Prophet Yahweh

A Classic UFO Watchdog Article (c) by Royce Myers, III

"It's absolutely true, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that YAHWEH sends his UFOs to appear on my signal!" -- Prophet Yahweh

Claims to be able to signal UFOs on command. Claimed success in front of Las Vegas news crew when something appeared in the sky - Prophet Yahweh was just as surprised as the news crew. Has attempted to summon UFOs several other times and met with failure. Is reportedly attempting to raise funds for some sort of 50 state tour where Prophet Yahweh (aka Ramon Watkins) claims he will travel to all 50 states and summon UFOs in each of them. Sells video stream for $7.95 a pop so you view Prophet Yahweh summon what many consider balloons.'s advice: This is like betting the farm on a prediction made by Sean David Morton - it's never a good idea. You can view the self proclaimed "Master UFO Caller" website here. It doesn't pass the smell test here...

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