Dr. Richard Haines

Investigator, Author

Dr. Haines' extraordinary contribution to UFOlogy has been his outstanding work investigating UFO sightings witnessed by professional pilots. Dr. Haines is the author of several UFO articles and various UFO books including Project Delta - A Study of Mulitiple UFOs and Observing UFOs: An Investigative Handbook. Dr. Haines has been investigating UFOs for nearly 40 years.-RMIII

Haines can actually be considered an insider. He spent most of his career at NASA's Ames's Research Center holding such posts as Chief of the Space Human Factors Office. He's actually an engineer who received advanced degrees in Psychology from Michigan State University. Here is a CUFON Interview, and here is some of his work.-Schuyler

Dr. Haines was a guest on The Paracast on April 5, 2009.

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