf' passed away in 2005.

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